Thursday, August 15, 2013

Readers UFO submissions August 2013

Post in progress. RealUfos readers personal UFO sightings August 2013
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Las Vegas Valley August 10:

August 10 2013. 8:30 pm. The east side of the Las Vegas Valley. Mutiple ufo's were spotted traveling from east to west towards the valley. As they got to the rim of the valley they hovered for 5 minutes. It was like they were exposing themselves intentionally. The soon blinked out.
Niedersachsen Germany

This thing flew over us and the triangular shape kinde turned upsight down and it looked like the object was also rotating. That was the moment when we got really histerical because we thought it wil come down to us just before it disappears for a moment behind the trees. It really looked like that for me and my friend. I also felt it moved in a weird manner but i think the video is not bad expect for me shaking so much because i was scarred and high. i was aiming with the phone at it but looking in the sky and I always tried to readjust the aim. I have cutted the sound out because it is emberassing how histerical me and my friend were. Please watch this and tell me your opinion. Take a good look between 22 seconds and 30 seconds. Im still high but i think you can see through the lights blinking on and off kind of the shape of the object. It really terrified me.
I am very skeptcial about this stuff. I have also seen some mintues ago an airplane that also was very low and through its lights, you could see the shape of the airplane. just simply knew, that it was an airplane. The object in my video though, was bigger then the airplane i had seen after it but belive me, you couldnt see its shape it was too dark even though it was so low. As if a dark light was shining on the ship itself.

Minnesota - Lake Superior
Until watching a news story last night on FOX 9 in Minneapolis. We were in northern Minnesota last week, in Two Harbors which sits right on Lake Superior. We were outside late at night Thursday or Friday August 8th or 9th, looking out over Lake Superior at about 9pm when we saw a few orange'ish lights moving in unisen over the lake, their movement was completely in sync with each other. We discussed for a few minutes wondering what it could be, but when we gave up we went back to our drinks, which was not the reason for our visions!

Unusual UFO craft over Russia 9th August 2013

This strange fast flying craft seems to change colour.
The object was filmed over Russia on the 9th August 2013

Hovering UFO lights over Chicago 3rd August 2013

These 2 parallel UFO lights were filmed over Chicago on the 3rd August 2013:

UFO releasing speheres ? Mexico 13.8.2013

These strange lights were filmed daytime over Mexico on the 13/08/2013 :

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Triangle UFO on video over Granger Indiana

Interesting UFO video here.
I recommend you view at fullscreen and fast forward to 1.38 where you see the 2 lights:

Source: Mufon:
Woke up out of dead sleep around 940 and went to cvs before it closed and pulling out of my neighborhood saw 3 orange orbs in a triangle formation. Went home and watched them for 2 hours. They came up one by one and formed a triangle or straight or horizontal lines. They would dart off one by one and dissapear every 10 mins or so

Sunday, August 11, 2013

UFOs over the Basilica Minneapolis 9th August

This incredible UFO video is in from Minneapolis hovering over the Basilica 9th August :
Please take time to view this video in full screen and advise what you think you are seeing here
The filmer said the chance it was RC craft was low because no sound was made - what do you think?
Note if anyone was also in downtown Minneapolis  and also saw these lights please reply to this post asap.

Eyewitness: I was walking to downtown, from my place in uptown, via Loring Park. I spotted two objects hovering in the NE sky. At first I didnt pay much attention to them as I thought it was just helicopters perhaps. But then, one looked like it was sort of checking out the Basillica. Im not sure how far away they were, so it may have just been a quirk of viewpoint and unrelated to the Basillica.
That struck me as interesting so I decided to record them with my Galaxy Note 2 phone. I also tried to get enough reference points in some of the shots to triangulate size if someone is interested in doing so. Im not sure what the objects were. Im inclined to think they were manmade. They werent helicopters though, at least not normal sized ones.. nor did they have the correct lights for that sort of vehicle. (Perhaps Im mistaken?)

The objects themselves were dual colors. They looked like two square lights of some sort attached to one another, which you cant tell from the video due to the low quality. If I remember correctly the colors were a solid blue and green, but dont quote me on that... I cant recall for sure. In the video each object appears a different color versus each being a dual color.

Before I started to record, the second object had been hovering back and forth. Its the object you see hover up from the lower left in the video.

My feelings and reactions: Curiosity more than anything. Like I said, I think it was probably something of terrestrial origin and someone either testing out some kind of say.. drone, or something, or putting on a show of some sort with rc craft. They kind of reminded me of those small automated drones from some of the universities you see videos of doing synchronized flying. That or perhaps small RC craft (but silent). At first I thought there might be some sort of propeller sound, but it was just downtown noise.. As I made my way downtown no one else seemed to have noticed anything. (it was busy downtown)

How did I lose sight of the objects? See the video. They did their thing and then flew off. The second one looked like it had been landing or taking off before I started recording. Its hard to tell for sure though without a better idea of distance though.
Source MUFON

UFO video in from Pittsburgh 10th August 2013

This UFO video was filmed over Pittsburgh 10th August 2013.
Could it be a triangle or series of lanterns in formation - your thoughts please:

Source MUFON
We took our new Jeep Wrangler out tonight for a night time drive without the top, in hopes of viewing the meteor shower that was supposed to take place. I was already looking up to the sky in anticipation. We were sitting at the stop light at Pioneer Ave, waiting to turn left on W Liberty Ave, when I noticed a big orange flickering light rising above the treetops, it shot quickly to the left. The light reminded me of a floating lantern, but much bigger. My fiancee was driving & got a good look about the time I noticed the light shoot past 3 OTHER red/orange pulsating lights. I then noticed the objects seemed to follow & form an obtuse scalene triangle. Slowly the 4th light disappeared & the other red orange lights moved in to make a tighter triangle. It took more than a minute or so for the shape to form. It was at that time I spent approx 20-30 seconds searching the back seat for my camera. When I started recording we were still at the stop light & the mysterious lights remained relatively stationary for about 30 more seconds. As the light changed I kept shooting through the open roof of our Jeep. As we moved past the buildings & street lights, it stayed in focus, all the while pulsating red & orange. We drove down the street for another minute or two, filming the objects flicker in the sky, still in triangle formation. At about the same time, 2 lights disappeared, & left one red/orange light, which seemed to get brighter before I eventually lost sight of it. The entire sighting lasted less than 5 minutes but left us feeling certain we had seen something out of the ordinary. I have no clue of the origin of the lights or if they actually created a bigger object, but it seemed as so, did not look like anything I had ever seen before in the sky. It left us feeling certain we had just witnessed a UFO.

Triangle UFO filmed over Lehigh Acres, Florida 08/08/13 8:20pm

Yet again another significant triangle UFO sighting from the USA. This one was filmed on the 8th of August coming out of a storm cloud over Lehigh Acres, Florida 08/08/13 8:20pm. Not sure if it related with the recent light phenomenon in Naples Florida (previous post) on the 7th which made the news.

Ufo Or Ghostly Apparition Naples Florida 7th August 2013

A video showing strange lights hovering over a pool in Naples Florida for nearly 30 minutes. Residents say they have never seen anything like it and experts aren't sure either. Here in this video are both news footage and surveillance camera footage.
This has been the talk of the town for a few days - what do you think it is?

Giant Triangle UFO over South Dakota July 30th 2013

These incredible photos come in from South Dakota 30th July2013.We are calling on anyone in the state who witnessed these UFO lights to please respond to this post & submit a Mufon report.
Witness comments: These UFO lights appeared one at a time and stayed for about 20 minutes and hour later you could see military aircraft searching for something in the area. It was completely silent and very scary.

Second Photo:

Giant triangle UFO with Military Aircraft nearby monitoring

Numerous reports in of this giant Triangle UFO doign the rounds over multiple states in the USA this weekend. This one was filmed over California with Military Aircraft inspecting it.

Bizarre hovering UFO object over cow field in Stamford, UK

This strange footage show some hovering UFO object over Stamford in the UK. Was it a RC craft or something other wordly?
 If anyone in Stamford would like to make a comment please reply to this post if you have also seen strange lights in the area.

Pulsating UFo orb over Linköping Sweden 4th August

Bright hovering UFO object over Linköping Sweden 4th August

Filmers comments: This one suddenly showed up and did not make any sound at all