Sunday, January 11, 2009

Talking Web bot predictions and 2012

After getting i posted the web bot predictions for 2009 I have got alot of interest and comments from people on the topic. This guy talks about even further predictions from the web bots going to 2012:
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Anonymous said...

excellent post thank you. also scary stuff, in a way.

Anonymous said...

Just look at the 2008 predictions

predicted early elections or talk of early elections:

---did NOT happen.

Catastrophic collapse of the dollar:

---Nope, the dollar got hit hard but not "catastrophic"

Late March we see a female leader/figure emerge who will begin to
fill a role as ‘social unifier’ for the financial rebellion/revolution
meme. Most likely, she will be from south/central American
highlands and her visibility and prestige will grow in national media
over the summer

---What the hell was it talking about?

January “secrets Revealed” something comes out
that is ‘unauditable’ and we see some of the
presidential wannbe’s pull out of the race over
disclosures of their links to what in model space
is the finance/powers-that-be.

---Nope, another miss.

Like to see a widespread tax rebellion – people
putting in phony claims for refunds, delaying
filing, and so forth as we see dollar crashing,
market declining and so forth with lack of
government fix.

---nope again

Also in this period we see calls for an early
election as the government response to the
natural disaster earlier in the year will be judged
a failure and the economy will be in full-scale
slide now.

---LOL, big miss

Mood of the population improves: People
have a renewed sense of optimism that the
corporate/elite can and will be replaced in the
elections and the ‘us against them’ grows

---Anyone feel this way?

• Global emotional release event begins –
largely economic.

---Did I miss something because my economic situations is still crapy?

And it goes on and on, how can anyone believe the thing when it is almost always wrong. Just do a google search for "web bot 2008 predictions", you will see that most of the predictions never happened (the ones they are no longer talking about, wonder why) and the ones that were somewhat close were very vague and you could have guessed the same thing. use your heads people, nothing can see into the future.

Dont get me wrong I enjoy this kind of stuff but I also think you should think twice about buying into any of it.

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