Sunday, July 10, 2011

Manchester UFO pilot's near miss

A 'near miss' between a passenger plane and a UFO near Manchester Airport is included in a number of secret files released by the government
The 'close encounter' was officially reported by the flight crew of a Boeing 737 back in January 1995.
The pilot and first officer described seeing a 'large grey object' fly so close past the plane it made them duck

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Anonymous said...

EXACTLY!!...what this video says,
ufo...does not necessarily mean alien craft!?

This is what keeps me going as a skeptic!..sitting on the fence as they say!? this is a safe place to be,when your being influenced by those who say,'s alien! without doubt!..when its not! and you haven't seen it with your own eyes,to know that, but you know thats a possibility,and something IS going on...BUT WHAT??
We know all the stories..all the stories!..but how much of it is TRUE!? much of it is BS!?

Anonymous said...

this was a british remote version of the us- tr3-b craft called halo that strayed a little too far from its planned route.

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