Saturday, May 14, 2011

Triangle Ufo spotted over Sydney 13.5.2011. 5.15 am

Have been corrected and told that these are planets aligning somehow?

Sydney Australia May 13 at this spectacular ufo was spotted.
Would like to hear from anyone else in Sydney who also spotted this very interesting sighting.

Recommend viewing in full screen:

UFO Sighting over Lake Michigan

If you look at this in fullscreen you will see 2 bright red lights hovering above one of the Great Lakes.

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Lights above Fort Worth TEXAS - Ufos spotted

A series of substations and Transformers blew after an electrical storm in Fort Worth TEXAS apparently causing this light show.
Strangely you can see some bright ufo type lights in the sky while this happened.
Would like to know if anyone living in the area actually spotted this what there feedback is on this interesting event:

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Portland oregon - Did you see the triangle Ufo ? May 2011

Many Ufo reports recently in from the state of oregon and Ohio recently.
A concerned RealUfos reader wanted to know if anyone in portland oregon recently spotted a triangle Ufo over the area. If you know more please reply to this post:

Triangle formation of individual craft in the lower Eastern sky. Two more to the left of those three. Never seen any lights in the sky here that I couldn't tell immediately what they were. Sighting began at 9:20pm, and the objects didn't appear to move other than side to side and up and down. The three in the triangle started out as the same brightness, but the center, and right light dimmed, while the left light became the immensely bright. Any other reports of lights in Portland tonight?

Pilot Chased UFO, Saw It Crash, Visited Crash Site

Retired Colonel Robert B. Willingham admitted chasing a UFO across West Texas in his fighter jet, seeing it crash-land near Del Rio, Texas, and then visiting the crash site later that same day in 1955. The former pilot is convinced that the crashed object was extraterrestrial.

Ufos ? 2 objects slow down upon nearing atmosphere

An old but still interesting video from the NASA tapes.
How did these 2 object slow down so quickly?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monday, May 09, 2011

Ufo over Lovstaken Bergen Norway ?

A reader sent in this video they recorded over over Lovstaken Bergen Norway 8th May 2011

Posters comments:
Was out for a breeze cuz its very warm, i like to photograph the stars and nightphotos, but this light appeared and i know the flightpaths and this thing looked at first glance to be a helicopter, but no sound. And then it stopped a while before it faded away. Ive seen these lights often. But this is the first time ive been able to catch it on camera. Its not a weatherballoon at least because it moved in different paths with very controlled moves and the wind is strong up there. 08.05.2011 01.50

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Comet Elenin concerns - Ufo NASA and 2012

I have been hearing alot about Comet Elenin especially with the news that NASA pulled a video about it on one of their forums. Recently the below video popped up showing something strange near the comet, it may just be a camera glitch but once again it adds to the mystery surrounding this  comet.

NASA posted a video on their website Buzzroom, bringing attention to a recently discovered comet in our solar system. The comet was discovered by Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin in December last year. Comet Elenin, as it is called, is of particular interest to NASA because of the close proximity to Earth that its orbit will reach during its turn around the sun on its way back out through the solar system later this year.

Most orbits of planets are not circles; they are ellipses. The elongated ends of elliptical orbits are called aphelions and perihelions; the aphelion being the end farthest away from the stationary object being orbited, and perihelion being the end closest to the stationary object. In Elenin's case, its trip around our sun represents the comet's perihelion.

So little is known about this comet because of its relatively recent-discovery status, therefore, information regarding its size, mass, and orbit still vary widely or are missing altogether due to a lack of observational data. Still, astrophysicists have been plugging away at Elenin ever sine it was discovered last year. Article extract source.

NASA’s put a video up in their Buzzroom about Elenin, but it is not there anymore (however here it is below).

In the beginning of the video, Earth is moving at approximately 30.3km/s. It's eccentricity is 0.019, inclination 0.0019, it's periapsis is 334, ascending node 128, and anomaly at epoch is 12.1. It's orbit is obviously 1.00 years.

Approximately 2 hours after the passing, it's orbital properties change immensely. The eccentricity is then 0.75, the inclination is 107, the argument is 96.4, the longitude of the ascending node is 165, and the mean anomaly at epoch is -5.17. Indeed, the eccentricity is increased to a point where it is only in the habitable range of the star for half of its orbit. Additionally, the orbital period of the planet nearly doubles.

As for the clockwise rotation of the simulation, the body is approaching from almost directly above us, its inclination is about



Large ufo over stirling city ?

Stirling city is an apparent Ufo hotspot. New footage in from the area:
Posters comments:
Filmed this hovering over Stirling city it was there for a wile before I grabbed my camcorder and started filming It just seemed to be sitting there before going down below the trees then moved to the left cool.