Saturday, November 10, 2007

Real ufos documentary - history channel

Real ufos documentary - history channel - although this video focuses on military craft and the nazis as the origin of most ufos its still interesting
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Another Big ufo event at the National Press Club

15 military and government officials from 7 countries will present evidence of close encounters with UFO's and the results of government investigations November 12 2007.

Former Arizona Governor Fife Symington will moderate a distinguished panel of former
highranking government, aviation, and military officials from seven countries to discuss close encounters with what the US Air Force describes as Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). Representatives from France, England, Belgium, Chile, Peru, Iran and the US will call for the US Government to join in an international dialogue and re-open its investigation – which the Air Force shut down over 30 years ago – in cooperation with other governments currently dealing with this unusual and controversial phenomenon. While on active duty, the panelists have either witnessed a UFO incident or have conducted an official investigation into UFO cases relevant to aviation safety and
national security.

press release

SHIRLEY MACLAINE calls for ufo disclosure

Veteran actress SHIRLEY MACLAINE has called on the U.S. government to make its files on UFOS public. The Oscar winner was delighted when her close friend and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich revealed he believes in alien spacecraft in a recent interview. And the 73-year-old hopes his confession will prompt lawmakers to follow the lead of other countries by opening up their U.F.O. files. She says, "I thought that was terrific, that a presidential candidate admitted it (the presence of U.F.O.s). "It's time. Many countries have released their files - Argentina has, Brazil, France. Let's do it." Source

more about ufos and shirleys experience

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

ufo sighting in Deline 2nd November 2007

FORT FRANKLIN - An unidentified flying object was seen hovering over Deline the morning of Nov. 2. (video below)
Simon Neyelle was on his way home at 5 a.m. when he first saw a bright light hovering near a ridge just outside of the community. "It was just sitting there, it didn't move," said Neyelle. He observed the object hovering over the ridge for an hour, and called other people in the community to see the object. Martina Taniton and Dave Taniton also saw the object and Dave took nearly an hour of footage. Martina described the object as a triangle shape with a big light in the middle of it that looked like a bright star. The object was close to the Taniton's residence, and Martina said it was slowly moving backwards. Pheobe Esau also saw the object and her husband took a short video. Esau said she could see some sort of laser coming out of the bottom of the object going into a lake below. The Taniton video was later shown at the Ehtseo Ayha school source

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ufos and NASA sts-115 mission

Alot of weird footage was caught by the STS-115 mission on Sepetmber 2006 , here are a few videos:

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Discovery science - ufos and balls of light

Discovery science channel looks at the connection between ufos and balls of light

2 different ufo/ET Documentarys from the History channel

I usually steer clear of these fringe videos, however the history channel is always an eye opener, these two are interesting:
Ufos then and now

Ufos and cattle

News from the disclosure project: New Military Witness to Living Extraterrestrial Lifeform From the Roswell NM Crash

The director of The Disclosure Project reports that a new Army Intelligence witness has come forward with knowledge of an extraterrestrial biological life form who survived the UFO crash at Roswell, NM.
This witness saw a living ET three years after the famous crash in New Mexico in 1947. In 1950, this witness, who was at a military facility on the east coast, saw a four to five foot tall ET being who was being held in a cage in a guarded bunker. Apparently the ET was being transported to a facility for study. This witness, who is highly credible, states that he learned that this ET was the sole remaining living being from the Roswell crash in July of 1947. The ET had a larger than human head, and was yellow-gray in color. The ET was in a small cage and under armed guard.
This witness states that another ET survived the crash but had since died in captivity. A separate military witness, whose father was a senior official in the US Government, has told The Disclosure Project, that his father made a death-bed confession of seeing an ET being at a facility near where this new Army Intelligence witness had seen the ET.

Head US Army captain confirms ufos do often target nuclear weapon bases and disarm them

This is one sure reason why the US government is worried about disclosing ufos - they post a security threat because they can render nuclear weapons usesless. This is not an uncommon event and one would have to wonder why ufos are so interested in deactivating nukes all over the world? In this video Capt. Robert Salas the Launch Commander at the site of the largest Nuclear Missile field in the world in Malstrom A.F.B., Montana, USA. He could not lack credibility as he is the man at the missile launch hot button.
Video courtesy of the Disclosure Project