Thursday, October 07, 2010

UN representative Dr Mazlan Othman

While i'm waiting on more updates from what Dr Mazlan Othman from the UN mentioned at this weeks conference at the Royal Society. I will remind you again about her important lecture from Early on in January this year at the Royal society just in-case if you missed it. Her whole speech is here:

And if you missed it Former Mod Nick Pope talks about Dr Mazlan Othman's lecture and her role with the UN and Ufo disclosure:

Royal Society conference Ufo Update

A closer look by David Rothery at the recent Royal Society "Towards a scientific and societal agenda on extraterrestrial life" conference at the Kavli Royal Society International Conference Centre, Chicheley Hall, Bucks 4-5 Oct 2010

pt 2

Day 2

RealUfos celebrates over 4000 posts! - still No1 for Ufo news & videos

It's hard to believe that its been almost over 5 years since we started!
A big thank-you our loyal long term and new readers who to visit the site everyday - your continued interest makes the site what it is today.

I am proud to announce that this is our 4000 th post here which is a feat in itself and that we remain ranked number one on Google for terms such as 'Ufo news' and 'Ufo videos'.

Your votes have made the us No1 paranomal site at the moment and it is only from the constant daily emails and submissions from readers like you that we are able to keep Realufos as up-to-date and as interesting as possible. Im not able to post every video and story which we receive but our hopes is that the ones that we do post reflect the most genuine and interesting sightings, and that this turns sparks interest and further discussion on the Ufo topic.

2010 has so far been an astounding year for ufology, especially after the recent Washington conference on nuclear weapons and Ufos by former US airforce officials (a topic that i have long covered over the years). The integrity of the conference reflects both the level and pace of Ufo disclosure at the moment.

I intend to introduce our new team of editors over the month who i have enrolled to assist me in making RealUfos even better and more interesting. I have maintained the lone burden of updating RealUfos for sometime, which is in itself a full time job but the increasing pace and progress in the Ufo world means i need as much help as i can get, especially as we progress into the period of 2011-2012.

Please remember its your emails and submissions  (using about 'submit button)  and feedback that is what keeps us as up-to-date as possible here at RealUfos. If you see a Ufo or film it, we want to know about it asap - testimony is ok, photos are good but videos are great!

In this world it seems like "seeing is still believing" and genuine Ufo videos always draw attention and are the best way to create both discussion and awareness of the topic. We do appreciate your comments and further updates on recent sightings, the more information we can get on recent sightings the better . As always, everyone is welcome to an opinion , but when this becomes personal, defamatory or rude these comments won't be tolerated as this distracts from the topic.

Sharing information is what this site all about -the more people that know about Ufos and the reality that intelligent life is in contact already with us here on Earth, the easier it will be for us all as full disclosure on the topic draws near. Since 2005 and the advent of video sharing, blogs and social media there has been an enormous shift in both the public and media perception of the Ufo topic - information really is a powerful tool. We see the topic out in the open in active discussion now and with science confirming the ever increasing probability of life on other planets, the Ufo ET topic finally is reaching the realms of seriously needed study and research.

As disclosure draws near, I'm looking forward in eager anticipation to what 2011 will bring for us in the Ufo world and as always we will keep you updated here on RealUfos with the latest videos and news as soon as it comes out.

Ohh and most importantly...

Keep your eyes to the Skies!


Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Japan Tokyo again - 3 bright lights

A further video of that object filmed in Japan, was it a Led kite?

Ufo lights over Chihuahua Mexico?

Mr Maussan presents this video over Chihuahua Mexico.
Yet again it may also be lanterns. Im leaving it for you to decide on this one - what do you think?:

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Lights over Tokyo - ufos?

A series of strange lights were spotted over Tokyo in Japan the other day.
No one seems to have any idea what they were, although there is a chance they are lanterns, please let us know if you also saw these:

Black smoke ring in Kosovo October 2010

Recently filmed over Kosovo. Although some believe these black ring objects are some how 'trails' in the clouds left by ufos the common explanation is that they are created by "black smoke ring makers" which are used at outdoor shows.
I decided to post this video anyway for discussion - would like your take on this video:

This movie has been taken by me with a Sony Ericsson c902 phone and is not fake. I have made this record while i was fishing.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Dr Michio Kaku on Gliese 581 , Ets an Ufos

Dr Michio Kaku speaks about the newly discovered Gliese 581 and why we have hit the so called "jackpot" by discovering it.
Also if you would like to know more about Dr Michio Kaku  i highly suggest you watch this this interview. He talks about his his life, career, and his work. He is a theoretical physicist and co-founder of the string field theory and wrote the famous book Hyperspace more here.

Strange triangular craft spotted over china Tolo Harbour

China - kite with LEDs or something else - you decide:

Posters comments:
Chinese to English translation
At about 11:20 or so, housing estates in front of my house, accidentally saw the sky a luminous object, find its location is about over Tolo Harbour. At first thought it was a plane, because the evening will often see the plane flying over my neighborhood. But the reason it attracted me, is it especially bright, but also red, green and blue lights flashing, there is a little strange is that it stays fixed in the sky, not usually see the aircraft and the like in flight.
Shadow of the two videos and several photos, the camera suddenly no electricity, home for a camera out of another, just a few minutes, have lost sight of the luminous object was.

Robert Hastings talks about the ET Ufo connection with nuclear bases

The main stream media seem to be embracing the recent Ufo and nuclear conference.
Well known speaker Robert Hastings talks about UFOs and that press conference, and credible stories of UFO's disarming our nuclear weapons:

UFO over Uppsala Sweden October 1st 2010

Triangle shaped lights filmed over Uppsala Sweden October 1st 2010.
If you live in the area and know more about this new sighting please respond to this post.

Posters comments:

Sometimes you have to be in the right place at the right time, then maybe you can experience something spectacular. Just what I experienced yesterday evening between 8:30 pm and 9:00 pm and I ran out with my Canon 500D camera for taking photos. But it did not take good pictures. Instead, I contented myself with shooting with the camera. It is truly a "once in a lifetime " thing (maybe). In the film, about 3 minutes, you can see a cool formation which I found truely amazing.
It was not an ordinary aircraft or military aircraft. These flying objects moving at constant speed and then they could disappear into the air with extreme speed. Note. It was clear weather.

Watching The Skies: In Search of Extraterrestrial Life

Mini documentary about the possibility of alien life in other parts of the universe, staring former Mod Ufo officer Nick Pope . Features clips from the 2008 film "The Day the Earth Stood Still".

Part 2

Whats been going on with ufos over Mount Adams, Trout Lake recently?

If there's one place your most likely to see a Ufo its up at Mount Adams Trout Lake in Washington. I would love the opportunity to visit Mr Gilliland's ranch up there to see one myself.
If you live near Mount Adams or have seen a ufo in this region we would really like to hear an update from you as a reply to this post. I haven't heard much from Mr Gilliland recently and it would be good to see some new videos taken in that region this year.
Something is definitely going on up at that mountain and its been happening for over 10 years now. its time we know more about whats exactly going on.

Washington, January 9, 2008

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Tucson Arizona - orb near powerlines ? Oct. 2, 2010

Tucson Arizona October 2nd this bright orb was seen training a powerline.
It seems like Tucson is a very active Ufo hotpost, if you have also seen strange happenings there realUfos wants to hear from you - please respond.