Saturday, February 15, 2014

UFO video in from Buenos Aires Argentina 1st dec 2013 ovnis

Interesting UFO sighting in from Buenos Aires Argentina:

Filmers comments:
 For at least two minutes, the passage was recorded a mysterious Orbital element of high gloss Unidentified "(UFO ovnis lenticular?) that furrow the sky in the capital of Argentina on the North / West Side" by collating the satellite lists (Heavens Above), check "No there was no step" by that area, even if the "ISS" had subsequent step half hour later, this no tube to do about the Celeste area, where he saw and record the intense UFO Lenticular that fulgurar strangely and at times with great magnitude light, both orbiting abnormally "walked away towards the South / West, not to exist in this sector" at that time implication Solar rays. Team registration employee SONY TRV 310 x analog video output - JS Bach Musica Reports from Argentina.
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