Friday, December 16, 2011

Was it a Triangle UFO Over Marble Falls Texas ?

Filmers comments:
Driving to work last night 12/13/11 I saw these balls of what looked like fire in the sky. It was rainy and nasty out and I pulled over and caut them with my phone.
Not very good quality I know but the best I could describe it I would say they looked like weather balloons with fire burning inside them. Too small to be hot air balloons, and too big to be normal balloons not to mention, wouldnt fire melt them? The one think I am sure about was they had fire in them. I saw only 2 at first but then they just kept coming from over the horizon. Other cars were pulled over just as mystified as myself. I say UFO because it is true I dont know what they were but curious to know if someone has some info or news on these things??

UFO On Truck near Cowley County Makes the News

Residents in Cowley County are still talking about a mystery craft, seen being towed down US 77 Monday.
Sitting inside Lindly's Appliance Store, Kammi Root is used to seeing large machinery towed down US 77. But what she saw Monday afternoon is something she won't soon forget

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jaime maussan on the recent Ukraine ufo

On the 19th September 2011 numerous strange ufo lights were seen over Ukraine :

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Strange Ufo like Objects caught on New York live web cam 11th December

A few different people emailed me this the other night asking if others in the New York area also spotted these strange lights which at times appeared very close together. Seen on the 11th of December 2011.
If anyone knows more please respond to this post.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ufo reports December 2011

Please note if you also spotted in Ufos in the regions mentioned below to please respond to this post. Please remember to use the 'submit' button above to send in your reports or and ufo news you think might be relevant to the site.

Albuquerque New Mexico

My co-worker and I in Albuquerque New Mexico. When he and I saw a silver disc hovering above a tree in broad daylight about 11:30 am as it hovered it dissapeared and then came back in a blink of an eye and then it was gone for good. This not the first time either one of us have seen them we both lived in ohio and in the late sixties I had many sightings.What I want to know did anyone see it also over albuquerque?


Dec.2,2011-6:20pm,my wife and I were looking at the Leland cypress we had planted,they are about 16 feet tall,I have 2 storage buildings to the left of these,she and I saw a dull silver/white object hoovered and then shot horizontally across the sky toward greenville,sc,we live in a township named slater.It was very exciting,I was speaking with my daughter at the time we saw this,she informed me that someone else had also seen something over Bob Jones university in greenville,sc not long after we saw this.

Chevy Chase Maryland

Did anyone else see several strange lights and aircrafts in Chevy Chase,MD? I was walking in my neighborhood around 7:45pm when I looked up at the stars.I love astronomy and often go outside just to look at the stars. There were two bright orangish reddish lights moving slowly across the sky. I started watching these lights because there was no sound and it seemed to be moving too slowly for an airplane. The lights stopped directly in front of me and started blinking. At this point, several large trees were obscuring my view and I told myself the lights must just be blinking lights attached to a building or something i couldn't see. Then the lights inched to the right and stopped again. I was started to get freaked out but kept walking toward it. The lights then switched directions and moved diagonally back to the left in the same slow pace it had been going. All of a sudden, it speeds up and takes off - about the same time a house blocked my view. When i looked up, I could have sworn it was still there but far enough away and stagnant that it looked just like a star. Ok, now for my second weird encounter of the night/morning, which is the reason i am on the internet researching what I just saw could be. At 5:50am I went outside and of course, now was very concerned/interested with any lights in the sky. There was a red/orange object that looked exactly like a bright star that was just in the sky moving what would have been an inch or two over 10 minutes (the hovering and moving is what concerns me as it was definitely not a star). After about 10 minutes it continued to move without stopping to hover, BUT it moved slowly at the same speed directly, straight up into the sky. It was as thought you were dangling something on a string and pulled it up in a complete straight line until it was just a distant spec that was barely visible. I have never seen anything remotely like this and can't believe two VERY suspicious incidents would happen in one night. Can someone please let me know whether this is anything to be concerned about. Is there another explanation for what I saw other than UFO??

Loveland Ohio
Me and some friends were out on a street corner in Loveland Ohio on a park bench next to Tano Bistro (I used a website with google maps to figure out our exact location, which was Latitude:N 39° 16' 4.893" Longitude:W 84° 15' 30.5551"), when we saw these 3 whitish-orange lights in a triangle formation starting to rise up from the horizon (South/Southeast) going really fast. I got my phone out and started taking video of the lights, when another formation of lights rose up, this time there were five lights, the same color, in a much larger, somewhat uneven triangle pattern (Same direction). At this point people walking down the street, and eating outside at Tano stopped what they were doing to watch it, many getting out their phones as well and recording it. There was at least one child next to me that was really scared. Both sets of lights continued to rise up form the horizon, appearing to rise almost vertically, before vanishing as we watched, while passing overhead. I'm still not sure whether they were 2 separate craft with multiple lights on each, or 8 craft with one light each. I live in the area, and come to this spot all the time, and I've never seen anything like this in my life. Note: I did see aircraft in the vicinity before and after the event, however they appeared to be civilian, and I am not aware of any that were in the vicinity during the event.

Montana USA 2011-11-20

For approximately one full week in november, i watched these events each night. it started as i sat on my steps to smoke, and saw a grouping of three (3) very bright lights at a distance about a 20 degree level from the horizon. at first i thought they were landing lights on a commercial jet. however, as i watched it did not move either forward or reverse. i watched for approximately 25 - 30 min. and called my fieind out to see what she thought of it. we watched for about 10 minutes, then came inside.
about an hour later, we heard two air force jets go over very low to the ground. i wasn't even thinking about anything with reference to the item we had seen earlier. i looked in that direction as we closed the door and saw that the lights were no longer there.

about 15 - 30 minutes later, i heard the faint sound of a jet at high speed. having spent a few years in viet nam, i rocognize the sounds of high speed aircraft. i ran to the front door, and out into the front yard. just as i looked up i saw a light go by at a very high speed. almost immeadiately, an f-16 ( i think) with afterburners burning and glowing went over. then next his wing man off to the left of his flight path and also glowing went over. as they disappeard over the trees my first thought was, WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITH AFTERBURNERS ON?

Pictures of the Blood moon eclipse

Numerous pictures and video has come in of the red Blood moon eclipse from the other night.
If you have taken any photos it would be great if you can share then with our community by uploading via the 'upload' link above.
The colour change was caused by a scattering of sunlight as it passed through the thin ring of the earth's atmosphere, removing the blue light and passing mainly the red, some of which illuminated the moon.
At the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, some 300 people, many clutching coffee cups in the frigid morning air, sat with blankets and chairs on the observatory's great lawn. Source