Saturday, June 02, 2012

UFO Sighting! Captiva Island, Florida: 31/05/2012

New UFO report and footage in from Captiva Island in Florida.
If you live in Florida and have also recently seen UFOs like this, please respond to this post, we would like to know more.
On May 31st 2012 Bill Johnson a long time resident of Captiva Island located on the South West Coast of Florida was awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of loud barking from neighbors dogs, he looked out the window and saw a bright object hovering above the ocean. This is what he caught on video. If anyone has any information regarding this sighting please contact your local MUFON office.

UFO Reports By Worldwide Location

Hi everyone!
We are still updating blog posts and labels by country and US state, to make searching for previous UFO reports by location much easier . It does take time doing this, as there are years of posts to sort through.
Using the 'Reports by Location' tab above allows you to navigate the posts.
Also, some readers have reported that when the site loads up, it's 'double loading' or slow?
Has anyone else experienced this? I'm not sure why this is happening (coding issue?) and will have to get this seen to.
Keep your eyes and (smart phones) to the skies!

Friday, June 01, 2012

UFOs Over Peoria, Arizona: 31/05/2012

New and interesting UFO reports from Peoria, Arizona. Large red orbs were sighted, but what were they? If you live in the area and also saw these lights, please reply to this post. We would like to hear from you.
Mufon Eyewitness report: 
On May 31 2012 at 9:25pm in Peoria Arizona three people observed two objects emitting a bright orange light flying in a west-to-east trajectory outsaide their home

UFO Sighting! Dallas,Texas: 29/05/2012

On May 29, 2012, witnesses filmed three fast flying UFOs, over the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex again.  Please reply to this post if you live in Dallas or surrounding areas and also observed this:

UFOs Or Aircraft? Japan: 31/05/2012

Allegedly filmed yesterday, May 31 2012 over Japan. What on Earth were these lights? Strangely, the lights look similar to the previous post from Australia...
Was it a camera reflection, planes in an air show or something else?
Your feedback appreciated on this one.

UFOs Above Tom Ugly's Bridge: NSW, Australia

New UFO report from here, in NSW Australia:
Would like to know what people think of this photo, and also if any fellow residents in NSW also saw  similar lights recently. These lights, we assume, occur more in the South Sydney Shire area:

A photograph capturing the four UFO's - which witnesses said hovered in the same spot for more than 10 minutes before simply disappearing - was snapped from Tom Ugly's Bridge Marina just before 5pm. Photographer Ivan Mikkelsen, from nearby Sylvania Waters, 
said he first noticed the objects through a window on his boat before stepping outside to confirm the unusual objects weren't simply a reflection or a trick of the light. 

 "We just looked up and they were there. They were just sort of hovering there,'' Mr Mikkelsen said. "They were quite high in the air, which is why I thought they might be aeroplanes at first, but they weren't, they didn't move.''
read more of this story here

Further UFO Sighting - Blue Springs, Missouri: 30/05/2012

Further UFO sightings continue over western Missouri. If you saw these lights and live in the area, we would like to hear from you as a reply to this post.
  Margie Kay of the Missouri U.F.O network has claimed she has seen two lights. "I see red and green in this one. And in the one behind me I see red, green and blue. I don't think it's a planet at this point. I don't know what it is," said Kay.
 One resident says she saw the light drop in the sky but doesn't know how many feet. She goes on to say it has stayed stationary since then. Source

Fireball Meteor Passes Over Paris, France: 28/05/2012

Meteor over Paris, France: May 28, 2012

Thursday, May 31, 2012

UFOs Or Meteors - Rotorua, NZ: 22/05/2012

Strange objects over a farm in Rotorua, New Zealand. This man said the objects made very sharp turns and no airports are in the area. Has anyone else from Rotorua seen these objects?
What are your thoughts on this video?
Posters comments:
I was asleep while this looks like 2 of these objects were close to the ground up the's hard to tell! recorded between 2am to 4am this morning short timelapse was pointing towards the back of the farm..North towards the ocean...I'm in Rotorua... alot of activity

Scientists Investigate Strange Baltic Sea Object:

You may recall this story from last year On June 19, 2011, when a strange disc-shaped object was found in the depths of the Baltic Sea. It's over 87 meters with proportions of a jumbo jet. Some say it is a Russian ship, but there is evidence that it is more complex. Now, Swedish scientists plan to deep sea dive and find out exactly what it is:
Swedish scientists plan to explore a mystery ripped straight from the “The X-Files.” Rather than Mulder and Scully, this adventure features Swedish researchers Peter Lindberg and Dennis Asberg. They too know the truth is out there -- and in mere days plan to visit what they call the “Baltic Anomaly.”
 Last summer, while on a treasure hunt between Sweden and Finland, the pair and their research associates made headlines worldwide with the discovery of a 200-foot wide unidentified object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.
 Now a team of oceanographers, engineers and deep sea divers will return to the site Friday, June 1, for a 6 to 10 day trip.  They want to find out once and for all what it really is. “We don’t know whether it is a natural phenomenon, or an object,” Lindberg, captain of the Ocean Explorer, told “We saw it on sonar when we were searching for a wreck from World War I. This circular object just turned up on the monitor .. Read more here 

Jamie explains why Swedish scientists are going back to the Baltic UFO object:

What Was It? UFO Over Lebanon, Missouri: 26/05/2012

Strange craft filmed over Lebanon, Missouri on the 26th May, 2012.
UFO? Satellite? Does anyone else have thoughts on what this is?
 For those skeptics, I will be glad to provide anyone a copy of the data file for analysis and review. Just email me a request. I'm actually wanting your help and experience with video editing so this object can be identified - or not. Best viewed in 1080p.. This enhanced picture is from this video that was paused and zoomed. The contrast, hue and brightness were altered. No way this is a plane that we are aware exists. 

 Please excuse my comment in middle of this video, I was really excited. This video was taken in Lebanon, MO on 5/26/12 at 4:49am using generation 3 pvs-7 night vision goggles with a 3x zoom recording onto a Sony Cybershot camera through the second eyepiece. This craft appeared in the sky over Lebanon, MO approximately 3-4 miles in the air at 146 deg SE, traveling NW at 320 deg unknown rate of speed. Slight r umble of the I immediately discounted this as a aircraft because of the strobe lights.

 However, once it got closer I realized that it had 4 very bright lights and 3 of the strobes were flashing in a pattern. I have never seen an aircraft lights look like this so I stayed with the object. Around 1:53 - I turned to get a better view of the craft. The craft did not turn. Appears to be some sort of aircraft (not sure if man made or not) that may be mimicking an airplane since it has strobe lights. Normal behavior would be to ignore a flashing light in the sky as a plane but if you saw a moving object with no flashing lights then that would certainly draw attention. You can clearly see 4 very bright lights 3 of them pulsing. Once you blow this video up you can see that the object is connected by some sort of dense frame structure connecting to the 4 light corners. It also appears to connect through the middle of the craft from the front light to the back light. After adjusting the contrast etc I was able to determine from the video that the tail light flashes, then the left light flashes, followed by the front forward light. It does not appear that the right light flashes at all for some reason. Once it passed over me I turned towards the right with the goggles looking straight up. Once I did that the goggles became saturated with the bright lights and washed out the object prevented me from getting a sharp image and focus. The craft continued Northwest towards Eldridge and lost it behind the trees.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

UFO In The News? Denver, Colorado

Do you belive the news presenters?
On May 29th 2012, a UFO sighting was aired on NBC news in Denver, Colorado. Officials say that it's a balloon, aircraft or a meteor,  but the video shows that it goes up, down, left and right. The news crew even admits that the public won't belive them:

Amber UFO - Seneffe a' Nivelles, Belgium: 28/05/2012

28th May 2012 at 22:46: A bright orange UFO like orb, was seen hovering over the town of Seneffe √† Nivelles in Belgium.  If anyone else from Belgium saw this, we would like to hear from you:

1952 UFO Sighting By RAF Pilot!

Here is an interesting UFO report from the files...

UFO sighting by RAF pilot dubbed 'Saucer Sam' in 1952 left aviation minister 'convinced' we are not alone Flt Sgt Roland Hughes was returning to base over West Germany Object, 100ft across, was 'gleaming silver, metallic disc'.
 Radar confirmed it was travelling at speeds far greater than any aircraft at the time...
Read more here

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another UFO Captured On Tape! Popocatepetl Volcano

New UFO footage from the Popocatepetl Volcano:
I would like to remind people, that there seems to be a strange relationship between UFO sightings and volcanoes. Also, there has been the long history of UFO reports over Popocatepetl, with some going as far back as the last two decades!

UFOs Watching Over Dulce, New Mexico: 28/05/2012

This interesting UFO footage was apparently filmed over Dulce, New Mexico on May 28 2012. Dulce has been well known in the UFO community as the rumoured home of an ET underground base.

Chasing UFOs In Texas - TV Special: 29/06/2012

An upcoming National Geographic TV special, to air on the 29th June 2012. This documentary focuses on the Stephenville Texas UFO sightings, during 2008.
Chasing UFOs premieres Friday, June 29 at 9:00 PM and 10:00 PM ET/PST.

Captivating UFO Ovni Photos: 2012

A collage of UFO photos taken this year, 2012:

 ufo fiambala argentina 18.05.2012...ufo's and thunderbirds at the air show Perris california 20.05.2012...ufo's over orsono volcano chile 22.05.2012...ufo vall√® de araguai brazil...ufo scottsdale arizona 12.05.2012...ufo mantage flying object 21.05.2012...three ufo sightings in san antonio texas may 2012...ufo cigar australia 26.05.2012...ufo reggio de calabre.

UFO Ovni Intercepts Meteor Above Mexico?

The poster of this video believes a UFO intercepted a meteor on the 18th of May over Mexico...what do you think?

UFO Or LED Kite? Brooklyn, NY: 25/03/2012

You may need to view this in full screen:

Monday, May 28, 2012

Bizzare Eliptical Storms In Canada: 25-27/05/ 2012

A reader recently advised me of a recent and strange series of weather patterns. These occurred over the last few days in parts of Canada such as Windsor, Sarnia and Ottawa. May 25 - 27, 2012:

Amazing Storm Front Over Cape Hatteras, NC - May 22, 2012

Sphere Filmed During Solar Eruption: 25/05/2012

Our team really aren't sure what to make of this.
Conspiracy theorists claim it is a mysterious "Death Star" planet, just off the sun:

 Spotted on the 25th May 2012, a large object once again apears next to the sun. This time you see a coronal flare glance off of the object and fall back to the surface.

UFO Sighted! Vernon Hills, Illinois USA: 26/05/2012

UFOs or Chinese Lanterns?
Seven to ten glowing red Orbs traveling across the sky, heading east to west over Vernon Hills suburb,  Illinois. 26th May 2012.

Website Improvements

Hi all!
We are currently making a few changes to the site in order to sort the huge amount of reports by location, that have added up since this site started in 2005.
The 'By Location' tab will make it easier to search for UFO reports, based on geographic location.
We also aim to sort Ufo reports by US states under the 'United States' sub tab soon.
These tabs are a work in progress and we hope to have this finished by the end of the week.
In the meantime, the 'Cities' tab will remain with a list of over 70 cities worldwide with frequent UFO reports.  If you have any further suggestions as to what you would like to see on the site, please reply to this post.
Thankyou to all our loyal readers over the years!

Keep your eyes to the skies!

Strange Black UFO Craft Above Germany: 26/05/2012

New UFO video in from Germany:
Posters comments: I filmed this strange light yesterday over Heilbronn, Germany. I've spotted it in the Northern evening sky. At minute 03:06 appears a strange cigar shaped black object, but it got out of sight later.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Watching The Venus Transit: 5-6/06/2012

Venus is often mistaken for a UFO due to its brightness, but on the 5 - 6th of June, something special will happen. Venus will actually appear as a small black dot, slowly inching across the sun.
This is because Venus will be passing between Earth and the sun in a rare celestial event that won’t happen again for another 105 years until December 2117!

In less than a month we will witness a rare event almost unique in astronomical life.
On 6 June, Venus will transit across the Sun, so a black dot, as a mini-eclipse, will travel slowly from left to right the shiny surface of the solar disk The transit occurs when Earth, Venus and the Sun are aligned. 
In general, occur a pair of transits eight years apart.
The event will be visible in Spain, Mexico, Chile, America, Japan and lastly in the Pacific.

Strange UFO Triangle - Moscow: 24/05/2012

Posters comments:
 UFOs in the metro area south-west 24/05/2012 Pay attention to the last seconds, the objects are not waiting until I turn on the camera so the fun could not shoot, but in the end there is something to see:

What Was It? Bright Light Seen In Melbourne, Australia

Does anyone from Melbourne, Australia have thoughts on what this object could be?