Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ufo orbs over Rockingham, Western Australia 22nd March

If any other Aussies in WA spotted this sighting please respond to this post.
Posters comments:
Amazing Orb Capture in Rockingham, Western Australia By Dylan.
Orb Traveled South to North.
It was blueish colour got as bright as the moon! Not the super moon but the normal moon we usually see. The Feeling I got when viewing this particular object was amazing it was fantastic it was the best feeling in the world to have witnessed such an amazing spectacle.

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david said...

that ufo looks the same as the one ova that temple that flashed and shot straight up, everytime it flashes it gets further away !


Me and a mate saw this same night and time , we were amazed at the brilliant light happy to see someone else saw it we are 90klm north of perth it came from south to north, AMAZING TO SEE

Michael said...

These are really strange. Seems like they want to be noticed, and are at times even aware that some1 is noticing them. I'm curious as to what or whom they are trying to signal, or what message they are conveying...? I tried signalling a bright orange orb i saw hovering in the sky 1 night with a flashlight and it powered down and started to fly away. I honestly think they're trying to get noticed. BTW David the video you were referring to is a proven hoax.

miachevais said...

To Michael..
hiya, u say the temple one was a proven hoax..I would love more info please..proven by whom?

My boyfriend just saw a green light in the daytime sky. He is still freaking out as I write this 15 mins later. We're in London.
Much respect.

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