Friday, October 31, 2008

Was it a Ufo - Mexico 27 October 2008

May just be a bird but what was this little thing seen near a helicopter in Mexico 27 october 2008?

Strange Craft or Ufo

Here's a new video guys... quite interesting:

Tinley Park Triangular Ufo of 2004

In the summer and fall of 2004, thousands of people in the Chicago area reportedly saw a large triangle-shaped collection of lights. Was it a giant spacecraft? Was it multiple crafts? Or maybe, it was just illumination flares sent up in the air as a hoax.

Ufo Hunters Season 2 Invasion at Illinois - what you think?

Just wanted to know guys what you all thought of this weeks new Ufo Hunters episode on the Invasion at Illinois ? (aired on the 29th October on the History channel)

Here's a short summary on the latest episode, from an extract from Billy Birnes Blog :

On August 21, 2004, members of the audience at an Ozzy Osbourne concert in the Tinley Park suburb of Chicago reporting seeing formations of bright lights in a triangular formation in the night skies. These lights hovered over the highway and were observed, and even videotaped, by people in their backyards. Two months later on Halloween, the lights or "flying triangles" returned.

Investigators began collecting information, and by the time the lights returned in 2005, a full-scale investigation was underway. Yet, even after two years, they could arrive at no conclusions. Were these lights part of a military exercise? Were they conventional aircraft, military super weapons, flares or simply candles borne aloft by balloons?
his blog - source

The Interesting Tehran Ufo Case 1976

Tehran Ufo Case from 1976, very interesting comments on the case from Ufo legend Stanton Friedman:


More footage of that recent Ufo sighting at the end of August in Texas:

UFO over Lithuania, July, 2008

I may have posted this before, as you may know guys Multiple UFO's over somewhere in Lithuania in July, 2008

Buenos Aires Argentina Ufo 26 October

Was it a ballon or something more over Buenos Aires Argentina on the 26th of October?

UFO Sightings Over Mexico City

This is a short clip from the Travel Channels Strange Travelers show, in this segment they talk about mass UFO sightings, and aliens called Humanoids.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Britains Ufo files History Channel

Britains Ufo Files

pt 2

remaining parts

UFO over Nijmegen Holland October 20, 2008

This is a Stabilized Version of the UFO sighting in Nijmegen, seems like there has been heaps of Ufo activity atm guys?

Roswell Mystery Pyramids?

This video is another interesting one - If you got google earth its worth checking these things out - some strange triangular impressions appear near Roswell on google Earth, ear they roads to underground bases or a landing configuration for ufos'?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

TRIANGULAR SHAPED HYPERSONIC PLAN - evidence of back-engineering - the aurora??

This new hypersonic plane in the Us may explain some recent triangular ufo sightings. Is this the mysterious Aurora? It brings to question are the government basing the design of new planes on Ufos? Is the result of 50 yrs of back-engineering slowly making its way into the design on new planes?

UFO over Shreveport LA

recent ufo in the news:

A mysterious object recently filmed above Shreveport's Downtown Airport
The video of the mysterious object came to us from local flight instructor Kevin Morris. He told us a fellow instructor, Charles Corder, captured the images back on Thursday, October 9th at 10:30 in morning, while using his home video camera. We slowed down the video to get a better view and remove much of the shaking.

Ufo over providence rhode island October 20

Would like all your thoughts and comments about this new ufo filmed over rhode island on October 20, the guys presents it very well and the footage is very clear..
pt 1

pt 2

pt 3

Ufo and Chemtrails again - whats going on ?

Chemtrails and Ufos .. you know the deal guys one and one go together but just what is the connection?... this amazing piece of footage just makes you think guys - any comments?

Ufo seen over Stephenville again 23 October 2008

As you know may know guys a ufo new sighting occured in stepheville again on October 23, Below are some news reports of the new footage :

pursue of a UFO near RAF Lakenheath, England. Early 2007

Posted this one a while ago, quite interesting - American F-15 pilots as they pursue a UFO near RAF Lakenheath, England early on 2007

UFO over St. Petersburg, Russia, 1997

Back guys with some great Ufo video posts, heres a nice one over St. Petersburg, Russia in 1997:Here's one