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UFOs over Chandler Arizona 07/11/2013

UFo sighting over Chandler - Arizona Date: 07/11/2013

UFO ovnis lights over Buenos Aires, Argentina

11/05/2013 20:24 Magnitude Flares "Unidentified" Heaven ply Buenos Aires, west side "and North / West this record while, were verified and some satellite transits step, if visible large scale Space Station "(ISS), while this was moving about the capital of Argentina, to the South / East ", a large lenticular UFO Flare posterior orbital attitude abnormal step in, N / N / West misteroso hiso one step, since we do not had strokes matches Iridium Satellite Sat Nor " , the mistieroso Flare "is habrio with a higher magnitude of Venus ", just degrees above the beautiful past Lucero positioned for this time in Scorpio (a user friend, confirmed also by networking, watching this phenomenon so far not identified).'s interesting to note though Glaucoart spelling workshop, we are in a time of great activity and eventually Flares Anomalous intense, even knowing the unsuccessful effort, involving observations demonstrate Planetary and talk of magnitudes consistent and accurate "without panicking or delirious" but demonstrating solid evidence and current information I could even have a cause difusorio as warrants the same time, I reiterate is Intense UFO Activity ", Be guided by scholars but their foundations lists and digital lampoons, but see, if it's so easy to get a clean record and clear, yet I know, not figured on the agenda, although the work of check lists verified Satellite heavens above without coincidence , has also been cast, well, maybe someday. Paintings Info report

UFO over Picture rocks Arizona 11th November 2013

Strange UFO craft over Picture rocks Arizona 11th November 2013

Souce Mufon:
It was a Friday night. Heading from Marana to picture rocks when the object caught my eye. It was very very big triangle shape. Across the road there was 2 other vechiles that stopped and got out of there vehicle to watch what was in the sky. At first I thought maybe it was military until I seen it change shapes and colors. It went straight up and down to sideways. It went very very dim and slowly started moving. To slow for a plane and or helicopter. Then it got very very very bright and huge in shape. Like a triangle shape..boomerang shape..I have a video of it.but I captured the red and white rapid lights and is jumping around quickly. After I stopped filming is when my brother jn law and my fiance seen it change brother in law took a picture ..straight up in the sky and captured a orange orb.i have a video .but in my video you can see the object lights and how fast and slow patters it makes.but can see the shape as good as I seen it with my eyes. The video shows rapid movement and light patterns I was standing still and you can see the object moving crazy like. Sorry for the cuss words I was in shock..but what I describe happend after I filmed. But the rest of what I described is on the video.

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Hovering UFO craft ovni over Mexico

Daylight video of a  UFO craft flying over Mexico:

October 2013 UFO sightings and news in review

Darin Crapo examines UFO Sightings over Edson, Alberta, Canada; Oshawa, Ontario, Canada; Russia; Moon; Denver, CO, USA; Virginia Beach, VA, USA; North Carolina, USA and interview sniplet with Larry Warren

Hovering orbs or helicopters Moscow Russia

Unusual object filmed over Moscow Russia - what was it?

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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

UFO sighting over townsville, QLD Australia

A new UFO sighting from townsville.

Filmers comments:
I saw hundreds of thousands of black birds flying towards a river, WHen i took a photo on my Iphone 5- and looked back at the photo I noticed 2 small saucer shaped objects in the sky and in the next photo a burst of yellow light in the shape of a disk and 6 small lights in the sky. There seems to be a black shadow behind the object and another object in the top of the sky, flying away.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

UFO lights over Van Nuys California 3rd Nov 2013

Please disregard the lens flare (2 dots in foreground)

Filmers comments:
 My roommate and I spotted 3 orange glowing balls in the sky while in the parking lot of our local Raph's store in Van Nuys, CA. They gradually floated upwards and disappeared but it was very interesting indeed and so far, my best UFO sighting that I've personally had. They could have been chinese lanterns but I will choose to believe that it was alien spacecraft… that's more fun

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Summary of some interesting UFO videos for October 2013

A great summary of some interesting UFO sightings for October 2013

UFO lights over Clute Texas 1st November 2013

Strange collection of Lights over  Clute Texas - was it some form of military exercise?
Would like you to view this in fullscreen and provide your feedback on this one:

A family spotted a craft flying slowly and silently making its way through the night sky. And they filmed it. In addition to watching the clearly-lite craft travel along a straight path, you can also hear the family - including kids - discussing the sight. Some members think it's an airplane, while others are sure it's a UFO.- what do you think?

UFO Orbs lights over Spanish Fort Near Daphne, Alabama October 5, 2013 9.10pm

Publishing Date: 29/Oct/2013 Witness: Doug Bounds Date: 5th Oct 2013 - 9.15pm
 An armada of bright white Orb UFO's pass in an intelligent manner over a Spanish fort. Studying the footage the witness states: Taken in the parking lot of the Lowe's in Daphne, AL at about 9:10pm on October 5, 2013. Movement was from the east to the northeast.

UFO Orb Recorded - Akureyri, Iceland: 29/09/2013

This UFO sighting recently made news: On September 29, 2013, a live web camera in Akureyri, Iceland, captured footage of a large Orb of light flying above, and then descending into the city. These Orb UFO sightings are occurring all over the world.

UFO Ovni Sighting Over Spain

Posters comments:
This is the moment a man records a flying saucer being his farm and suddenly a huge tubular shaped UFO appears very low to surface and disappears while another appears from thin air with a speeding object shooting from it. This is great footage, very rare and unexplained.