Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Portland oregon - Did you see the triangle Ufo ? May 2011

Many Ufo reports recently in from the state of oregon and Ohio recently.
A concerned RealUfos reader wanted to know if anyone in portland oregon recently spotted a triangle Ufo over the area. If you know more please reply to this post:

Triangle formation of individual craft in the lower Eastern sky. Two more to the left of those three. Never seen any lights in the sky here that I couldn't tell immediately what they were. Sighting began at 9:20pm, and the objects didn't appear to move other than side to side and up and down. The three in the triangle started out as the same brightness, but the center, and right light dimmed, while the left light became the immensely bright. Any other reports of lights in Portland tonight?
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Anonymous said...

In Portland, Oregon I did.

Josh said...

Last week i seen a single light blue orb in southeastern ohio. no noise, was still then started moving.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. In Yateley, England.

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