Saturday, February 15, 2014

UFO video in from Buenos Aires Argentina 1st dec 2013 ovnis

Interesting UFO sighting in from Buenos Aires Argentina:

Filmers comments:
 For at least two minutes, the passage was recorded a mysterious Orbital element of high gloss Unidentified "(UFO ovnis lenticular?) that furrow the sky in the capital of Argentina on the North / West Side" by collating the satellite lists (Heavens Above), check "No there was no step" by that area, even if the "ISS" had subsequent step half hour later, this no tube to do about the Celeste area, where he saw and record the intense UFO Lenticular that fulgurar strangely and at times with great magnitude light, both orbiting abnormally "walked away towards the South / West, not to exist in this sector" at that time implication Solar rays. Team registration employee SONY TRV 310 x analog video output - JS Bach Musica Reports from Argentina.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Strange Triangle UFO lights in El Paso Texas

New UFO video filmed on Saturday, 8th February 2014.: A fleet of orb UFOs appeared above El Paso, Texas, early in February 2014. The UFOs made two separate triangle formations.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Strange radar formation off the coast of Australia remains unsolved

This is one for the strange and weird fact file:

A strange S-shaped formation which appeared on weather bureau radar off the West Australian coast was not caused by cloud, the bureau says. The shape was spotted on the weather bureau's radar map on Wednesday about 30 kilometres west of Rottnest. 
 After checking the satellite, the bureau's Neil Bennett ruled out the phenomenon being caused by cloud. "There's no cloud, there's nothing to produce a rain echo, ... which we do see a lot, but not this particular shape," he said. "They don't take on S shapes and things like that. 
 "The radar that we use are there for the detection of precipitation, it's basically just a beam going out and hitting the rain droplets or ice particles from hail. 
 "Sometimes the beam itself rather than going straight it gets bent back to earth and you start to pick up reflections from the ocean, rather than rain droplets." The ABC has asked the Department of Defence whether there are military operations off the coast which may interfere with radar activity. The department is yet to comment.

Recent UFO sightings in review

Recent UFO sighting over United States and United Kingdom
UFO Sightings over Long Beach, California, USA; Miami, Florida, USA; Kansas City, USA; Sunspot AR1967 examined; West Kendall, Florida, USA; Brixton, South London, England, UK; Newport Beach, California, USA and a demo on how to use your cell phone properly to shoot a UFO video

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Large triangle UFO filmed over Mexico ovnis 10-2 - 2014

New UFO video in from Mexico. Filmed on the 10th of March this strange triangular fast flying craft was filmed flying over the city at high altitude.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What are your thoughts? objects over Paris France

Would like your take on what the objects in this footage could be?

Posters comments:
Ufo sighting in Paris, France, Ufos Eiffel Tower Sighting February, 2014 Upload. Multiple Ufos were taped from the top of the Eiffel Tower. The person recording the this video, a tourist, manages to capture multiple Ufos from the POV from the top of the Eiffel Tower. She stated she thought they were planes at first and just followed along. The witness added that there was no evidence of plane engine sounds. She mentioned that this tape is several years old, the tape has ever been released publicly anywhere before. The witness taped this Ufo sighting in "2005" on a dated cellphone camera. The person recording this video added, there were multiple witnesses including small children present at the time of the recording. At the start of the video you can see what seems to be 3 Ufos hovering and moving camera left alongside the Paris skyline. As the camera follows, you can see a few more Ufos flying around. One of the Ufos seemingly separates itself from a much bigger Ufo. The tourist who gave us this tape wants to remain anonymous. 

Strange object falling from the sky Oxford County 08/02/2014

What was it? This strange object was filmed falling from the sky Oxford County 08/02/2014 Was it a meteor, space debris?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hovering UFO lights over Mexico City ovnis 7th Feb 2014

This strange hovering light was filmed over Mexico City 7th Fen 2014 ovnis

Blue hovering lights over Sunnyvale California Nov 2013

Filmers comments:
At 6:50 PST on Nov 28, 2013, we spotted a cluster of about 12 blue lights in a line moving across the sky from west to east. I ran to get my camera, but by that time the lights were gone. About 15 minutes later, another blue light appeared, again moving from west to east. This is an unedited version of the entire video I filmed of it. Note that I use the term "UFO" in a literal sense. It was a flying object that I could not identify. I do not believe it was a space alien or secret government weapon. If anyone knows of an astronomical event that occured at this time, please leave a comment to shed light on the mystery.

The zig-zag motion of the object was a consequence of me shaking the camera. The object itself was moving very straight and steady, like an airplane. Occasionally in the video you can see a star in the background to give a sense of its apparent speed from my perspective.

UFO's Down Under Alien Files

Aborigines have the oldest continuous culture on Earth. Rock paintings and ancient legends suggest that aliens have been communicating with Australian Aborigines for 70,000 years. What are the Sky Being's relationship with these people? And how did it change when the continent was discovered by Europeans? Is there an alien fight for Australia? And if so how will it affect the rest of the world?

UFO video Recorded Over Mission BC 02/Feb/2013

UFO sighting over Mission BC U.S