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Posters feedback on Mankato Minnesota UFO March 2011

Everyone is telling me this guy is a major Hoax - what do you think?
After much feedback the poster comments on the ufo videos from Mankato  Minnesota :

Recent Ufos over Lafayette Colorado seen by many - makes the news

So many people saw the red light sin triangle formation over Lafayette Colorado.
I have a question to the people that saw it, coudl this possibly be 3 chinese lanterns or do you think that is unlikely? - you feedback to this post appreciated.
News report


Where is Lafayette Colorado :

UFO filmed above airport in Mongolia ?

Im not sure what the ongoing connection is between Ufos and airports but something is up. Chicago O'hare in 2007, the closing of the Chinese airport in 2010 due to a Ufo and recently this week at Oslo airport and now this interesting video of what looks like a Ufo over an airport in Mongolia.
I would like to know your thoughts or theories why this may be happening - seriously, are we looking at some sort of attempt at first contact?

Helicopter over Ufo orb - Madrid Center City March 2011

Im not sure exactly what we are looking at here - is that a helicopter checking out a bright Ufo orb or 2 helicopters? Normally helicopters aren't allowed to fly so close to each other right?
Your feedback appreciated on this one: If you live in Madrid it would be an added bonus if you also spotted this and could tell us more.

Bright UFO orb in Los Angeles, CA on 3/23/11 March 23, 2011

Did anyone else see this bright Ufo orbs over Los Angeles the other day?

Green coloured UFO shuts down Oslo Norway Airport 24th March 2011

A news on the event UFO that apparently shut down the airport in Oslo (main city of Norway )for many hours. If you live in Oslo we would love to hear from you as a reply to this post if you know more about this ufo incident:

Ufo shuts down Oslo Gardermoen Airport in Norway March 24 2011

There is news that the recent closing of the Gardermoen Airport in Norway was due to a Ufo.
Here is some news reports about the incident that we have tried to translate:

Several thousand passengers were affected since the airport Gardermoen, outside Oslo, was forced to close for 90 minutes. Ett passagerarplan med 400 passagerare fick vända och landa på Arlanda sedan en okänd flygfarkost blockerat luftrummet över Gardermoen. A passenger plane with 400 passengers had to turn and land at the airport since an unknown aerial vehicle blocked the sky over Gardermoen.

Swedish pilot: The craft should not have been there:

The unknown flying object which had Gardermoen airport outside Oslo to close for 90 minutes on Thursday has not yet been explained. har talat med den svenske piloten som slog larm. have spoken with the Swedish pilot who blew the whistle.

 It was the crew of an SAS plane that made ​​the observation during the approach to Gardermoen shortly before 16 o'clock on Thursday .  Passenger plane, which was the Boeing 737, was at 2400 meters and was on his way to Oslo from Frankfurt.  It had less than 60 km away from landing when both the pilot and first officer, who is a former fighter pilot, saw a greenish object in front of and during their migration routes.

 We came from the Oslo Fjord and flew north, west of Oslo, where we could make a turn back south to land at Gardermoen. . I sit and look for another airline that would come in from the north and when I do, I get a solblänk in her eyes.s. Then I see the craft slightly to the right under us.

I see it right away and think immediately that there must be a glider or an airplane in all cases, and that he should not be there.  So I show it to your mate and he sees it at once.  While we observe the object I talk to ground control over the radio and ask if there will be an aircraft in the area, but it would not be.

How far from their plan the unknown object was do not know John Kylborn. The officer would guess two to three kilometers.. If he had held out a hand at arms length so the object would not have been covered if he held up one finger nail. 

 Then I try to describe it to Mission Control.  What I see is an aircraft with a lime-like, light green color, and I see an airfoil, it does mate well.  And I mean that I see a tail on it. . I manage to follow it in fifteen-twenty seconds or so. . During that time, as I see it, it is in a constant controlled, and tight, right turn.  I can see how the object makes almost a 360-degree turn before I lose it. When we had turned around to walk towards the airport so we could see straight into the sun and could no longer see the object

Ufo orbs over Rockingham, Western Australia 22nd March

If any other Aussies in WA spotted this sighting please respond to this post.
Posters comments:
Amazing Orb Capture in Rockingham, Western Australia By Dylan.
Orb Traveled South to North.
It was blueish colour got as bright as the moon! Not the super moon but the normal moon we usually see. The Feeling I got when viewing this particular object was amazing it was fantastic it was the best feeling in the world to have witnessed such an amazing spectacle.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ufo lights over Chile March 8 were Military exercise

Its confirmed those lights over Chile seen March the 8th were a Military exercise.Strangely the Chilean Military seems to fly over city areas for practice exercises and this keeps causing alarm and ufo concerns when these strange maneuvers are seen late at night.

Ufos over St Petersburg Russia 22 March 2011

Ufos over St Petersburg Russia 22 March 2011

posters comments:
Filmed video footage and numerous witnesses, in the evening on March 22 residents of St. Petersburg. Glow in the sky was observed in different parts of the city.
One of the witnesses was the operator of Channel 100 TV, who withdrew unidentified objects over the fortress. Similar objects were seen and filmed in Jerusalem, January 28, 2011.

UFO Near Collision With Passenger Jet Havant, Hants UK. 23/03/11 ?

I have long written about the threat that Ufos pose to modern passenger aircraft.
This poster agrees and believes that this video shows footage of a near Ufo/aircraft encounter - what are your thoughts on this footage?

Posters comments:
Do you still want to fly? just look at this near miss between an unidentified and a passenger jet...then tell me you do...(then you must be crazy)
Believe me when I say that I have studied this phenomenon for 20 odd years, (very odd years), and am of the opinion that a good many aviation disasters, (not all), are caused by these unknowns...either through collision, or from the high magnetic fields from ufos disrupting avionics systems.
But we are all so dumbed down these days, who will take me seriously on YT? well, obviously someone does because I have been interviewed in the past for an American crash investigation unit about this matter...

Lanterns - not ufos over Russian Cathedral 2011 March 23, 2011?

Everyone has been emailing me this video today. Im sorry but to me it looks like chinese lanterns over the Russian Cathedral - or am i wrong?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ufo like RC craft over Oxfordshire Feb 12 2011 ?

Just a curious look here ... Im sure this is some remote controlled man made object but not sure what?
If anyone has any ideas what it could be it would be appreciated as a reply to this post.
Filmed over Oxfordshire on Feb 12 2011 - if you live in the area we would like to hear from you as well.

Ufo lights spotted over St.Osyth Essex

3 strange bright lights seen over  St.Osyth  Essex in the UK. If you were in the region (see map below) please advise if you also saw these ufo lights recently. It may be the video is filming out to sea as the location is near the coastline.

Posters comments
Last night 19th March 2011 was the night of the Super Moon and I was at the end of my garden filming the event. It was about 11pm and freezing cold but it was so light outside and really quite beautiful, looking across the fields and listening to the night wildlife. It was a clear night and there was no wind at all. The video shows the moon filmed through trees. I had my back to the fields at this point, then when I turned to look out over the fields right in front of me was three huge red lights moving across the sky in total silence. I was filming in infa-red at the time and this was when the lights were at their brightest. I switched to normal mode and the lights began to vanish one by one in a clear, cloudless sky.

To be honest this video does'nt do justice to the intensity of the lights when I first saw them, they were huge and red in colour flying in formation coming out from the West. At the time I wanted to watch them, film them, look at them through binoculars, take pictures of them, all at once. At least I captured them on film and you get an idea of what I saw, this upload is darker than it appears on my TV. At the end of the video I filmed a plane coming over so you can see that what I filmed moments before was no aircraft. I am a paranormal researcher, ghosts, big cat sightings, ufos, etc, so this for me was just fantastic.

UFO Sighting above Lafayette near Denver Colorado 3/20/2011 - further footage

If anyone also spotted this strange triangle type ufo object in Colorado please respond to this post.
Here is yet again further footage of that red triangle i think from a different person.
Posters comments:
Three glowing red lights appear above Denver in a triangular shape. They move across the sky very slowly over a 15-20 minute span. Then one light disappears. Then a minute or two later the other two disappear quickly one immediately followed by the other.

Video 2

Monday, March 21, 2011

20 March 2011 Ufo Ovni seen over Ruiz Cortinez colony of Coyoacan

observen el video del objeto que se mueve alredor de la luna captado el 20 de marzo del 2011en la colonia ruiz cortinez, del coyoacan

NASA Administrator says Ufos could be real

NASA Administrator, Charles Bolden Believes in Alien Life. While he denied seeing evidence of UFOs as an astronaut he did say he believes there is other intelligent life out there similar to us:
Its something i guess, maybe NASA is starting to change?

Triangle UFO Lights above Lafayette, Colorado March 20, 2011

Ufo Lights above Lafayette, CO March 20, 2011

ufos (or lanterns) close to the ground Italy 1-8-2011

Ufo over arlington pentagon virginia usa 2011

A Strange object was captured over the arlington near the pentagon in virginia the other day.
The navigational lights look different to that of a normal plane. The question is was it a Ufo or something else?

Triangle Ufo over Clearwater Florida

Ufo filmed over Clearwater Florida 10:59 PM 3 19 2011

Posters comments:
We were at our friend's house on the waterway in Clearwater beach, FL facing the east taking pictures and videos of the SuperMoon around 10:58 PM when I filmed this video on my ANDROID phone using the "posterize" filter. We saw the mysterious lights in the sky as seen on video. They were much brighter than appear on the video probably because the moon was so bright just above. It happened so fast I didn't think to switch back to normal mode. When I realized it was in posterize filter mode, I switched back to normal and filmed the second video that you see.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ufos seen near Jet planes escorting a stealth bomber?

Was it a Ufo passing by 2 jets and a stealth bomber?

UFO.Turquie.(escorte aérienne) by androbate

Russian Airship looks like a Ufo craft

Its seems like its not just the american's experimenting with airships - they russian's have also had some strange ufo like designs.