Tuesday, October 16, 2012

UFO 'Photo-bombs' Live News Report? 15/10/2012

UFO streaks through the sky, in the background of a live TV news report : I wonder if anyone else in the USA watching this,  thought the same thing?

Mufon report:
This is going to sound crazy I know, but please follow up on this. Even if there is an explanation, you are going to be impressed with this. I was watching the Hannity show on Fox (a replay at 9:15 PST from an earlier EST broadcast from 8 or 9pm) and while Hannity was interviewing Ann Coulter, there was a live background behind her in a major city (I did not catch the city and could not rewind to the beginning of the segment). There were several clear instances of regular aircraft passing behind skyscrapers behind Miss Coulter, they were clearly helicopters, but at 18 mins and 30 secs into the hour long program, something flies behind the skyscrapers many times the speed of the conventional aircraft and making several abrupt elevation movements. Please, please, please take a look into this. It may well have an earthly explanation, but I am sincerely telling you that it is worthy of investigation. If it is not a UFO then you will be impressed with it as a textbook optical illusion. Video attached is off of my TV for reference. I apologize for the poor quality.
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Anonymous said...

It's probably real, although it could be "video trash" (as we used to call it when I was a broadcast engineer in the '70s). In a big market like DC, however, their filters should have caught that.

If it's real, however, perhaps it's trying to reconnoiter with Coulter, who I've long suspected to be an alien spy.


Anonymous said...

Well for starters great catch. Secondly why are you watching that corrupt sold out bias government ass licking brainwashing station. Turn off you're idiot box mate that's were id start...

1hybridhuman said...

I agree. Stop watching FOX!!!!They are FULL of HATE and NEGATIVITY and LIES.I wonder why people would consider this footage fake when its on LIVE TV!!?? They see with their own eyes yet they dispute what they see.I have lots of Videos of UFO'S on my youtube Channel too.1hybridhuman.I shot ALL footage myself.I have footage of the fake Moon.Video Proof.Your video is a Very good catch.Also did you notice that the Craft was moving slow behind Ann as if it KNEW it was being filmed.Then it flies by again but this time it is faster and closer to the screen like it made a wide circle.Very good catch my friend.

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