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Bob Dean - his latest lecture ' cosmic clearance '

Robert O dean Who is now 80 (aka Bob Dean ) is a retired Command Sergeant Major in the US Army who as you may know is a well known in the Ufo community. He lectures in ufology around the world and has been described as 'an elder statesman of the UFO community'.Although many people think he is contraversial , particularly since appearing in the Alien Interview (read more) he does have some interesting things to say in his latest (& possibly last) lecture:
Pt 1

Pt 2

pt 3

remaining pts

Ufo captured on video near the The Windmill in Lincolnshire

Is this the windmill ufo guys?
A few weeks before the Ufo hit the windmill at Lincolnshire this (octopus ring like) ufo was captured on film by a man driving by. According to Eyewitness he was driving on Billings Gate road in South Somercotes at 4.30pm on December 9 and stopped his car to take some pictures of a dramatic sunset on his mobile phone when he saw this:


Slowed footage of same craft .. is it a Ufo guys?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Obama is ready to listen about UFOS but you must Vote Now..

Remember we need each and everyone of you to 'vote up' the ufo topic asap on Obama's new website. There are 2 links to vote on for ufo disclosure LINK 1 and LINK 2 . Its a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring the Ufo topic to the presidents and nations attention. Sadly if we miss doing this its likely none of us may ever see Ufo disclosure in our lifetime!
The video explains this further:

Ufo footage from argentina on 11th January 2009

Very new ufo video guys 0 filmed over argentina on 11th January 2009 .. any comments on this one guys:

Whistleblowers say Evidence of NASA fraud jeopardizes Hacker case

Guys this is big news:

Numerous government whitleblowers, including former Nasa staff are coming forward to support the claims by Gary McKinnon that NASA altered or destroyed its photos containing images of UFOs:

Evidence that U.S. space agency NASA has defrauded U.S. taxpayers for billions of dollars could scrap NASA’s case against UK hacker Gary McKinnon. Credible witnesses have claimed that NASA has altered or destroyed its photos containing images of UFOs. This could become a legal and public relations nig
htmare for NASA.

The space agency is attempting to prosecute McKinnon for hacking into NASA computer files. McKinnon has stated that he saw UFO-related files in NASA’s computers. But NASA has denied any “cover-up”.

NASA’s claim of innocence faces a serious challenge. Some of the whistleblowers are former NASA employees and contractors with inside knowledge of NASA’s operation. If NASA’s destruction of public property is confirmed, the alleged cost of McKinnon’s hacking would be insignificant compared to NASA’s annual funding of more than $17 billion. Even worse, NASA’s year 2000 mission statement boasted that it is “ethical and honest” in all that they do.

Triangle Ufo Jan 2009

Not sure if i posted this one , a triangular shaped ufo from early Jan 1st 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ufos are here - its Time for !

The Time for Change is now guys.. a few more reasons why you need to vote today on Obama's change website to bring ufos to the new adminisations attention:

The Bright Ring Ufo 18th July 2008

What was it guys .. back in July 2008 a guy went outside one night and looked up .. he filmed a large bright ring shape ufo. As you may know i have posted many times about ring shapped ufos. Many people say they are formed by circular smoke generators - but how would this explain this big bright one then?


Just an update on the News from the Obama Administration on this post:

For those who have voted below - a big thank-you (if you haven't please try before it ends). The overwhelming amount of votes on Ufo topic has been brought to the attention of the new administration. Here is President Obama's response to the public outcry for Ufo disclosure and his outline for what he's goign to do (read this link).

This is an urgent call to action to all of those who read this blog.
We need your support to help bring the Ufo topic and the need for disclosure to the attention of the new Obama Administration in the US.
There is real potential that if the vote goes well and the Ufo topic is pushed to the top of the list of items it will draw big attention to the topic and serious consideration among the current administration on the need for Ufo disclosure.

What you need to do:

You need to sign up to ...
it takes only a few seconds then click vote to top for the Ufo topic
There are 2 links to vote on for ufo disclosure so please click on either of these

UFO Disclosure
The citizens of this country have been kept in the dark for too long on the subject of U.F.O's. Members of congress, military personell/soldiers have been reporting UFO sightings since the 1940's. The people of this country need to know the truth and I believe that you are the president that can make this truth known.
Thank You

Video - What is :

UFOS over British Columbia Sky - interesting

Very clear and interesting footage of a triangle shaped craft filmed over some trees captured in night-vision over British Columbia - like your comments on this great video guys..

Ufo and Windfarms - whats the connection?

With the investigation now in progress into the recent incident in which a ufo crashed into a wind turbine in the Uk many people are asking why did this happen? This video explains a possible history between ufo encounters and windmills:

Phoenix Ufo 2008 - flare or ufos guys?

A Ufo recorded over phoenix in 2008 - flares or a ufo guys? Any comments ..

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ufos or what ? - Official Nasa Footage

As usual more strange objects seen on official NASA footage- are they ufos or just debris guy? comments appreciated

NASA Mars Rovers Exploration Spirits Mission

Nice video showing the current Spirit Mars Rover - You can read more on the interesting Spirits NASAM ars Spirits Mission here

Austin a Ufo hospot - great videos from 2008

Austin seems like a massive Ufo hotspot. If any of you live there and have seen ufos during the end of last year or even recently please respond to this post.
according to this article:
The Austin Planetarium is now investigating some strange sights in the sky - caught on tape. An astronomy expert is calling them unidentified flying objects - UFOs.
Some men who live in a Central Austin apartment building say they've seen bizarre things in the sky for months, but lately it's been more frequent. The men recorded their sightings on home video. Experts from the Austin Planetarium visited the apartment building area Friday night to see if they could also spot the objects.
source + videos

Click here for Amazing Fox news videos of UFO over austin Nov 2008

Some random Austin Ufo reports:

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Incase you missed it - Larry King - Stephenvile Texas 2008 Ufo recap

I have posted this one before a while back - If you missed it Larry King discusses the biggest Ufo sighting of 2008 in detail - Stephenville Texas Ufo mystery:

pt 2

pt 3

More Triangle Ufos in 2009?

Brian from briansprediction is having triangle dreams again ..could this mean we are about to see more triangle ufos shortly around the world in 2009? .. who knows but he has talked about this quite a few times recently on his site recently.

The Las Vegas UFO Crash 1962

On April 18, 1962 a Very strange UFO was seen in the sky by thousands of people as it traveled above many different States in North America.Very few of the crash/retrieval stories take place on a military reservation. The vast Nellis complex is the one location where it seems a flying saucer crashed right into government and air force hands - The UFO originated from somewhere in the sky near Cuba varied in speed during it's flight path and was tracked by multiple Radar Stations. Air Defense Command supposedly watched the object for several hours and did scramble Jet Fighters from two locations to intercept the UFO. The object was reportedly seen high up in the sky over Oneida, New York and further sighting reports from different states confirmed the object was traveling to the west. read more article source

Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruption Close ?..

Not a ufo related piece of news but public service announcement ... if you live in a 600 miles radius of Yellowstone national park in the USA i would seriously have a back up plan should yellowstone erupt as per the recent concerns aired on Fox and other networks...

History chanel - yellowstone erupts

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Expect Catastrophic Sun storms by 2012 - says NASA

2This recent report carried out for NASA by the US National Academy of Science seems to fit in with the ever increasing doomsday predictions for 2012. A catastrophic sun storm is predicted during the year of 2012 by the report which will effect the lives of everyone on earth if correct:

Governments would be powerless to curb the loss of crucial infrastructure including power grids, potable water and sewage disposal, the report said, potentially crippling our way of life for months.While a severe storm is a low-frequency-of-occurrence event, it has the potential for long-duration catastrophic impacts to the power grid and its users. The danger lies in the sun emitting solar flares so intense that they produce magnetic pulses with the force to destroy power grids by melting transformers.

"Emergency services would be strained, and command and control might be lost."
The sun operates on an 11-year cycle, with the next "active" phase due in 2012 likely to present the nearest danger

The increase in solar activities seem strikingly similar to the many doomsday predictions for 2012 including those from the book of revlations in the bible where flames and fire destroy and engolf every corner of the earth ... freaky isn't it .. any comment son this guys

Fox News on the Ufos spotted over New Jersey January 5, 2009

Fox catches up and does a report on the Ufos spotted over New Jersey

German Nazi Ufo machines

As you may know guys during world war 2 the germans worked hard on perfecting a real flying ufo. Apparently the designs did fly but required too much energy to be viable.
This below clip shows all the different models of German flying saucer type craft, the 4 haunibu models, the Vril craft and more with some good closeup shots and plan documentation:

Ancient Aliens in Egyption Art

Aliens have long been associated with Egyptian culture and the pyramids - these pieces of artwork explain this connection further:

Aliens and Ufos in Human History

Posted about this a few times before - hisotory proves ufos have been with us for ages

Talking Web bot predictions and 2012

After getting i posted the web bot predictions for 2009 I have got alot of interest and comments from people on the topic. This guy talks about even further predictions from the web bots going to 2012: