Saturday, June 09, 2007

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin on Fox news this weeks confirms ufos yet again

Neil Cavuto from Fox interviewed astronaut Buzz Aldrin this week. At the end of the interview Buzz again revealed more about ufos before he was abruptly cut off by Mr Cavuto - here's what Buzz said:

"we know there was a ufo just outside the window - but instead we chose to ask where was the booster"

Here's the actual video from fox news - just added thanks to you guys posting it!

This is not the only time Buzz has gone on tape about ufos - he also mentioned about them on the History channel:

mexican ufo report from 1991

Interesting footage:

The Long Beach ufo again UFO Long Beach, Califonia 12-25- 2004

Someone requested i post this again so here it is:
is recorded by the police in 2004

Are you ready for 2012 ?

This week in Australia we have had the most severe storms on record - make you think there something behind these 2012 predictions:

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Rods over stirling City ?

This is a video of the 'rod type' creatures phenomenon seen over Stirling City USA. I don't know alot about rods, not sure how valid they are so i am skeptical, however they have been well documented and numerous footage exists online. What do you think? More of these here

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Important case- 1952 ufos fly over washington DC Whitehouse

A really important ufo case is the 1952 washington DC event, It started with a National Airlines crew sighting on July 13th, about 60 miles SW of the city, and then continued for a week, with more sightings , even a fleet over the whitehouse - all with radar confirmations!

It started again on the 25th, this time with Air Route Traffic Control radar picking up numerous UFOs (and multiple such incidents that day), and another National Airlines crew sighting. This continued this time for 4 more days, through the 29th.
You can view a timeline of events here…as outlined from the washington journal newspaper (complete with sources)

 More on the amazing 1952 ufo event:

President Harry Truman at the time talks about ufos at that time:

collection of ufo videos

nice video

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Trumbull County Ohio Stunning UFO Sighting 1994 documentary

Excellent ufo documentary - Multiple Police and other Authorities verified this UFO Event. Many UFOS were part of this sighting. The U.S. air traffic controller on duty at the time of this incident refused to be indentified and interviewed about these UFOS
Part 1

Part 2

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Why do some ufos appear as black rings?

Some times ufo's appear in strange 'ring shapes'. If you pause the start of this video you can read why this happens and then watch the recorded footage of numerous 'ring' ufos.

Crimea ufo sighting september 12 2006

This is an interesting ufo video, quite good footage.

In the Crimea, in the the region "arteka", on 12 September, 2006, in the night sky were observed several very bright luminescent spots. On the basis of the statements of the eyewitnesses of ufologi was conducted precise triangulation, i.e., was determined their location. They were located at a distance of 25-30 kilometers from the coast and at an altitude of 15-20 kilometers

Jamie Maussan on the news

Jamie Maussan, gives his views on ufos on a news channel

Ufo in high frequency state on hong kong Tv news

When a ufo is in 'high frequency state' it bceomes extreemly bright as this video shows: