Saturday, September 15, 2012

UFO Orb Levitates Over Lake Ontario, Wellington Beach: 02/09/2012

Filmers comments:
On 02/09/2012 at 10:00 am on Wellington Beach Lake Ontario I captured what I would call a UFO. I called this Dark ORB like object a UFO because I have no Idea what else this thing could have been. It stayed in the same general place moving from East to West for a good 10 minutes before disappearing. I apologise for the shakiness of the first video. Since I was at the beach with out my Tripod and only had my Canon Camera and had no idea I was going to see something like this I had to film it in hand. The First video was shot at 40X zoom to get a good view The second video was filmed using a picnic table for Stability in this video I used 10X - 40X Zoom. Tell me what you think and Thanks for Watching :) Don't forget to Subscribe to my Channel for more UFOs and other Strange things that I have captured over the past Year. These are a couple of Links to the other Strange Dark ORBS I've seen over the past couple of months.

Friday, September 14, 2012

UFO Reports In Overdrive! Missile Contrail Seen In Southwest USA!

People across Southwest USA got an early morning show in the sky, courtesy of missiles fired from New Mexico that left a brilliant white contrail on Thursday.
The twisting cloud-like formation was visible as far away as Phoenix and Las Vegas.
RealUfos would like to hear from you if you also witnessed the missile contrails.
Here are a few news reports covering the story:

News Report 2:

UFO Lights Reported - Confirmed Missile Test In New Mexico

Yes it's confirmed! Those Contrail Lights filmed by many people, were from a missile test in New Mexico. Numerous videos are appearing online (like this one below) so it's obvious that many people filmed the lights and reported them.

Strange Lights Over Phoenix, Arizona September 13, 2012 - missile test?

Reports coming in from Phoenix Arizona about the missile light ufo contrail seen by so many:
Strange Lights Over Phoenix, Arizona  September 13, 2012 - missile test?
Posters comments:
I took this video this morning as I was leaving my home. This is the strangest "light" I've ever seen in the sky. Supposedly it is a test missile out of New Mexico, but I'm not sure. This was actually quite scary to see!

White Sands missile launch? - lights from New Mexico

Odd & Bright! Long Lights Above Moscow: 14/09/2012

These bright and long lights were recently seen over the skies of Moscow, Russia on September 14th, 2012.
Does anyone have ideas as to what these lights were?  If you're a resident of or were traveling in Moscow, we would like to know if you saw these lights...

These lights were strangely similar to this footage filmed a few months ago:

Object filmed the day 03.02.2012, between 19:30 and 20 pm. was suspended in the air 40 minutes without moving, until he suddenly disappeared without any face, if form was similar to a cigarette, very bright, (light only) and completely silent. (at one point began to lengthen and disappeared) then just fails to grasp that film with a camera (PANASONIC LUMIX 14MEGAPIXELS 8X) which leaves no zoom in or out while recording zoon !

Red Orb Above Theme Park! Milan. Italy: 11/09/2012

This red Orb could be possibly anything. Your thoughts?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bright UFO Above Sävedalen, Sweden: 31/3/2012

Sent in by a reader, this is an interesting video of a UFO filmed hovering over Sävedalen Sweden, a few months ago:

This UFO appeared when we where on a walk as usual, at first it looked like a big spiral shaped orange cloud, it then started to get larger and become more like a orb until it got closer and started to alter is own shape.

No they are not airplanes.. They don´t show up on radar and they are not airplanes, they violate every possible law for a civilian aircraft, open up your eyes do not be fooled no more.

UFO Concealed In The Infrared Light Spectrum Over Sydney?

A strange hovering object caught on an infrared light spectrum :

Venus, The Moon & Star Cluster Alignment: 12/9/2012

On Wednesday morning, the moon and Venus, the two brightest objects of the nighttime sky, were separated by about 4 degrees forming an alignment.
Numerous readers have sent in photos dramatic event and for the sake of false alarms I want to remind everyone that these lights were not UFOs. Venus is commonly mistaken for a UFO due to its brightness in the night sky, so combined with the the timing of this rare event it could easily cause alarm. If you have photos of the alignment you are welcome to send them in.

UFO Lights Or Lanterns? California: September 2012

Please view this video in full screen. If anyone in California saw these lights please advise if you think they were simply lanterns?

UFO Ovni Triangle Over Costa Rica: 13/08/2012

Strange series of lights seen over Costa Rica :

UFO Lights Above Brooklyn, New York: September 2012

Calling all from Brooklyn New York did anyone else see these interesting lights this week:
If so please reply to this post.

Posters comments:
Recording the ISS Live Stream as this picture appeared.
Only for a few seconds - looking to the backside of the ISS -in broad day light - then NASA switched very fast to earth view and did not return to this view. It looks like a very big Object - far away behind ISS and you can see 4 holes looking like engines. I do not know what it is ... Maybe anyone has an Idea ... but it is no reflection from the ISS because the cam is outside ...also the ISS has not such a lot of lights in one row !

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

UFO Orbs Overhead? Los Angeles: 8/09/2012

Saturday the 8th of September, these bright lights were seen over Los Angeles.
Any ideas on what they were? Did anyone in LA see similar orbs recently?

Bright Light Filmed Over Harrisburg, Illinois: 9/09/2012

Did anyone else in Illinois see this strange glowing light in the sky the other day?

Posters comments:
Harrisburg, Illinois - 09-09-12 - We had been hiking about one hour, and when the sun began to set we found a spot and sat and talked.
I was filming the sunset when I noticed the light and started filming it immediately. It was very hard without a tripod to keep it in focus, but it was there.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Incredible UFO Sighted: Luray, Virginia USA

New UFO video in from Luray, Virginia:

Filmers comments:
Southwestern sky not long after sunset. Somewhere south of Luray, VA. Bright stationary light, no strobes. Possibly an airplane but notice the airliner above its relative position in the sky that seems to overtake the light and move to the North (end of video). Not Venus. Feel free to debunk away. I'm no aircraft expert.