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Incredible UFO! Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire Scotland: 2012

This is the strange sighting, which the Ritchie family claim is proof of a UFO. Morag Ritchie, 50, from Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire, was stunned when she woke suddenly in the middle of the night to be greeted by flashing lights in the sky above her home. Morag ran through the house to wake her family up before her daughter's fiancee, Scott Bower, caught the images on video:
If you also witnessed this sighting or live nearby or in  Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire and witnessed this also, we would love to hear from you asap as a reply to this post!
A STUNNED Scottish family believe they saw a UFO hovering in the sky above their home last Saturday. Morag Ritchie, 50, woke up to see strange lights floating in the air over fields behind her cottage in Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire. Glowing orbs were flickering in the distance on an unidentified object in the early hours of Saturday morning. The grandmother-of-two was so shocked she woke up her family at 2am to show them. And her daughter Cara's fiance Scott Bower, 24, even managed to film the strange sighting.'
 Morag said: "I woke up in the early hours of Saturday morning and just seemed to be drawn to look out of the window. "Our house is quite rural so I don't close my bedroom curtains. I like to have them open. "I saw these lights and thought they looked very strange. "I went through and got my daughter's fiance and he came to have a look. He was shocked. He went outside to film it. There was no noise - just silence. "There was a sequence of lights flickering and occasionally a light shot out from it. "I eventually went back to bed and woke up a few hours later and it was still there in the same spot. "I've never seen anything like it before."
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Triangle UFO Fly By: Fresno, California.

Yet another triangle UFO captured in film over Fresno, California.
RealUfos would love to hear from others in the Fresno area as it simply can't just be one person filming these UFOs - if anyone else in Fresno can come forward as a reply to this post it would be very helpful.

Filmers comments
9:45pm object flying south east from north. camera sony trv-103 about 20 times zoom. clear calm night. craft was very high and silent NO FAA LIGHTS colors were a bright yellows and a dull red or something. 1 witness besides me i know of

V-shaped UFO Above Oslo, Norway: 19/10/2012

A V-shaped Unidentified Flying Object in Oslo, Norway, Europe - October 19th, 2012

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gary Mckinnon Talks! 'Non-Terrestrial Government Agents'

The hacker who was meant to have pulled the "biggest military computer hack of all time" revealed in an interview, that he found evidence of "about twenty to thirty non-terrestrial officers” and McKinnon “saw their ranks, and ship to ship transfers off world.”
I would like your thoughts on the below interview... was this UFO story concocted to deter his extradition, or is it really the content of his hack that has caused so much commotion?
Highly interesting fast forward and listen at 2.00 min into this video: News story:
UK Hacker Gary McKinnon Tells About Non-Terrestrial Government Agents:
(Linda Moulton Howe interviewing him?)

'Boom' Heard As The Ground Shakes- New England

People living in the New England area are reporting hearing loud booms, right before a 4.0 earthquake hits the area. Similar events has happened in New Jersey on October 5 2012. The link for that event is posted below.
If you heard these strange sounds in New England, please reply to this post - we would like to hear from you and your comments!

Update from reader:
When watching this in video fullscreen , has anybody else written to you to draw attention to the misty blue light that passes behind the service station in waves (against the darkness) when the reporter was interviewing the youths, toward the end of the clip. It might just be reflection on the lens, but it kind of looks like faint sheet lightening. (It might be the reflection of distant headlights on a road out of shot; illuminating the backdrop). It's ephemeral - but intriguing. It's like faint blue vapor drifting from right to left.

Boom! 3D Radar Confirms -Meteor Or UFO Strikes Louisiana.

Emails coming in about a loud explosion / 'boom' heard by residents in NW Louisiana the other day. If you also heard this loud noise, please reply to the post. What makes this event different from other 'boom' events, is that the object was apparently caught on 3-D radar, BEFORE impact.
News of this story has reached the media:

  At approximately 11:28 PM Central on Monday, October 15, 2012, the Shreveport, Louisiana, National Weather Service captured “a mystery object flying” on radar allegedly moving from Bossier City suburb (green circle lower left) northeast across I-20 near Haughton to Dixie Inn (red circle upper right) near Minden as reported by residents - or Webster more north as reported by KTBS-TV. There was also a loud, house-shaking boom. After the weather radar of the mysterious moving aerial object had been broadcast several times on local KTBS-TV news, by the morning of Tuesday, October 16, the explanation offered to the public was “a large bunker explosion near the border of the Camp Minden Army Ammunition Plant” 30 miles northeast of Shreveport. Full story at EarthFiles

UFO In Porter Ranch, California 15/10/2012.

Yet another eerie UFO report / video from a ranch early in the morning (these sighting always happen in the early hours!)

Witness report: I woke up in the middle of the night and seen a bright light flashing onto the walls of my house i happened to look outside and seen the trees were going crazy as it was extremely windy. And this oval shaped thing flashing bright lights it stayed in one spot for almost 2 hours. I never believed in UFOs till I seen this its 4:04 am on Oct 15,2012.

Crikey! Strange Rectangle Formation Over Australia?

Do birds make tight rectangular formations?
Your thoughts on this reader submitted video, thanks!

Bizarre Ball Of Light Over Aalborg Øst, Denmark: 2011

An intriguing UFO sighting sent in by a reader, from 2011:
If anyone in the area from Aalborg Øst in Denmark also spotted this object, please respond to this post.
It looks like a star but it wasn't, the time was around 14:00 and there was sunshine and summer, there were no stars and there was sunshine and the Light Ball object was moving very slowly in one direction for a few minutes, after which it stopped and hung same place for about 15 minutes and then began to fly again just in the other direction, and there was no sound. I saw it with my son, his friend and my neighbourghs and we had a binoculars we shared to look in, and the Light Ball object was like an orange fire ball which changed shape. The many other lights that pops up in the video, we could not see with our own eyes, but only when the movie was downloaded to the computer (I've made ​​the slow motion effect so you can better see them as they whiz past) My son's friend was the first noted that over the bright object hung lots of little lights (Flotilla) and after a short they formed themselves into a zigzak shape as this: VVVVV but they can not be seen on the recording as I filmed it, they were too high up to that my camera could zoom in on them.
It all lasted about 45 minutes, after which the object disappears behind a big cloud.

And here is another movie clip that I filmed right after: 

I also have all the original recording without special effects like: music, slow motion and color change. I would also say that since that I have seen several other types of UFOs in this area, and the strangest one was a black shape-shifting object who made no sound and which I saw only a few days after I filmed these light balls (September the 9th, 2011). I also know others who have seen UFOs in this area.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gary McKinnon Victory - Extradition Blocked!

This is simply amazing news in the McKinnon case. It seems that Secretary Theresa May was under enormous pressure for her decision not to allow the extradition. Lets hope she doesn't fold on this again!
Gary McKinnon's mother Janis Sharp praises Home Secretary Theresa May for her "incredibly brave decision" in blocking the extradition of her son to the US on human rights grounds. Mr McKinnon is accused by US prosecutors of "the biggest military computer hack of all time", but he claims he was simply looking for evidence of UFOs. Theresa May told MPs there was evidence that the 46-year-old, who suffers from Asperger syndrome, would try to kill himself if forced to stand trial in the US and therefore extraditing him breached his human rights.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

UFO 'Photo-bombs' Live News Report? 15/10/2012

UFO streaks through the sky, in the background of a live TV news report : I wonder if anyone else in the USA watching this,  thought the same thing?

Mufon report:
This is going to sound crazy I know, but please follow up on this. Even if there is an explanation, you are going to be impressed with this. I was watching the Hannity show on Fox (a replay at 9:15 PST from an earlier EST broadcast from 8 or 9pm) and while Hannity was interviewing Ann Coulter, there was a live background behind her in a major city (I did not catch the city and could not rewind to the beginning of the segment). There were several clear instances of regular aircraft passing behind skyscrapers behind Miss Coulter, they were clearly helicopters, but at 18 mins and 30 secs into the hour long program, something flies behind the skyscrapers many times the speed of the conventional aircraft and making several abrupt elevation movements. Please, please, please take a look into this. It may well have an earthly explanation, but I am sincerely telling you that it is worthy of investigation. If it is not a UFO then you will be impressed with it as a textbook optical illusion. Video attached is off of my TV for reference. I apologize for the poor quality.

NASA Hacker Gary McKinnon - Final Verdict On It's Way

We have been following the Gary McKinnon for over 7 years, since this blog started. Many people say Gary has long used the UFO subject, as an excuse for getting caught hacking. If you have been following this blog you would know it was actually confirmed in the US government prosecution report that he DID hack NASA's Johnson Space Center, where the long reported Building 8 exists(ed) - NASA's editing room of raw footage where previous staff noted it airbrushed out images of Ufos from official footage (video).
Gary reports he was actually caught retrieving images from this room, when his remote dial-up connection got cancelled as he was slowly downloading frame by frame an image of an unfiltered UFO. Imagine how damning it would be if any evidence of this secret room got out to the public. It seems the US government is doing everything in its power to ensure Gary Mckinnon is punished severely, and made an example of for this security breach.
He claims he was just looking for UFO's, but could now face 60 years in a U.S. prison. For almost a decade Washington has been demanding the extradition of the autistic UK hacker Gary McKinnon under a treaty designed to get hold of terrorists. A final decision's expected on Tuesday, but as Laura Smith reports, London could still step in.

Flashing Triangle UFO Lights Up Tulsa, Oklahoma: 09/10/2012

Flashing Triangle UFO - Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA - October 9th, 2012
Note: this is not the first time a UFO and strange lights have been seen over Tulsa, Oklahoma:

The UFO & The Soccer Match? Sighting During Ecuador vs Chile?

A strange hovering object was seen over a soccer match - Ecuador vs Chile
Was this simply a camera trick, something thrown in the sky or something else?

Live TV UFO Sightings On The Increase?

Below is a compilation of recent UFO appearances on the news. The intent of it is to show that these orbs of light, these "orb triangles", are NOT simply all balloons, flares, Chinese lanterns, or any kind of man-made aircraft.

UFO Craft Above Florida Keys? October 2012

A reader sent me this video link. He noted this UFO was in the region of a FDR Carrier which may coincidentally carry nuclear weapons.

Note by reader who sent this video in:
FDR Carrier and UFOs where I had sent you an email after reading explaining my research on the FDR and it's unusually high volume of UFO visitors especially the fact it was the only US warship at the time to carry nuclear warheads. 

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