Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sighting In Grass Valley, California: 21/06/2013

UFO caught on video over Grass Valley, California :

Source: Mufon:
Filmers comments: My wife and I and a friend were standing outside of our recording studio after a jam session and we noticed a bright star below the big dipper. We looked at it a about 30-seconds and then it just vanished into thin air. About five minutes later, a star-like glowing object traveling South-East went right above our heads and then made an abrupt right turn, changing direction now going South. The object then passed between two stars and when it did, the object and the two stars disappeared. Right before it disappeared, it ejected something out the back. I was filming at this point and caught the object on video (clip provided). Not more than three minutes later, we observed the same type of object in the sky West of us and it traveled North for about five seconds and then disappeared into thin air. This one I did not get on film. My friend that was with us is a scientist and an astronomer and he said that is was not a satellite or the I.S.S., but indeed was something unexplainable
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