Saturday, June 29, 2013

NASA Photos shows strange UFO or satellite ?

STS100 Footage filmed on the 22nd June from the international space station 2013 reveals a very strange object. The question is what was it - simple a satellite?
Your opinions appreciated.
You can zoom in out in yourself here from NASA's site (Note you need to zoom in a bit)

Armada Of UFO's Pass Over Surrey British Columbia Canada

UFO's over Surrey British Columbia Canada:
Hector Taylor records the moment he witnessed an amazing line of blinking white ufo's flying in sync over Surrey in BC at 9:53pm On 25th June 2013, describing his sighting he state's! 
"I witnessed the lights for 5-10 minutes before I left, neither I or my friend could discern what I it was. It was not a plane or helicopter from my perspective, there was no sound, though I could not gauge the distance accurately. A thunderstorm and rainstorm started moments after it's appearance, which added to the already creepy atmosphere".

Friday, June 28, 2013

UFOs Above Durban, South Africa: 25/06/2013

New UFO video in from Durban, South Africa!

 Jan Smith records a group of UFO's travelling fast over her area in Durban South Africa, stating: Strange lights have been appearing in the sky for the past month,sometimes alone sometimes in formation.This was captured on my mobile phone.Sorry about the shaky camera and the sudden end,excitement got the better of me and I had to move out the road.

Rotating Blue & White UFO!

UFO above a house - rotating blue and white beacon!

UFO Ovnis Witnessed In Argentina Mountains: 24/06/2013

UFO lights over mountains in Argentina!

OVNI en MontaƱas argentina 24/062013

Thursday, June 27, 2013

UFO Visits Aktobe, Kazakhstan: 25/06/2013

UFO in the skies of Kazakhstan. Date video was filmed: 26/06/2013. Viewer Description: "I can honestly say that I never thought I'd be one of "those" guys who has reported seeing a UFO"

Strange Objects Seen Above Moon Surface?

UFO objects seen near the moon?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Flying Fast Over Mexico City: June 2013

A strange fast, flying object buzzes about Mexico City, on June 2013:

Chinese Lanterns Or UFO Ovni Lights? Chiapas, Mexico: 17/06/2013

Strange series of lights over Chiapas in Mexico: 17/06/2013

Sighting In Grass Valley, California: 21/06/2013

UFO caught on video over Grass Valley, California :

Source: Mufon:
Filmers comments: My wife and I and a friend were standing outside of our recording studio after a jam session and we noticed a bright star below the big dipper. We looked at it a about 30-seconds and then it just vanished into thin air. About five minutes later, a star-like glowing object traveling South-East went right above our heads and then made an abrupt right turn, changing direction now going South. The object then passed between two stars and when it did, the object and the two stars disappeared. Right before it disappeared, it ejected something out the back. I was filming at this point and caught the object on video (clip provided). Not more than three minutes later, we observed the same type of object in the sky West of us and it traveled North for about five seconds and then disappeared into thin air. This one I did not get on film. My friend that was with us is a scientist and an astronomer and he said that is was not a satellite or the I.S.S., but indeed was something unexplainable

Bizarre Anomaly Near Sun - Caught On SOHO

Something real strange caught by NASA's solar observatory:

Posters comments:
An incredible object caught by Soho, which clearly shows a saucer-shaped object materilize next to the Sun. The object is very well defined and clearly has ridges or grooves around its exterior. It also has a notch in its hull; this reminds me of the Tether UFOs recorded by STS 75. This is not dust, the right side of the object seems to be reflecting the sun rays also, dust is not reflective or as defined as this.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Crop Circles Discovered On Google Earth 1945 Layers!

Crop Circles are not just a modern day phenomenon :
Crop circles have appeared in UK literature, "the mowing devil" is once such piece of evidence dating all the way back to 1678
"The inquisitive farmer no sooner arrived at the place where his oats grew, but to his admiration he found the crop was cut down ready to his hands, and as if the Devil had a mind to shew his dexterity in the art of husbandry, and scorned to mow them after the usual manner, he cut them in round circles, and placed every straw with that exactness that it would have taken up above an age for any man to perform what he did in that one night."

UFOs Over Bristol, Connecticut: 22/06/2013

Unexplained multiple lights in the sky over Bristol, Connecticut:

Crop Circle In Yatesbury, Wiltshire UK: 21/06/2013

Crop circle Yatesbury, nr Calne, Wiltshire, UK.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Huge UFO Orbs!

Interesting new UFO video. We would like your opinion on this footage...what are these Orbs? Further details and location of this sighting needed. If anyone can provide it, please do!

2 Bright UFO's Caught On Tape!

Interesting new UFO video! We would like your opinion on this footage...
Further details and location of this sighting needed, so if anyone can provide it, please do!