Saturday, August 04, 2007

Important ufo event - the ufos over Washington July 12 1952

This was a profound event over capitol building well reported by the media back in Washington on July 12 1952, which i have covered before but this is another report, i suggest you check out the link below to the amazing photos on coast to coast

the only 2 real well known photographs taken of the event which can be verified from many news paper reports back in 1952

more about this event
More amazing photos of ufos over the the capitol building

Kimball & Friedman - UFOs and the Media

Kimball & Friedman - UFOs and the Media

UFO: NASA space secrets

Great well known ufo documentary the best evidence ever denied

Most of you have seen this before its a great ufo documentary for beginners

Friday, August 03, 2007

close up ufo in Lowestoft England UFO

UFO over Lowestoft England. An amazing footage recorded by landscape photographer, David Spoor in Lowestoft, Suffolk in the UK. A craft of an apparent glass-like structure can clearly be seen crossing the countryside at dusk, exhibiting a strange sequence of colored lights. Footage of this quality is very rare and the fact that there are pieces of grass etc in the foreground of the clip for comparison, only adds to the credibility of the clip. (more) (less

ufo case book on the news

an old tv news report about the ufo case book guy

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Great New documentary Unexplained Mysteries - increased ufos a warning? Jaime Maussan and more

Great New documentary Unexplained Mysteries Jaime Maussan and more

part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Michael Moores Sicko

Hi Guys.. this is a one off non-ufo post, so i apologise
If you haven't seen it i recommend you see sicko by michael moore, just shows you how the US government and corporations want to control us by keeping us in poor health!

The Frederick Valentich Accident - pilot missing after ufo encounter

The Frederick Valentich Accident is about an australian pilot missing after ufo encounter, quite interesting
Part 1