Friday, July 15, 2011

UFO report from Rafaela Argentina July 2011

New ufo report in from Rafaela Argentina

They were recording a child dancing when a strange object appeared in the sky. When they noticed the object's presence, the young women began shouting. "It's a flying saucer" according to a local resident. They claim nothing like this had ever happened to them before.

Two women in the north end of Rafaela claim having recorded a strange object toward the sun exactly as they were recording the youngest brother of one of the women as he danced around.

"I was very scared," said one of the girls to a local news station, and her words subsequently appeared in Rafaela's Diario Uno. A strange object is visible in the video, which appears behind the figure of the dancing boy.

The girls began to shout as soon as they noticed the object. A neighbor said: "it's a flying saucer."

One of the young women stated that she has taken photos in the same way and pointing in the same direction, but that nothing similar had ever happened before. "I believe in these things, but I don't know."

UFO over Michigan July 13, 2011

Ufo light over Michigan:

2:37 AM 13 JULY 2011. Witness: Went to my music studio from my home, went to get a few studio items then on way back in looked up and seen 3 bright (orange/yellow) objects. one large, other two half size of big object. The two small objects were going up to the big object, two times, then kinda freaked out then went in house, got my Canon EOS LSR pro camera and video cameral along with my parents. The three of us watched the two small objects go up to the big object many times, they flickered a bit and after 20 mins they all went away. No way were the objects, fireworks, flars, or known craft. They were ball type at my point of view... Our studio house ranch is out in the country and on a hill, we view the Jordan Valley clea

Triangle Hovers above trees ? UFO New Jersey 7/13/11

Was it a Triangle ufo filmed over Andover airport UFO New Jersey 7/13/11

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

3 large orbs in triangular formation Tokyo Japan

Tokyo Japan just what were these large orbs? Can anyone provide some type of explanation?

Monday, July 11, 2011

USSR watched for UFOs every day

Russia Today has further discussion with Andrey Finkelstein on his ET 20 years discovery statement:

Russia Today spoke with Andrey Finkelstein, Director of the Institute of Applied Astronomy about the scientific reasoning behind his controversial statement that in 20 years humanity will discover aliens and they are likely to look much like humans.
RT: Mr. Finkelstein, thank you for being with us tonight. You have promised that in twenty years' time you will have discovered life on other planets. Are we actually talking about aliens, or merely some bacteria?
Andrey Finkelstein: We are talking life forms, of course. What particular form such life could be is a separate question. Where there is life, intelligence and civilization are a possibility. But discovering life is of primary importance.
RT: In what form?
AF: What I'm going to tell you is a paradox. The form will definitely be well-known to us. In my opinion, and I believe experts generally agree on this, life and intelligence, should they exist elsewhere at all, should be highly human-like.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Triangle UFO over Istanbul Turkey July 8 2011

Recent UFO sighting over Istanbul Turkey July 8, 2011

1989 Voronezh ufo incident Russia

Strange Lights in North Canton, Ohio - July 4, 2011

News report of a Ufo sighting in North Canton Ohio. If you live in the area and also noticed these Ufo lights we would like to hear from you , please respond to this post.

These two objects floated by and then two more floated by and a short time later, two more floated by," Joanne Damico said. She described the mysterious objects as orange colored globes.

Damico's husband John, who also saw them, said they were too quiet to be airplanes. "We saw lots of planes that night," he said. "This didn't look anything like that."

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Orbs or ballons After a Storm, July 3, 2011 ?

Are these simply lanterns or not?
Location Uknown Date: July 3, 2011
Posters comments:
I have filmed it last Saturday from my balcony, right after the crazy rainy storm ended.

Manchester UFO pilot's near miss

A 'near miss' between a passenger plane and a UFO near Manchester Airport is included in a number of secret files released by the government
The 'close encounter' was officially reported by the flight crew of a Boeing 737 back in January 1995.
The pilot and first officer described seeing a 'large grey object' fly so close past the plane it made them duck