Thursday, March 27, 2008

UFO STS 123 or just a satellite ? 25 MARCH 2008

Not sure what to make of this myself, its most liekly a satellite in the background right? - what do you guys think?
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I watched this on NASA TV last night. NASA messed up and didn't cut the feed before this got out.It was amazing to watch, the picture was much more clear than what you have here, although this is great! I was thinking it looked more like one craft revealing it'sself slowly. At one point, a long white thing protruded towards the bottom of the screen which would be away from the Earth, very strange. Thanks for posting this, I was hoping somebody got it! Rate this posting:

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Lich said...

Around earth fly many satelites and debris, trash probably some about 100-5000 obiects. Movie have low quality and really hard to say from that point what it is. For UFO fans everything unusual on sky is very interesting.

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