Saturday, March 16, 2013

UFO News - New Video In! Oregon 7/03/13

This interesting UFO craft was filmed over Oregon on March , 2013 .
We would like to hear from anyone else in the area who may have also seen this craft:
Filmers comments: An object is observed moving from south to north with altitude under 1000 feet.The object is post edited with zoom for the night vision portion and reveals there is separation/space between fore and aft lights and no visible structure associated. Three types of equipment were attempted to document. The Night Vision Gen 3P, the Hi8 and Celestron spotting scope with nex 5 camera. Unfortunately the object couldnt be located through the spotting scope before it moves behind the trees. Therefore only the night-vision and Hi8 portions were utilized for the clip.

Triangle UFO Romania: March 2013

Reader sent in this video of a Triangle UFO from Romania, filmed this month.
Notice the alarm from the family as they react to the object.
If someone can possible translate what they are saying it would be appreciated.

ovni Roumanie 2013

Large Triangle UFO Hovers Over House

Submitted to us by an anonymous reader, this shows what appears to be a Triangle UFO
The location yet is still unknown. If anyone can provide further information on this video, it would be appreciated.

UFOs Above Florida Homes: March 2013

Florida residents reported UFOs buzzing above homes this morning. Several residents of the US state reported unidentified flying objects over their house. The US Navy and Air Force gave a response, and stated that there was no military exercises in the area at that time.
Did you see them?  RealUFOs wants to know please respond to this post.

Just An Airplane...Or Is It? UFO Over Taranto Italy: 13/03/2013

A reader submitted this UFO video, arguing the navigational lights are not that of a normal craft filmed over Taranto, Italy, on the 13th of March.
Would like to hear your opinions on this footage.

Friday, March 15, 2013

UFO Sightings In Denver - News Report

Yes, this is a news report from last year but it is still relevant as we feel many people didn't see this.
The news report talks about UFO sightings over Denver Colorado :

Pilot Speaks - UFO Drone Reported: JFK Airport

UFO drone reported by pilot over JFK Airport

March 07, 2013 The pilot of a commercial jetliner spotted a drone aircraft hovering near his plane as he landed at JFK Airport yesterday, according to sources. The Joint Terror Task Force is now probing the sighting of the mysterious flying object, the sources said. The Alitalia pilot spotted the unmanned craft — described as "a black drone" — hovering just 200 feet from his jet about three miles east of the airport as he made his approach from Brooklyn. "He was very clear as to what he saw," a source said. The pilot told investigators the object was flying at about 1,800 feet and looked like "a black drone about a meter square, with helicopter rotors on the corners." "It didn't require the pilot of the jet to take any evasive action, and it didn't interfere with the aircraft," a source said. The pilot landed safely.

Pope Election! UFO Type Object Seen: Peter's Basilica Vatican

Possible static UFO seen over St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City. Recorded live by the BBC who where covering the announcement of the new Pope, Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina. Its not the moon, a helicopter or a blimp so whatever it is, its unidentified. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

UFOs On The Sun Again? 11/03/2013

Captured from NASA's SOHO sun observatory this video shows small hovering objects near the sun.
I don't think this is a lens issue - would like your opinions on this footage:

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Readers Personal UFO Sightings: March 2013

Readers personal UFO sightings for March:
nb: If you have a sighting or news please submit it asap using our 'submit' link above:

 9th March Emporia Greensville County, Virginia On 3/9/13
 I was outside in my yard when i called my wife outside to see if what I saw was real . WE both saw a cigar shape UFO with 4 lights on the bottom of it near the Emporia V.A. area it was fast moving and looked like it had heat all around it like you would see on the top of your car on a hot day. It was going from southeast to the northwest direction . About 2 hrs later i saw a v pattern of lights going just about in the same direction and it seemed to be around 20 to 30 lights in this one and was much different that the first and way bigger . Or the second one could have been more than one object . If anyone else saw anything close to the 2 objects we saw in the V.A. or N.C. area on the night of March 9th let me know .

12th march Holly spring North Carolina
I am reporting to you again I have been seeing them every night when it is clear over my house, I have power lines by my house and it seems that they are getting energy off of these lines, they hover over them for about 2 hours and then they fly away due west. And they are near the cell phone tower toohovering over it. They are bright in color with red, blue,green and orange light, with a white light on top. They are here every night about 10:00 pm to about 1:00 am in the morning I have been seeing them for about 3 weeks, as I reported last week about them. I am located in connelly springs north carolina, has any body else seen them, please let me know. And somebody really needs to check on this, like nasa or the goverment.

02:05 13 March 2013 Scottsdale
McDowel Intersection —I was traveling eastbound on McDowel coming from Red Rox apartments and I witnessed this. I had one of Scottsdales finest sitting next to me at the traffic light. We both sat still when it turned green. I tried my best to film it with my cell phone. The lights formed a perfect equilateral triangle. They could be military artillery flares but Im not 100% convinced that is what this is. I think that there is a hoaxer in the area. That is my guess.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

UFO Video - Hovering Near Cell Towers? East Texas

An interesting video showing up some bright objects, hovering near a cell phone tower.
Filmers comments:
On this night me and two other observers spot the famed "Fireball" UFOs hovering near multiple cell towers. We saw a large number of these totaling at about 17. Filmed over East Texas

UFO Descends Into Volcano Popocatepeti, Mexico: 12/03/2013

This incredible footage captured on a live cam, shows the UFO descending into Volcano Popocatepeti, in Mexico. The volcano has been an ongoing UFO hotspot and has been covered in the news multiple times this year for UFO visitations. We remind people that due to the volcanic ash, the area is a no fly zone for aircraft.  I would appreciate your take on this footage and what you think the connection between active volcanoes and UFOs (which we have covered over the years) really is all about?
This video was filmed March 12, 2013:

UFO Over Argentina: 11/03/2013

An interesting report about a bright hovering craft over Argentina, this month. This has apparently been data analyzed, to discount possibility the UFO was a satellite:

Video comments:
March 11, 2013 with unknown orbital (UFO) On Sky Capital of Argentina After a few days of fruitless monitoring, recording at dawn today Orbital unknown element, which also comes out in Schedules Satellite Informed officers as "UNKNOWN OBJETC B", is very interesting to note that the cast if they appear in the lists of scientific dissemination Above Heaben as unknown objects "after searching in various forums and websites have forums observers even" specialized ", I comments found, which also allow the inference could be UFO lenticular, although mostly in the forums, this conclusion is not very well received, but it is important to emphasize that., "if the nomenclature / Name as unknown objects, is something . "Here are some pages which also appoints and analyzes.

UFO Sparkles In The Sky - Pennsylvania: 04/03/2013

A bright series of UFO lights were filmed over  Pennsylvania, on March 4th 2013.
The question is, was this a helicopter, man made craft, or something else?
Your comments appreciated on this video:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bombarded! Numerous UFO Reports From North Carolina!

Have you seen UFOs over North Carolina, this week?
RealUFOs wants to know!
We have received numerous emails and will be updating this post with a summary of reports.

Best regards!

Bizarre UFO Lights Above Poland

This UFO video was sent in from a reader and shows lights over a field in Poland.
If anyone can translate what they are saying as a reply to this post it would be great.

Lanterns, Lights Or UFOs? Armenia: 09/03/2013

Were these lights filmed above Armenia, simply sky lanterns or something else?
Filmed on the 9th of March 2013. Your opinions appreciated on this video:

Monday, March 11, 2013

Daylight UFO - Stouffville Ontario, Canada: 20/05/2012

These 2 strange hovering lights were seen above Stouffville Ontario, Canada 20th May 2012.
We have had numerous emails and replies from people in the area who also saw these lights, and would like to hear from other witnesses. If you have further video or photos, please reply to this post.

East Texas UFOs : Never before seen footage

East Texas is a buzz with UFO reports recently!
This is a compilation of footage taken over the past 3 months, That has not been uploaded do to varies reasons. NOTE: The video of the fog was not UFO related it was believed to be paranormal in origin, and was interesting enough to put in the video.

Hovering UFO craft over San Antonio Texas 1st march 2013

UFO video in from San Antonio Texas 1st march 2013:

Filmers comments: Mar-01-2013 U.F.O Craft caught on videotape traveling Low in altitude over San Antonio,Texas.. I notice this glowing light right above tree top level.It did not appear to a street light...As i began filming I could clearly see this object was no aircraft .No FAA antcollision light's were visible...At one point multiple lights could be seen on this unknown Craft ..On the video you can see the lights configuration began to change.When zooming in this U.F.O appears to be a solid craft... I did not see any FAA lights/hear any noise coming from this unknown object....This was an awesome sighting due to how low it appears to be traveling...In my opinion could be a TOP SECRET unmaned Drone....

UFO lights over Mooresville North Carolina 9th March 2013

New UFO video in from Mooresville North Carolina.
Note to see both objects please view in full screen:

Filmers comments: I was sitting with my neighbor on her back porch and asked her what were the 5 bright orange lights in the sky over the lake that seemed to shoot up from the ground and she said that she had never seen anything like that before. I asked if it could be possible that it was an emergency flare and she said no and explained why. I texted my husband to see if he was seeing this and he said he wasnt outside yet. And after about 3 min each one died out one by one. On my walk home approximately 30 min later my husband texted me with "your lights are back" and when I got to my front porch about 2 min later I could hear my husband say "What in the heck was that!" and he described to me the exact thing that I had witnessed earlier. About 25 minutes later we saw the lights start to ascend again and I called my friend who was about 2 miles away to ask if she is seeing this and she walked outside and said "OH MY GOD! What IS that!" and remained on the phone with her until they disappeared again, and this repeated for about 3 more times until about 10 orbs then ascended and then appeared to come much closer than the others (almost directly above us) and then disappear. About 10 or so min later I observed several planes in the air, could not tell if they were government or commercial. And finally I observed what I thought was a star at first quickly ascend and then remained in place for an hour before completely disappearing. During that hour I saw at least 2 orbs that flashed sequentially seem to fly almost like around the perimeter of the lake several times in quick and slow movements dipping and sliding like. I also caught some of this on video with my camera phone and the strange thing was that the orange globes appear to be sequential flashing through my phone. Also, after trying to film the last appearance of the orange lights my phone would not allow me to film anymore due to not enough memory even though it actually had 8g of sd card space and 3g on the phone memory itself, and the battery seemed to drain quicker than normal.