Saturday, November 16, 2013

Triangle UFO formation over Bavaria 11/11/2013

Strange triangular object filmed over Bavaria - any ideas what this is?

Filmers comments:
This sensational recording I filmed on 11.11.2013 at 22.33 clock in the night sky over Bavaria in a pastures 92637 YUKON Ranger night vision device with video output .
The objects were not visible to the eye . Only with the night vision device, these were visible. The UFOs are flown directly across at me.
At 0:24 you can see below even an airliner flying over, which is much faster . Approx. 1 hour later I filmed a 3 formation, which are taken as the cord came out behind the moon . See also my other video from the same day!

This sensational recording I filmed on 11/11/2013 at 22:33 clock in the night sky over Bavaria in a pastures 92637 YUKON Ranger night vision device with video output .
The objects were not visible to the eye . Only with the night vision device , thesis were visible. The UFOs are flown Directly across at me .
At 0:24 you can see below even at airliner flying over , Which is much faster. Approx . 1 hour later I filmed a 3pcs . formation , Which are taken as the cord came out behind the moon . See also my other video from the same day

Highly unsual flashes and UFO ovni over Argentina 10.9.2012

UFO video in from last year filmed over Argentina

Monday September 10, 2012 (Special) with UFO activity over the Capital of Argentina ". 06:04 dawns with a Light Touch" Anomalous that mantubo "static" in the sky Peak Argentina (Vertical and Buenos Aires / City) for several minutes, Infrared registration as a rather distant upcoming altitudes to deep space, the apparent "Star Press" saw eye with ordinary magnitude, however "extraordinary in their activity". Minutes later several more anomalies, Pulsar or Flash / Flare became visible "and manifest under" Orion "Tres Marias", this time with erratic shifts southward. "Then Clarifies terminology anomaly itself is real , since it can not be a Star Pulsar as something more flashy displays a random way Flahses (which gives the anomaly, this feature completely whimsical, something more like, to be observed by a parasitic attitude Biological Microscope etc.) that gives the character to the situation to think, are these lights poniendoce in Contact with Us??? Because as adbierte "I Sondé first moon roof with air and has powerful Laser", just moments before the abnormal appearance) can not be, a Star press, as it has little or pendulous erratic movements within the same area Celeste, and this was extended for four "minutes when another" manifestation began another streak anomalous downloads (some of the first Magntiud ) "below Orion, and also stay true peak recorded this UFO activity.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

UFO news - video in from Tomball Texas

Any readers also see UFOs in Tomball Texas recently - please reply to this post if you have Video of the UFo sighting:

My adult son and his friend were outside in front of the house when they saw a very large triangular craft in the sky. At first only two very bright orange lights were visable. Soon after, there were three and they realized the craft was tumbling. They followed it in the car for about a mile before it went out of sight. It was traveling northeast from Tomball TX at 9:20 pm. on 11/08/13. They took video on an I Phone. This was seen by many people in the subdevision. We live in the flight path of IAH and are familiar with plane traffic. This was not an airplane. It was approx. 600 ft and about as tall as a 747, dark in color. (Editor's Note: This is very interesting because it shows how the sighting of objects in the sky can be seen in different ways. In a couple of the video's comments, it is stated that these were three parachutists landing at a high school football game to celebrate Veteran's Day. However, another witness who had just came out of a movie, saw the objects and says they were nowhere near the football field. He says that sat motionless for a time, an impossible feat for parachutes

UFO lights over the Skies Of Swindon UK 09/11/2013

UFO video recorded over Moredon - Swindon - UK Date: 09/11/2013
This is the moment a hairdresser see's objects that he saw descending from the sky and hovering for a long time in the distant hillside, He decided to give them a little recording! at this time another object ascends upwards passing its companions to the higher sky while another decides to descend. This could be a new crop circle for the historic Wiltshire fields plagued by alien sightings or it could be an area of an abduction!

Bright UFO video filmed over Quebec Canada 15th June 2013

UFo sighting over Quebec Canada:

 Posters comments: A surprised family notice a blobbing pulsating and exploding light in the sky, they get their high tech camera to record the object, when zoomed into the object they are very surprised! a large shaped craft with a lot of plasma bursts of light is seen in very good detail, the recorder explains: I was out on my balcony with family around 9.45pm June 15th 2013 and we saw a strange glowing orb in the sky near the horizon where the sun had set earlier. As I zoomed in with my camera which is a Cannon SX40HS with 140 times zoom, I saw this orb changing colour and shape. You can hear myself and the rest of the family freaking out on what it is. The two lights on the left hand side is just lights on the side of the house across from us, have never seen anything like this in my life. This was filmed in La Prairie Quebec Canada.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Multiple Day's of UFO Reports In Texas Make The News And Frighten Residents 11/8/13

UFO news over San Antonio Texas:

. There have been two different sightings on two different days this week. It was captured on video by a man shot Sunday night near the Castroville Road on the West Side. It shows orbs of light hovering in the sky for nearly thirty minutes. A day later another woman spotted colorful lights over the Leon Valley area. Both believe they witnessed UFO's