Monday, March 11, 2013

Hovering UFO craft over San Antonio Texas 1st march 2013

UFO video in from San Antonio Texas 1st march 2013:

Filmers comments: Mar-01-2013 U.F.O Craft caught on videotape traveling Low in altitude over San Antonio,Texas.. I notice this glowing light right above tree top level.It did not appear to a street light...As i began filming I could clearly see this object was no aircraft .No FAA antcollision light's were visible...At one point multiple lights could be seen on this unknown Craft ..On the video you can see the lights configuration began to change.When zooming in this U.F.O appears to be a solid craft... I did not see any FAA lights/hear any noise coming from this unknown object....This was an awesome sighting due to how low it appears to be traveling...In my opinion could be a TOP SECRET unmaned Drone....
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Talk about a chandelier!?:)

But how would that be seen with your own eyes??..Amazing I bet.....

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