Saturday, March 29, 2008

Dr. Steven Greer Guest on Coast to Coast AM Radio with Art Bell - Sunday, March 30th

This Sunday, March 30th Art Bell is joined by founder of the Disclosure Project, Dr. Steven Greer, who'll share inside information regarding UFO disclosure, as well as offer an update on alternative energy. For more go to

What's Up? - Remember our UFO Forum

Hi Guys,
Just wanted to remind you all of our forum, (link above)
If you want to discuss a new sighting or post from the blog further please post the topic in the forum page.
I have noticed the forum has been a bit slow the last week - would you guys like to see any changes or have feedback on it so far? (if so post in the forum under suggestions)

Recap Dec 2 2006 UFO Alabama With Zoom

An Interesting video with zoom - remember your zoom guys if your filming ufos


Strange object - what do you guys think?

Sheriffs prevent research of Alien Grave Near UFO crash site

Locals dont want researchers to look at the alien grave:

Real Footage of the Shag Harbour Nova Scotia Canada UFO

A UFO crashed into the ocean witnessed by local teenagers, residents and police officers near Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada. The 1967 Shag Harbour Incident and cover-up is quite famous since it was witnessed by many people. Canadians turned over the entire investigation to the US military including round objects in four bags recovered by divers near the crash site. (search the blog for the for the full lot of vids on this series)

UFO in PERU news

this just out in the news , will repost one with sound shortly...

pasco ufo higher quality repost

Many residents were startled and alarmed by this craft which made no noise as it mysteriously passed in the night sky over Pasco Washington USA. This was filmed March 14, 2008

Friday, March 28, 2008

Ufo Wave over the city of BS.ACE, capital of Argentina 13/3/2008

Does anyone know anything about this one? Its very interesting seems to be a triangle ufo in the background and a probe like flying around everywhere

Translated (badly) Posters comments:
Toward the 22h at least two intense "UFO Fire Balls" of lenticular aspect and of great magnitude plowed mysterious the Sky of Buenos Aires, to the 21h58m on the Nor Western I am observed an axtra├▒a luminary UFO" that furrow besides the growing Lunar disk and ascendio of way Anomala in order then to disappear very mysterious. To the 22h07m another Strange one manifestacion lenticular of great magnitude I float and I displace, above neighborhoods of Almagro Boedo Flowers, with a magnitude of bright Star, displaced toward the Nor This, but desaparecio almost arriving at the Zenith. The two extraordinary demonstrations remained registered. The recordings presented by the workshop glaucoart

Triangle, ufos and strange things on google earth

Triangle, ufos and strange things on google earth

The Light of a Star and Dark Materials UFO STS NASA related

The Light of a Star and Dark Materials UFO STS NASA related

Fox news ufo now in China

again does anyone know anything about this one?
looks weird

Ufo Hunters episode 8 -Vortexes - Ufo HotSpots

Another new documentary just for you guys - Ufo Hunters episode 8 looks at Vortexes of hotspots on the world where the majority of ufo sightings occur and why they happen - many are related to areas on earth where there are large chambers of water under the earth surface.
pt 1

pt 2

pt 3

pt 4
pt 5

Ecuador Air Force - UFO Phenomenon

Official Testimonials of soldiers and pilots involved in UFO phenomenon

Ufo or remote controled thing - 2007 new ufo report

What you think guys - looks a bit fake to me
News report of saucer captured on film over southern England '07

Thursday, March 27, 2008

UFO STS 123 or just a satellite ? 25 MARCH 2008

Not sure what to make of this myself, its most liekly a satellite in the background right? - what do you guys think?
Comments from poster:
I watched this on NASA TV last night. NASA messed up and didn't cut the feed before this got out.It was amazing to watch, the picture was much more clear than what you have here, although this is great! I was thinking it looked more like one craft revealing it'sself slowly. At one point, a long white thing protruded towards the bottom of the screen which would be away from the Earth, very strange. Thanks for posting this, I was hoping somebody got it!

NASA Official Admits to Having Chased UFOs

"Over the years we have chased many, many, many of these things," says a NASA Shuttle Program Manager in regards to the lights seen before the Atlantis shuttle reentry in 2006.

Was he trying to subtly disclose information to the public that NASA has indeed attempted to chase UFO's before? He says it so casually that no one on the broadcast picks up that he said NASA has actually gone after similar UFO's before.

March 2008 Corpus Christi Texas UFO On Tape

On Monday night a viewer came by the station with video of a UFO he captured on his cellphone Saturday night. (more below)

He says it was in the northern part of the sky and stayed there for 10-15 minutes. After hearing that story on our news, other viewers began to email and call us with their sighting claims. One man, Dennis Limon of Aransas Pass told us that he was out in front of his home when he spotted the object. It was large and yellow to orange in color. He claims that it also had a fire or sparks coming from behind the object. Federal officials at N-A-S Corpus Christi say that no one was manning their control tower over the weekend and at the airport nothing unusual was reported. Still, there are a number of eyewitnesses who saw they saw something in the sky. But what it was may remain a mystery.

A good UFO Documentary from 90`s

more from this user

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The British UFO Files Documentary

The British UFO Files Documentary - You've prob seen it before but if not is a good watch

pt 2

pt 3
pt 4
pt 5
pt 6

Ufo Triangle fleet March 2008

Interesting triangle ufo filmed march 2008 - anyone know where it was filmed?

Monday, March 24, 2008

1971 UFO sighting, Styria, Austria

On May 23, 1971 at about 12:30 P M, one of the most convincing photographs of a UFO was taken by one Rudi Nagora, a Munich musician. Nagora, along with his wife, were vacationing near St. Lorenzen, Styria, Austria

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ever think what happens after death? (non ufo)

Hi Guys,
I never usually post off the topic of ufos but today I felt compelled to as this topic is both close to home and an important one that we all should think about in our lifetime. (I know you guys are open minded so i hope you don't mind i post this!)
It's a bit of a morbid topic but have you ever thought about what will happen when you die?, I mean like is there is something greater than our own existence?
In the current age of science & technology we are being made more sceptical than ever about the possibility of after-life, especially when most people hold the belief that 'seeing is believing'. I think the only way we can really get some idea of what may happen comes from listening to those who have actually died and come back or had a near death experience or a NDE. Sometimes these experiences are discounted as a common neurological effect of the brain being in a coma like state - but often those who have had a NDE recount an uncanny set of common experiences. I think alot can be learned from listening to their stories and this can ease many fears: (click here for a whole lot of NDE testimonies)

Dateline 2008 UFO San Antonio Texas Jan 13

Close to the time of the Stephenville Tx UFO, yet another UFO was seen, this time near a radio tower in San Antonio Texas on. Jan 13 2008

UFOs And Government Scandals Ufo files History Channel

Another one from Ufo files on the History Channel

pt 2

pt 3
pt 4
pt 5

UFO Sighting Over Mexico 1-26-08

UFO seen by hundreds over Mexico on January 26 2008

Color version of the NASA ufo tapes

I've always seen these in poor black and white quality here they are in colour - the NASA ufo's