Sunday, December 28, 2014

UFO Video! Sighted in Melbourne, Australia 27-10-2014

UFO video sent in from reader sighted over Melbourne Australia during thunderstorms on 27/10/2014. Watch and let us know what you think this could be?

Readers submission:
 I’m 18 years old and live in Melbourne Australia. On the 27/10/2014, I filmed a lightning storm from 2a.m-3a.m and accidently caught a UFO/Flying saucer on video when lightning struck the street light causing blackout throughout the suburb I live in. I uploaded two videos of the whole footage and an analysed footage. I would really like if you checked it out sometime! Thanks! It is an oval shaped craft.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

UFOs Sighted - Melbourne, Australia 09-02-13

Throwback Thursday! Do you remember seeing this strange activity, in the Aussie skies?
This UFO was seen during daylight. in Melbourne, Australia.February 9, 2013 at approx 05:00 PM (local time).
Posters comments"At 0:56 there is kinda an explosion on the bottom / middle area (in front of one of those two towers) another occurs at 1:42. Notice at 1:52 and 1:53, you can see one of the orbs disappears and takes off at super speed low-level and we see a streak of light in front of the city sky line."

UFO Sighting: Toronto, Canada. 26/07/2014

An interesting video currently on the UFO sighting, circuit...
Viewers comments: "Mysterious laser-beam-looking lights shining in an oblique line towards a round-shaped, color-switching object in the sky. It was there for around half an hour before it vanished! The lights flickered and so did the object in the sky. Make sure you watch the whole video!"

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

UFO flashing lights over Tustin California 4.3.2014

New UFO video showing flashing lights filmed over Tustin California 4.3.2014

Mufon I wanted to share this video with you because I can't exactly explain what happened. My fiancé and I live in Tustin, near the 55 freeway and directly under the approach path to John Wayne regional airport. As an army aviation veteran I'm right at home around air traffic and often look up to see the passing craft. We had just returned from visiting friends and as we got out of the car we saw a light that didn't look like any other aircraft I'm familiar with. We have each taken a video of the event, shooting from to different parts of the parking lot simultaneously. The craft appeared as four lights in a row, three blinking to a pattern and one remaining solid. It seemed to hover in the same place for the first ten minutes that we stood there watching it. Then it began to descend slowly. It made a slow but distinct right angled turn towards the north and seemed to head away from us towards the west. As I mentioned this observation out loud it seemed to form into one solid light and double back directly towards us. It then put on a light display, splitting into multiple smaller points of light, always in a row, and then back to a single bright light. We have never experienced anything like this before. I tried to get as much reference as was possible. I caught it in frame with the moon, I caught the top of the car ports, and (though it's dark) I even managed to catch power lines and lamp posts. The sounds of airplanes and helicopters can be heard passing over our heads, but this craft made no noise at all.

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Saturday, March 01, 2014

UFO followed by helicopter over anaheim hills California 27th Feb 2014

Interesting new video showing what looks like a fast moving object being followed by a helicopter. Your comments on this video appreciated.

Source: MUFON I heard a military helicopter coming from the east at about 7:30 p.m. February 27th 2014 in Anaheim Hills, California. A large bright white orb was being followed or escorted by some type of military helicopter. The path was mostly straight with only the sound of the one helicopter heard. Thet both went over head and continued west. The front white glowing orb slowly vanished from view as I caught it all on video. Then the object seemed to have jumped to the right hand side of the sky instantly; being seen glowing in the clouds that are due for rain. Helicopter continued until out of sight on its own.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Huge Mystery Object Caught Next To Jupiter - what was it?

Very interesting video - does anyone have any ideas what this object could be? Is it simply trick of the camera, lens flare or really some strange object

Posters comments: 
Incredible object caught near Jupiter, which seems to have a core shaped like the number "8". The four frames (gif) indicates it has a flight path, this rules out lens flare in my opinion. Whatever this object is, its huge in scale, and its heading our way, so further sightings of this mysterious object should be forthcoming.

UFO Travels Through striking bright Bangor N Ireland 20/02/2011

A mysterious shiny object appears on a security camera bikers garage and their movement seems to be intelligent in nature.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Interesting series of Lake Erie UFO sightings

These UFO/Orbs have been appearing over Lake Erie for a few several years now. These lights are certainly not stars or conventional craft, they hover for great period of time, change color and seem to appear & disappear in an instant.

Airline Pilot in Peru Photographs UFO

Filmers comments:
While flying over Pisco, Peru, we noticed 3 very bright large objects. They were not moving much. They passed by us at a distance of 20-30 miles at approximately 20,000 feet. We were at 31,000 feet. There were 4 crew members on our B767-300ER. All noticed it. There also was a Mexicana Airliner overhead that noticed the objects as well. They were to large to be ships. They were over the ocean and very bright. We called the local air traffic controllers in Lima and they did not see them on radar.

Hangar 1 the UFO files premiers February 28 2014 on History H2 network

Dont Miss the new  MUFON based UFO series on History's H2 channel this Friday at 10pm.
It is called "Hangar 1: The UFO Files

Announcing the MUFON-based TV series on The History Channel’s H2 network entitled “HANGAR 1: THE UFO FILES” premiering on February 28 2014 at 10:00 pm EST/PST.

The series features interviews with Jan Harzan, John Ventre and Jeremy Ray of MUFON and Jason McClellan of “Open Minds” radio along with other  experts including Richard Dolan, Grant Cameron, Leslie Kean, and Michael  Schratt.

The premise of each episode is to examine a number of MUFON cases, looking for patterns that tie in to historic UFO events and try to show what the alien agenda may be. Actual footage and recreations will be used along with expert testimony. The “HANGAR 1” title comes from the actual Hangar One where the vast archive of 75,000 MUFON cases and evidence are stored, including the Leonard Stringfield files. The show will showcase MUFON’s mission to educate the public about the UFO phenomenon.

Lights over Okinawa Japan spark UFO concerns January 23, 2014

On January 23, 2014, huge orbs of light appeared in the sky above Naha, the capital city of Okinawa Island, which is part of Japan. Naha has a population of over 300,000. The lights hovered in the same location without descending for 15-20 minutes. They made their signature triangle formations before moving into almost a straight line. Once in the line, they proceeded to put on a very impressive light display! Is this their way of saying "hi" to us? Why else would they appear over heavily populated areas and put on such shows? They could easily observe us without us seeing them. And yet they continue to appear above major cities as bright orbs of light, often in the triangle formation, read more article

Further news on the UFO sighting over Pucallpa, Peru February 2014 ovnis

Many people in the Pucallpa region of Peru have reported seeing strange lights and objects in the sky in 2014.

UFO reseacher talk in Sydney Australia this saturday

Just a  reminder if anyone down under in Sydney is interested in the UFO/ET topic there is presentation on this Saturday in Burwood:

If you have ever wondered if you have an alien implant in your body then Pane Andov could be your go-to man. The Macedonian-born UFO researcher will not only be able tell you how you can detect one, but will offer information on a wide variety of extraterrestrial subjects during an all-day talk on Saturday, March 1. Described as “a spectacular lecture you won’t forget”, he answers those three big questions: Why are they here? What do they want? And how do we deal with the situation?

Called Extraterrestrial Intelligence in Our Solar System, the event will take place on Saturday March 1 from 9am to 4.30pm at the Burwood RSL, 96 Shaftesbury Rd, Burwood in the Dome.
Read more

UFO with night vision showing light effect

Another similar object but also different with light effect in the night vision segment.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lights in formation over Longwood Florida

new UFO video in from Longwood Florida

Source; Mufon 
Filmers comments: Witnessed 4 glowing objects flying above Longwood Fl, crossing Wikiva Springs road - witnessed while driving at 11pm Feb 25. Objects appeared to travel together and gaining altitude forming a square. At first appeared as large glowing 4 balloons. After approximately 3 min traveling together objects appeared smaller as if gaining altitude back into space. I used a video editor to cut out the sound - my son was too excited - video contains a sample watermark but was unedited.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Triangle UFO Formation UFO's Pass Over Greenville SC U.S 22 Feb 2014

Greenville SC U.S

Three bight mysterious lights appear over the Bi-Lo market are in Greenville at 9pm on the 22nd of this month and one witness got the chance to record the odd occasion and share it to the world. The three objects clearly keep a stable yet moving possition and the witness scrubs out all identities of what they could be, only leaving UFO as the answer. What is your thoughts on this?

Monday, February 24, 2014

UFO sighting Wuppertal Germany.

You really need to view this video in fullscreen to see the outlien of the lights.

Friday, February 21, 2014

The lights in the sky Pucallpa Peru UFO ovni over jugle terrifies residents

A news report about the village of Pucallpa a city in eastern Peru where strange colored lights at night have appeared on the villages of San Juan and San Jose, causing anxiety and fear in the population. 

Two UFO's Merging Together Over Temecula California 1/11/2013

This amazing sighting happened at night over Temecula C.A, It shows two airborne objects keeping a static possition over the rooftops of the area start to move slowly together ending in them merging together.

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

UFO video in from Buenos Aires Argentina 1st dec 2013 ovnis

Interesting UFO sighting in from Buenos Aires Argentina:

Filmers comments:
 For at least two minutes, the passage was recorded a mysterious Orbital element of high gloss Unidentified "(UFO ovnis lenticular?) that furrow the sky in the capital of Argentina on the North / West Side" by collating the satellite lists (Heavens Above), check "No there was no step" by that area, even if the "ISS" had subsequent step half hour later, this no tube to do about the Celeste area, where he saw and record the intense UFO Lenticular that fulgurar strangely and at times with great magnitude light, both orbiting abnormally "walked away towards the South / West, not to exist in this sector" at that time implication Solar rays. Team registration employee SONY TRV 310 x analog video output - JS Bach Musica Reports from Argentina.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Strange Triangle UFO lights in El Paso Texas

New UFO video filmed on Saturday, 8th February 2014.: A fleet of orb UFOs appeared above El Paso, Texas, early in February 2014. The UFOs made two separate triangle formations.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Strange radar formation off the coast of Australia remains unsolved

This is one for the strange and weird fact file:

A strange S-shaped formation which appeared on weather bureau radar off the West Australian coast was not caused by cloud, the bureau says. The shape was spotted on the weather bureau's radar map on Wednesday about 30 kilometres west of Rottnest. 
 After checking the satellite, the bureau's Neil Bennett ruled out the phenomenon being caused by cloud. "There's no cloud, there's nothing to produce a rain echo, ... which we do see a lot, but not this particular shape," he said. "They don't take on S shapes and things like that. 
 "The radar that we use are there for the detection of precipitation, it's basically just a beam going out and hitting the rain droplets or ice particles from hail. 
 "Sometimes the beam itself rather than going straight it gets bent back to earth and you start to pick up reflections from the ocean, rather than rain droplets." The ABC has asked the Department of Defence whether there are military operations off the coast which may interfere with radar activity. The department is yet to comment.

Recent UFO sightings in review

Recent UFO sighting over United States and United Kingdom
UFO Sightings over Long Beach, California, USA; Miami, Florida, USA; Kansas City, USA; Sunspot AR1967 examined; West Kendall, Florida, USA; Brixton, South London, England, UK; Newport Beach, California, USA and a demo on how to use your cell phone properly to shoot a UFO video

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Large triangle UFO filmed over Mexico ovnis 10-2 - 2014

New UFO video in from Mexico. Filmed on the 10th of March this strange triangular fast flying craft was filmed flying over the city at high altitude.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What are your thoughts? objects over Paris France

Would like your take on what the objects in this footage could be?

Posters comments:
Ufo sighting in Paris, France, Ufos Eiffel Tower Sighting February, 2014 Upload. Multiple Ufos were taped from the top of the Eiffel Tower. The person recording the this video, a tourist, manages to capture multiple Ufos from the POV from the top of the Eiffel Tower. She stated she thought they were planes at first and just followed along. The witness added that there was no evidence of plane engine sounds. She mentioned that this tape is several years old, the tape has ever been released publicly anywhere before. The witness taped this Ufo sighting in "2005" on a dated cellphone camera. The person recording this video added, there were multiple witnesses including small children present at the time of the recording. At the start of the video you can see what seems to be 3 Ufos hovering and moving camera left alongside the Paris skyline. As the camera follows, you can see a few more Ufos flying around. One of the Ufos seemingly separates itself from a much bigger Ufo. The tourist who gave us this tape wants to remain anonymous. 

Strange object falling from the sky Oxford County 08/02/2014

What was it? This strange object was filmed falling from the sky Oxford County 08/02/2014 Was it a meteor, space debris?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Hovering UFO lights over Mexico City ovnis 7th Feb 2014

This strange hovering light was filmed over Mexico City 7th Fen 2014 ovnis

Blue hovering lights over Sunnyvale California Nov 2013

Filmers comments:
At 6:50 PST on Nov 28, 2013, we spotted a cluster of about 12 blue lights in a line moving across the sky from west to east. I ran to get my camera, but by that time the lights were gone. About 15 minutes later, another blue light appeared, again moving from west to east. This is an unedited version of the entire video I filmed of it. Note that I use the term "UFO" in a literal sense. It was a flying object that I could not identify. I do not believe it was a space alien or secret government weapon. If anyone knows of an astronomical event that occured at this time, please leave a comment to shed light on the mystery.

The zig-zag motion of the object was a consequence of me shaking the camera. The object itself was moving very straight and steady, like an airplane. Occasionally in the video you can see a star in the background to give a sense of its apparent speed from my perspective.

UFO's Down Under Alien Files

Aborigines have the oldest continuous culture on Earth. Rock paintings and ancient legends suggest that aliens have been communicating with Australian Aborigines for 70,000 years. What are the Sky Being's relationship with these people? And how did it change when the continent was discovered by Europeans? Is there an alien fight for Australia? And if so how will it affect the rest of the world?

UFO video Recorded Over Mission BC 02/Feb/2013

UFO sighting over Mission BC U.S

Friday, February 07, 2014

UFO lights Over Encinitas Southern California 04/Feb/2013

Strange series of hovering UFO lights over Encinitas Southern California.
If anyone has any idea what these lights may be please reply to this post.

Three white and One single red spots of light appear over an estate in the Encinitas area of southern California U.S. Studying the objects they appear to be emitting their own source of energy and have a weird flight pattern weaving back and fourth in an intelligent manner all while being recorded from a distance which can be seen at midway through the video when the witness zooms out to show the objects over the houses facing him. So what are they! says the witness, Stating: You decide Encinitas is a coastal beach city in San Diego County, California. Located within Southern California, it is approximately 25 miles north of San Diego in North County and about 95 miles south of Los Angeles

Thursday, February 06, 2014

UFO Sighting Recorded Over Mission BC 2nd Feb 2013

UFO recorded over Mission BC 2nd Feb 2013

Filmers comments: This video was shot in mission bc on February 2 2014. tonight was a night like any other. i was inside playing video games and watching some show on tv. when i decided to step outside and check out the stars. because thats just something i do every night. i saw that my mom was home and i talked to her for a moment then stepped out onto the road. i turned and looked up at the sky and i suddenly saw a light in the distance. i at first thought it was a plane but i noticed it had been in the same spot for a long time. in my head something told me to run inside and grab my camera. i went into my house and got my finepix s 14 mega pixel camera and pointed it at the object. i started to record then a second light appeared beside it. i screamed out to my mom that a ufo was in the sky. she said that it was a plane but i told her this was not a plane. and i new that it my heart that what i was seeing was not man made. a third light appeared in the sky and my heart almost stopped beating. there in the sky was a light i'd seen as a kid. something that i never got a video of. something for all these years i kicked my self for not doing so. was sitting right in the sky in front of me. then my mind raced and i ran backwards more to see if i could get a better shot. sadly the third light i wasn't able to get in time because it vanished to fast. so i was left with the same two lights. my mom came over to me wanting to see it but the two lights went behind some trees and she couldn't see them. she went back inside saying it was to cold to stay out so she went inside. i stayed out and stayed out and recorded the lights till they vanished. now why i said it was something i saw as a kid was because. back in 2011 i saw the same ufo. i will never forget the night. i was in my room watching tv and i just happened to look out my window. i saw threw orange lights, one in front of the other fly up above my house. i had know about ufos but not as much as i know today, i ran threw the hallways and said to my mom that a ufo was outside. i ran down stairs and out the front door. i looked around and saw every one in the neighborhood looking up at the sky. i looked up and saw the three orange lights 100 feet above my house. my mom and my step dad ran outside and joined me. i being 11 years old got scared of this and hid behind are car. peaked around and watched the lights hover in there triangle shape for another minute then the lights split up and vanished. ever since that night ive been out wanting to see the lights again. spending hours outside watching the sky. i admit a saw a few vary strange things and yea made a few little ufos myself. but tonight. iv'e gotten another chance at getting the lights i saw on video. and now here is the footage.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Loud Jolting Booms Rattle Homes In Kentucky For the Past 3 Days With No Cause Found 1-3-14

One from the strange fact file, if anyone from Kentucky can verifiy this please reply to this post.
For the past Three days in a row, people in Eastern Kentucky have heard Unexplained "booms" leaving local neighborhoods shaken.

Monday, February 03, 2014

Cigar UFO Fully Lighted Hovering Over Texas 19th of August 2013

A motorist records what looks like a large cigar shaped object with side lighting while driving on a highway in western Texas. The object is very odd and does not match that of any known aircraft.

Friday, January 31, 2014

UFO videos filmed over Santa Rosa California

This UFO video was filmed over Santa Rosa California Date: 14/Jan/2014
Were these objects lanterns or something else?
You comments please:

UFo videos filmed over Van Cortland Park- Bronx 03/Jan/2014

This strange bright hovering flashing orb was filmed over Van Cortland Park - Bronx U.S Date: 03/Jan/2013.
Was it some type of drone? Your comments please on this one:

Filmers comments: I'm not sure what exactly it was that I photographed, perhaps a drone? It was there for at least an hour from just before sunset around 4PM, not sure of the exact time, on January 3, 2014. It was in the sky until well after dark over Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, NY. It may have been there longer, because I just looked up from my computer and there it was flashing toward my window. I didn't film the whole time as I am recovering from a broken arm and it was difficult for me to keep holding the camera

UFO Photographed By Mars Curiosity Rover

Apparent UFO Photographed by the Mars Curiosity Rover SOL 50

Thursday, January 30, 2014

UFO Orb over New Orleans January 26, 2014

This unusually low flying bright orb was filmed over New Orleans on January 26, 2014 .
If anyone has any ideas what it may be please reply to this post.

Strange UFO craft over Wigan Lancashire UK 11.01.2014

11.01.2014 @ 20:05 Wigan (UK)
 Multi-coloured object was flying silently on low altitude from South to North
This sighting was further investigated by investigative UFo reporter Darin

 UFO Sightings over Gresham, Oregon, USA; Surprise, Arizona, USA; Strange rock on MARS; Highland Ranch, Colorado, USA; Salem, Oregon, USA; Montauk, New York USA and Wigan, Lancashire, UK. 

Mass UFO Sighting in Okinawa, Japan January 23, 2014 - Orb Triangles Again!

On January 23, 2014, huge orbs of light appeared in the sky above Naha, the capital city of Okinawa Island, which is part of Japan. Naha has a population of over 300,000.
The lights hovered in the same location without descending for 15-20 minutes. They made their signature triangle formations before moving into almost a straight line. Once in the line, they proceeded to put on a very impressive light display!  Link to news article

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

UFO ovnis video - Cigar UFO Brazil 11/03/2013

This strange cigar shaped object was filmed over Brazil back in 2013. Was it simply some type of high altitude ballon or something else ?- your comments appreciated.

Strange object dropping spheres - what was it?

I held  back from posting this UFO video for a while but i still can't work out what this object was - any idea folks? seems to be dropping some spheres of some kind?
This ovni / UFo was fimed over Brazil November 2013

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

UFO video of craft filmed 2014

Any ideas what this object was filmed by this guy?
Filmes comments: Great timing on the over flight working against less than optimum skywatching conditions. The first object in 2014 after weeks of inclement weather, cloudy and ice fog. Even shortly after this capture the fog inversion returned but not until we get to observe a silent object with changing light array move overhead.

Whats in the Sacromento Sky

A light in the Sacramento sky raised some questions for its crescent shape just before sunrise -- and it wasn't the moon. Dirk Verdoorn explains :

Monday, January 27, 2014

UFO Sighting in Salem, Oregon, United States on January 24th 2014

UFo video report in from Oregon, United States on January 24th 2014

Filmers comments:
tepped outside to have a smoke. 6 or so very bright orange-ish objects "floating" from north to south in a pattern formation with one leader and maybe 2 others them a group of perhaps 3-4 in the rear. No wind according to my home weather station and it was very clear at 34 degrees F. 
I quickly ran around to find a camcorder, then by the time I got back outside (maybe 30 sec - 1 min)most had gone behind the house next door. I managed to capture one that I tried to focus on. It then vanished as you can see in the video. I went round the back to see where the others had gone but they were nowhere in sight. 
I first noticed the objects because they were very bright and bigger than anything I normally see in the night sky. I saw the same thing on new year's eve but likened them to Chinese lanterns. 
I first thought they could be airplanes but there was no sound and they seemed to float as opposed to fly, even though they were indeed traveling on a N-S course. No specific actions, just traveling and then disappearing (vanishing). 
My feelings are simply that I wish to identify what this was. No other feeling or emotions are obvious to me.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Interesting sighting over Surprise Maricopa County, Arizona 24th Jan 2014

What were those 2 object? Very low were they simply ballons?
The filmer does not think so .Your Opinions on this footage please:
If you live in the nearby area please advise if you may have seen these low flying objects.

Source Mufon: I was going to pick up dinner at a pizza place on Greenway & Reems in Surprise. Traveling north on Rems I noticed 2 stationary dark objects to the NE of my location. 3 to 4 more objects appeared and I first thought these might be the F-35's heading to Luke AFB in Glendale or helicopters. I decided to head NE and noticed that now there were 3 objects, 2 high and 1 just above the mountain tops, the others vanished and there were only 3 in the sky. I grabbed my phone while I was talking to a friend and took some pictures and a video when I parked at the 142nd Ave and Statler (Surprise City Hall). The main objects remained pretty much stationary but one object to the left of the main 2 was quite low to the ground and was faint to see at times. I left the area after 8 minutes and they were still there. I left the area to pick up my food and when I left at 545pm the objects were gone from my view. I continued to check the whole sky on my way home and there was no sign of anything. The pictures and video were taken with an HTC One X. Resolution is 3264 X 1840.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

UFO ovnis video filmed over sea over Buenos Aires Argentina 14th Jan 2014

Would like you thoughts on what on earth this object and lights are filmed out to sea over Buenos Aires Argentina 14th Jan 2014 ? Any ideas? Please reply to this post.

Filmers comments: About 21hs Day 14/01/14 could see this from the coast of Monte Hermoso. Searching the Internet, it is called a meteorite in Buenos Aires on 12/01, one in Saltillo, Mexico and San Antonio, Texas on 11/01. Be the same?

UFO lights Appear Over Cook Inlet Alaska

UFO video recorded over Cook Inlet Alaska November 27 2013

Filmers comments: Thanksgiving evening, 2013. My five-year-old son caught a glimpse of these bright orange orbs appearing out over the ocean, from our home on Cook Inlet, Alaska. They lasted for several minutes--long enough for me to get the camera. Thought they might be particles from Comet ISON. At first, there were about a dozen of these strange lights... the smaller orbs moved into the larger ones, as though they were being, "drawn in" to them. Still not certain what they were... but, fascinating!

Orbs Over Edinburgh, Scotland,

Take a journey into the unknown with Darin Crapo and examine UFO sightings over Hazlet, NJ, USA; Guatemala; Panama City, Panama; UFO in Chemtrail; Darin's Paranormal Home and a UFO sighting over Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Fast moving UFO light Travels Through Bangor North Ireland 20/02/2011

Location: Bangor N.Ireland Date: 20/Feb/2011
 A motorcyclists garage security camera catches a UFO moving intelligently and illuminating the whole area at night over Bangor Town in Northern Ireland on the 20th/02/2013. Travelling low then ascending to move onwards! turning to avoid obsticals and then making its way off while glowing super bright, the objject surely is a UFO if you ever have seen one. The origional poster, who questions alien visitation! states UFO or lantern, as he was not there to see with his eyes! Witness statement: Low Light 1004X camera, wind was going that direction, Also stating: Its in bangor, its a low light cam that run pretty much 24 hours a day the time and date are on bottom of vid cheers

UFO news - Cigar UFO near miss with Ibiza holiday jet

This is an incredible new piece of UFO news about a recent near miss of a UFO with a passenger airliner. The article highlights one of the main reasons why airlines keep UFO reports under the wraps and shun pilots who come forward - being that UFO's pose a threat to secure airspace and the safety of commercial aircraft.

Below is an extract from this highly interesting news report:

The captain of a Thomas Cook airliner flying tourists back from the Spanish holiday island to the north of England reported a "near miss" with a "rugby ball"-shaped UFO, which passed within feet of his jet. 

The encounter, over Reading, Berks, was reported to the aviation authorities, who launched an investigation. But no earthly identity for the object could be established. The encounter was disclosed earlier this month by the Telegraph, following the publication of a report into the inquiry. The document did not identify the aircraft involved.

The captain spotted the object travelling towards the jet out of a left hand side, cockpit window, apparently heading directly for it. A report into the incident states: “He was under the apprehension that they were on collision course with no time to react. His immediate reaction was to duck to the right and reach over to alert the FO (First Officer); there was no time to talk to alert him.” 

It adds: “The Captain was fully expecting to experience some kind of impact with a conflicting aircraft.” He told investigators he believes the object passes “within a few feet” above the jet. He described it as being “cigar/rugby ball like” in shape, bright silver and apparently “metallic” in construction. 

Once he had composed himself, he checked the aircraft’s instruments and contacted air traffic controllers to report the incident. However, there was no sign of the mystery craft. The incident was investigated by the UK Airprox Board, which studies “near misses” involving aircraft in British airspace.

Continue reading article source

Triangle UFO sighting over Hazlet New Jersey 25th dec 2013

New Triangle UFO sighting over Hazlet New Jersey

Coming back from a friend's house on Xmas night. Making a right turn from highway 36 onto Middle Rd. In Hazlet, N.J. After I made a turn me and my wife saw 3 red objects round in shape moving slowly east about 100 feet above the houses on the right hand side of Middle Rd. I stop at the first house next to Airport Plaza shopping center. Pull out my cell phone to video the object. When I started to video the object it was over me and started moving straight up. There was no sounds coming from the object. I kept taping it till I couldn't see it any more.

UFO ovni video filmed over Tijuana mexico

This UFO video was filmed over the city limited of Tijuana mexico

ovnis ovni

UFO video from Boca Beach Florida 22 Jan 2014

This UFO video was filmed over Boca Raton South Beach Pavilion - Boca Raton, FL Date: 22/01/2014. please comment if you were in the vicinity and possibly also saw this object:

A startled couple where shocked to witness a bright disc come from the sea and ascending slowly over Boca beach, south Pavillion Florida.
Recording the event which is short, the couples reactions were that of being starstruck, the footage is short, But clearly a disc shaped bright object is there out at sea and it resembles nothing of Earthly aircraf

Fast moving UFo like object over SAKURAJIMA VOLCANO JAPAN 01-23-2014

As many following this blog may know UFO sightings near active volcanoes are extreemly common.
Airspace over active volcanoes are always a no-fly zone due the threat that volcanic ash poses to modern jet engines. Often this discounts man made crafts. So the question is what are these crafts seen flying over volcanoes if they are not meant to be man-made?

New Study shows Milky Way Has Billions of Earth-Like Planets

This really is incredible news. The higher the probability that Earth like planets exist out there the greater the chance that intelligent extraterrestrial life is out there in the universe, support the overwhelming evidence that are and have been visited by ET lifeforms.

On November 4, 2013, scientists from the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Hawaii, Manoa released a new study on the frequency of Earth-like planets in the Milky Way. By analyzing data from the Kepler Space Telescope and the M.W. Keck Observatory, they have determined that 22% of yellow stars(like our own sun) have a rocky, Earth-sized planet in the habitable zone. There are at least 40 billion yellow stars in the Milky Way, so that equates to 8.8 billion rocky planets in the habitable zone. But that is only for yellow stars. Red dwarf stars are the most common type of star, and they account for about 75% of the stars in our galaxy. A study released earlier in 2013 found that about 6% of red dwarfs host a rocky planet in the habitable zone. 
According to Geoff Marcy, co-author of the new study, when you combine these numbers, you get an estimate of 40 billion Earth-sized, rocky planets in the habitable zone. 40 billion! Of course, not all of these planets are going to be exactly like Earth. But with 40 billion possibilities, it is a safe bet that the number of planets like Earth, with water and life, is well into the billions. And remember, that's only the Milky Way. There are at least 200 billion other galaxies in the Universe. 40 billion x 200 billion = 8,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. So what these studies make clear is that Earth-like planets are very common. Life is everywhere. Intelligent civilizations are everywhere. The Universe is a home for life. That is the whole point. It is a place for life and consciousness to grow. Article Source read more

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Multiple UFO orbs Over South Carolina - January 2014 UFO week in review

A review of some of the great UFO sightings for January 2014 with a highlight on those incredible UFO video in from South Carolina:

Take a journey into the unknown with Darin Crapo and examine UFO Sightings recorded over Alexandria, Virginia, USA; Windsor, Ontario, Canada; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Colonia, Del Sacramento, Uruguay; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada and Saint Stephen, South Carolina, USA

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

UFOs outside edinburgh Scotland 16th Jan 2014

Filmers comments: Here are some photos and stills from a video I took of my 'sighting' on 16.01.14 - on the train from Edinburgh to London Kings Cross. The sighting occurred just outside North Berwick on the east coast line. I have supplied an 'xray version' of a still from my video too. I'd be really keen to hear of anyone else that happened to see these objects on 16.01.14.
 I was really excited at what I saw - but I'm very puzzled and can't stop thinking about it...
Note: When you view this video - view in full screen
Please disregard objects in foreground at the start and look at background.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Close! UFO & Airplane - Tijuana, Mexico: 15/01/2012

This video is rather interesting. Over the years I have seen so many similar videos - I'm still not sure why these Orbs are so attracted to jet trails?  Your comments appreciated. This object was filmed near an airplane above Tijuana, Mexico.

UFO video over St.Stephen Region, South Carolina USA

The UFO sighting begins approx 1:40 into the video.

Report:  About one minute, and 40 seconds in is when the lights I am talking about begin. I suddenly felt the urge to go outside. I asked my wife to get the night vision video equipment. I went outside and looked to the north. The moon was full. Little or no wind. Clear for the most part. I witnessed an orange sphere that de materialized from sight. My wife came out and we were both looking north. I began video taping the event and scanning the northern sky. We then noticed some bright flashing lights to the north. Three at first. Then right behind the three flashing lights, we spotted an orange sphere. It was followed by a smaller red light or sphere. That was followed by another flashing light. The flashing lights were noticeably smaller than the larger orange and slightly smaller red spheres. They were proceeding slowly to the west. The duration of the event was about 10 and a half minutes of video. Straight line path. They flew behind some clouds but I continued the video until they became visible again. The distance was pretty far, but the orange sphere was about the size of an aspirin. Clearly round. Very excited to have it on video at last. We lost sight of the objects due to trees to our west. Also, there has been a good amount of military aircraft in the skies this evening. More than usual.

Updated testimony:
My wife and I were watching television on the evening of Wednesday, January 15th.  It was 7:45 pm.  I suddenly felt the urge to go outside. I got up, put my jacket on hurriedly and asked my wife to get the night vision video equipment and follow me out.  That was strange because I have never asked her to do anything like that in the manner I did.  I went outside and looked to the north. 

The moon was full. Little or no wind. Clear for the most part. I witnessed an orange sphere that de materialized from sight. It faded from view where I spotted it.  My wife came out and we were both looking north. I began video taping the event where I saw the orange sphere disappear and also began scanning the northern sky when I didn't see anything of what I was looking for.  We were using a battery powered Newton Hornet Monocular that multiplies by four what could be seen using the naked eye.

We initially noticed three or four military aircraft in the general vicinity of due north. As I scanned the sky eastward, yet still north of our viewpoint, we then noticed some bright flashing lights to the north. (I thru the Monocular and Audrey viewing the attached screen.    Three at first. Then right behind the three flashing lights, we spotted an orange sphere.  It was followed by a smaller red light or sphere. Those could be seen with the naked eye.  That was followed by another flashing light. The flashing lights were noticeably smaller than the larger orange and slightly smaller red spheres and only visible via the Monocular and digital receiver.  They were proceeding slowly to the west. 

The duration of the event was about 10 and a half minutes of video. Straight line path. They flew behind some clouds but I continued the video until they became visible again. A military jet was first out of the cloud.  It was not near the lights when the lights went behind the cloud.  The distance was pretty far, but the orange sphere was about the size of an aspirin before we lost sight of it behind the cloud. The orange and red spheres were clearly round. Very excited to have it on video at last. We lost sight of the objects due to trees to our west but as you can see in the video, there was plenty of activity while viewing the trees.   Also, there has been a good amount of military aircraft in the skies this evening when finally scanning east after we lost sight of the lights.  More than usual. The video is about 11 minutes in length, but please watch the whole thing.  It goes behind a cloud for about a minute and a half.  Also, if the six light are one object, we are talking about an object over 5 miles in length.  Let me know what you think.  Thanks! 

Unidentified Moving Objects On Telescope

Looking closely at this footage, you will see two parallel Orbs filmed under night vision. Could these simply be fast moving birds, or do birds not fly at this altitude? Your comments appreciated.

Blueprint For A UFO - Witness Testimony

Do you believe him?
Mark McCandlish is an accomplished aerospace illustrator and has worked for many of the top aerospace corporations in the United States. His colleague, Brad Sorenson, with whom he studied, has been inside a facility at Norton Air Force Base, where he witnessed alien reproduction vehicles, or ARVs, that were fully operational and hovering. In his testimony, you will learn that the US not only has operational antigravity propulsion devices, but we have had them for many, many years and they have been developed through the study, in part, of extraterrestrial vehicles over the past fifty years. In addition, we have the drawing from aerospace inventor Brad Sorenson of the devices that he saw, as well as a schematic of one of these alien reproduction vehicles -- in some remarkable detail.

UFO Witnessed! Harrow, London UK: 12/01/2014

A group of fiery colored, bright objects (UFOs) above Harrow, London UK.
Witness Statement: As I was walking home from work, just as I was turning into my road I noticed these 8 bright orange lights, all hovering in a group!  Branker Road, harrow

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Incredible Sighting! South Carolina USA: 16/01/2014

Submitted to us by a RealUFOs reader .
This highly interesting UFO video was filmed over  North Myrtle Beach South Carolina on the 16th of January 2014 Please reply if you were in the area and also saw strange lights.
Please view in fullscreen:
Part 1

Part 2

MUFON report:
First observed orange flare like globes then twinkling lights then more orange flares like globes then the twinkling lights turned into blinking lights and flew north myrtle beach SC observed from my balcony on the 7th floor ocean front. approx. 6:30 pm walked out on balcony and observed a series of 3 orange flare like globes in the northeast sky. they were moving like they were being launched from north to south. they lasted for approx. 3-5 seconds and disappeared. there were numerous twinkling star like lights on the east horizon which moved in no apparent pattern. then approx. 15 minutes later there was another launch of orange globes this time directly in front of the condo in the eastern sky. there were a number of globes maybe 7-10 and they disappeared within 3-5 seconds of observation. the twinkling star like lites moved from the eastern horizon to the west overhead. a boat well lit appeared in the northeast and travelled in a southerly direction. approx. 10 minutes passed the was another launch of orange globes in the south eastern sky maybe 6-10 of them disappearing within 3-5 seconds. the twinkling lights disappeared then we observed approx. 8 larger star like lights that moven in a straight line blinking white lites from the south eastern horizon in a westerly direction overhead and continued until the view of the sky was obstructed by the condo building next door. the star like lights were well below the stationary stars overhead and flew two by two without wavering in their pattern. I called the local tv station wpde and reported the lites asking if there was a military operation in the area. the lady I spoke to said she was unaware of any operations and would look into the matter. at this point I started to feel really foolish but I am not the only one that observed this the other person with me insists on remaining anonamous, I would like to know what I did observe. there were no sounds made by the objects

Friday, January 17, 2014

Bermuda Triangle UFO! Sighting From Cruise Ship: 02/10/2009

An old UFO video, but still very interesting. Does anyone have any idea what these objects were?
Witness Statement: Filmed these early evening on Oct. 2, 2009 while in the Bermuda Triangle with one other witness. The ship was headed to Nassau, Bahamas. You can't tell by this video, but these objects were very large and VERY bright. There was a third witness confirmed later

UFO Sighted -Paducah, Kentucky USA: 15/01/2014

This triangle formation was seen during the day, over Paducah, Kentucky, USA.
Filmers comments:
 Witness Statement:Can anyone explain this or seen this? Weve thought about a few things, wind not blowing hard, their were 6 n only 2 lost altitude, n they flew at least a mile n we lost sight of them, no noise from them at all jan.15 2014 at around 4:30 in western ky. about 10 miles south of Paducah.
Please view this one in full screen mode:

Thursday, January 16, 2014

UFOs Above Marion, North Carolina USA: 8-13/12/ 2013

This video was recorded at 8:30 PM, over Tom Creek Rd, McDowell Co
North Carolina

It's Not A UFO - It's A US Army Monster Blimp!

A new airship designed to carry massive cargo is almost ready for its first test flight.
Concerns are that many will confise the blimp with a large UFO due to the crafts shape and size.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

UFO Orb Lights- Colorado USA:11/12/2014

Did anyone also see these hovering lights over Colorado, recently? Could they simply be more lanterns? Viewer comments always appreciated!

Source: Mufon
There were 4 BRIGHT red orbs. I cant say for sure that I saw them take off, but they did all come from the same area and seem to be very low to the ground and go higher and higher. They changed directions, one stayed still, but all disappeared. I have seen many other orbs disappear into nothingness in the past, but have never seen one that was red. I got video of all but the first one, but the first one was truly the most incredible sighting out of the 4. Below is a link to one of the 2 videos I filmed.

UFO Seen! Long Beach, California: 22/11/2013

New footage! Long beach, California. UFO filmed on 22/11/2013:

Source: MUFON
Nov. 22, 2013 7:15pm overlooking the Queen Mary and Grissom island in Long Beach, CA Sorry I got scared and turned off the camera!
My sister and I were watching tv when we saw these lights coming over the Palos Verdes Penninsula and flying over Grissom Island and the Queen Mary . We thought planes/helicopters but they were flying too close and too many. Chinese balloons with candles? We don't know and this has been bothering us. Any ideas? This area is within the Devil's Triangle - Catalina Island, Long Beach and Los Angeles.

UFO Disclosure - Dr Steven Greer Talks!: 10/01/2014

Abby Martin interviews Dr. Steven Greer on RT's "Breaking the Set" about the US government's secrecy of the UFOs and extraterrestrial presence. RTL seems to never shy away from highlighting issues the US media simply won't cover.
Dr. Steven Greer follows up on his work with the Disclosure Project, an organization that has collected testimonies from over one hundred US government officials concerning the existence of extra-terrestrial life.

Monday, January 13, 2014

UFO Reports In Newport Beach, California: 07/01/2014

We'd like your opinion of this UFO footage filmed over Newport Beach:

Filmers comments:
Filmed this on Jan 7, 2014 in Newport Beach CA at 10:30 am. I was having coffee when I looked up and saw a large triangle formation above my roof! The object consisted of 3 orbs working together to form this triangle. They hovered in formation for about a min then took off north towards the ocean. 1:24 shows a breakdown of the triangle activity. I also filmed some Rods. The video shows various Rods flying thru the screen and flying in groups. This is the first time I've caught them flying longer distances and easily visible. There were also some orbs captured and some kind of solar wave. It was a great day of activity.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Australian UFO Sighting!: 09/01/2014

New UFO video report, from Australia:

Recorded in Western Australia, a strange object of which the likes I have never seen before. It traveled vertically from my perspective, I was previously following a satellite that was heading past the constellation of Canis Major. Recorded time 8:47pm Direction: East Location: Lynwood, Western Australia

New UFO Footage - Joliet, Illinois USA: 01/01/2014

New UFO report from Joliet, Illinois USA:

Joliet, Illinois - 01-05-14 - I'm  I'm a freelance reporter for the Southtown Star. 
I'm looking into a claim from two snowplow drivers who think they might have seen a UFO on Sunday evening. They were plowing lots around the Joliet Mall. 

The object appears to hover for five minutes over near Caton Farm Road in the Joliet Mall area. In the final minute of the video, the object moves eastward and overhead.

It looks cross-shaped with lights on each end. Would someone please examine the video and tell me what they think it is? To me, it looks like it might be a drone.

UFO Close Call At Heathrow Airport - Pilot Reports!

Close Call- UFO Above Heathrow Airport:

An airline pilot has reported a near miss with a "rugby ball-shaped" UFO that passed within metres of his passenger jet near Heathrow airport. He told aviation authorities investigating the incident last July that he was certain the object was going to crash into his aircraft and that he ducked as it headed towards him.
 They have been unable to establish the identity of the mysterious craft, which apparently approached the airliner at great speed. The incident occurred while the Airbus A320 was cruising at 34,000ft, approx 32km west of the airport.
The investigators' report states: "He was under the apprehension that they were on collision course with no time to react.
His immediate reaction was to duck to the right and reach over to alert the FO [First Officer]; there was no time to talk to alert him." It adds: "The captain was fully expecting to experience some kind of impact with a conflicting aircraft." He told investigators the object passed "within a few feet" of the top of the jet and that it was "cigar/rugby ball-like" in shape, bright silver and "metallic" in construction. The episode was examined by the UK Airprox Board, which studies "near misses" involving aircraft in British airspace. It checked data recordings to establish what aircraft were in the area but eliminated them all, along with meteorological balloons. Military radar operators were also unable to trace the reported object.

  Source - read more

Readers UFO Sightings: Dec 2013-Jan 2014

Report in from RealUFOs reader Stafford UK:

Near Stafford UK, Morning 24/12/2013 -- Exact time 09:34;44:30 -- Nikon D3200 lens 10 - 24mm f/3.5- 4.5 -- focal length 12mm -- focus mode AF-S -- Aperture f/10 -- Shutter Speed 1/125s -- exp + aperture priority -- exp comp -1.0EV -- Matrix Metering -- ISO 400 -- Auto White Balance ---- Not seen through lens, if I had of done then maybe the shot would have been missed - definately something rapid - look at tree - no blur evident ?? I can provide the NEF original although a handsome size.. and also one photo taken 4 seconds prior to this at 90 deg opposed but enough background to show nothing around.. any guesses anyone ?

Ps, facing east when photo taken... sun was to right hande side .. well out the way of this shot..
I did a quick calculation based on the shutter speed and the total length of the object and contrail.. to traverse the available sky on the trajectory shown it would take approx 21/125s ....
I have included the original NEF (direct from Camera) a NEF converted to JPEG a crop, and an enhanced crop.. I think Your I.T. people should be able to manipulate the NEF file well enough to get somewhere near to the image I have been able to enhance.
I would greatly appreciate Your thoughts on this issue.

UFO ovni video Sent in from a reader : 
Prat de Llobregat, Spain
Filmers comments:
It was about 19:00 when they realized that the object "out of nowhere" and started to burn immediately.

San Diego 30th Dec 2013 
I was driving home on 12/30 and saw these three bright orange lights in the sky. I pulled over and got on the hood of my car to get a better view. They seemed to move horizontally as well as disappear and reappear in different locations. Does anyone know what these lights were? They were bright orange but unfortunately my phone shows them as being lighter in color.

UFO Review December 2013 - January 2014

Darin looks at UFO sightings over Italy; Birmingham, Alabama, USA; Salinas Valley Crop Circle; Alien removed from the Sea in Spain; Alicante, Spain; Durham UK; Vista, California Beach and the UFO over Hopetoun, Australia

Friday, January 10, 2014

UFO - Bremen Airport, Germany: 07/01/2014

A UFO has hovered for 3 hours and holted air traffic in Bremen (Germany). The object has been spotted about 300 meters above the stage of Werder Bremen, and emitted light was captured by the airport radar.
RealUFOs would like to hear from anyone who may have witnessed this UFO as a reply to this post.

Note: VIDEO was deleted.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

UFO Sighted! Virginia, Illinois USA: 07/01/2013

Did anyone else see this interesting UFO over Virginia, Illinois?

Source: Mufon
At 8:30 pm my wife and I were traving down morgan st when I turned my head to the left and 3 large sets of strange redish orange lights in the westren part of the sky twards beardstown. they were spread out in a triagle formation. the light would apear and would last about 3 seconds before they would disappear. as that light would go out at the same time next to it another light would begin to appear. this went on for a short while then as if there was nothin there they disapperd. I did manage to get sum video but it didnt turn out very well

Monday, January 06, 2014

UFO Reports - Oregon, Florida and Virginia USA.

UFO sightings were reported all across the country on New Year's Eve. Bright orbs of light, often in a triangle formation, were seen in California, Florida, Virginia, and Oregon:


UFO Witnessed In San Diego, California: 12/30/2013

New UFO video in from San Diego. If anyone else in the vicinity also saw this object, please reply to this post.

Filmers comments: We were driving down the 15 south in san diego on the 30th of dec and caught this footage of some strange lights in the sk

Close Up's Of Triangle UFO Over California 30/12/2013

New UFO video:

Filmers comments:
Man catches low flying triangle UFO on high tech camera! This amazing footage sent to show a perfectly caught craft which was sitting in the skies above startled witness who says the craft was "NOT" flying but sitting over a few thousand feet above his yard and motionlessly dulles down its lighting before moving like a satellite in the sky! The pics are awesome!

Friday, January 03, 2014

Giants & UFOs - Solomon Islands Mysteries

Joseph Jeppe, the chief of the Chapuru village in Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, talks about his ancestors, cannibalism, giants, strange lights/UFOs, Kakamora ("small people" from Makira and Guadalcanal) and other mysteries. Contains also interview with Warren Aston.

Near where the sunken warships of the Battle of Guadalcanal lie, glowing UFOs rise out of the Pacific, fly into the mountains and disappear into jungle lakes. Here, a tropical paradise exists with inexplicable, ancient ruins and puzzling writings of an unknown culture. Steamy, rugged mountain ranges are inhabited by strange Sasquatch-like creatures. They have come down to the villages to kidnap the locals for generations. Terrifying stories of abduction and cannibalism are passed on by the villagers to their children. These are some of the incredible tales that the Solomon Islanders have lived with for decades and you will read about in this spellbinding book. Author Marius Boirayon is the son of the World War II central France maquis (resistance) leader, and grew up in Mount Hagen in the Papua New Guinea Highlands. Following a career in the Royal Australian Air Force and as an aircraft/helicopter engineer working in outback Australia, he decided in 1995 to go to the Solomon Islands to live

UFO News - California State Sightings: 01/01/2013

UFO news. Recent sightings over California! Did you see these lights? If so what do you think they were? Your comments appreciated.

On New Year's Eve, many people across the state of California witnessed strange lights and craft in the sky. Witnesses in Auburn, California saw a large egg-shaped object with a bright light slowly cruising across the sky before suddenly accelerating at a high rate of speed. Others witnesses in the Sacramento area saw bright lights in a triangular formation. The same "orb triangle" UFOs were also witnessed in Los Angeles the very same night.
Source - read more

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Loganville UFO - Georgia USA: 31/12/2013

Source: MUFON
Filmers comments: My daughter and her friend were walking about 10 p.m. and called me frantically telling me to come outside to see the lights in the sky. By the time I got there they were gone. She managed to video tape a small part of the event but stopped because she didnt feel she was getting anything. Here is a synopsis of the event in her words: "There were three large balls of light that hovered in the sky. One was very slowly hovering up and down, above and below the treetops in the distance. The others remained stationary for a while until the leftmost one sluggishly moved off to the left, away from the rest. A little bit after that happened, another one slowly showed itself to the right of the two that remained. In the video, I saw twinkling that I did not see with the naked eye." In the video her father and I downloaded from her LG motion cell phone, we saw some interesting artifacts not visible to her or her friend at the time. Although the video is short, there are a lot of curious bits in it notably to the left of the first light. The objects have a strange shape to them and do not appear to be lighted, but seen from light the balls cast. Please let us know if anyone else saw these or what you think they may be. It was enough of an event to alarm the girls, who walk outside at night a lot, and was definitely not the usual aircraft we see flying into Hartsfield Jackson. These lights, according to my daughter, were extremely bigger than aircraft lights we see on our nightly walks. I am including a copy of the video. It is not retouched or faked and is straight off of her cell phone.

Crop Circle Message! Salinas, California: 30/12/2013

A massive crop circle appeared in Salinas, California during the night of December 30, 2013. The dots in the center of the formation are apparently a message encoded in braille. KSBW consulted braille transcriber Debra Falanga, as well as orchestra conductor Carl Christensen, and both agree the dots are braille and the message is "192". It translates directly as: 192 192 B 192 1 192 192 Source read more

Another news report:

According to several experts, the crop formation which appeared in Salinas, California on December 30, actually contains a message encoded in braille. KSBW consulted braille transcriber Debra Falanga, as well as orchestra conductor Carl Christensen, and both agree the dots are braille and the message is "192". It translates directly as: 192 192 B 192 1 192 192 "It's fascinating. I don't know what it means, but it's readable," Falanga said. "Those dots are in very specific order. It's so perfect it's almost like a machine did it. They are not off in any way, shape, or form." "Now we just need to follow the 192 clue!" Christensen said

San Diego Skies - UFO Orb Lights: 30/12/2013

Filmers comments: I was driving home on 30/12 and saw these three bright orange lights in the sky. I pulled over and got on the hood of my car to get a better view. They seemed to move horizontally as well as disappear and reappear in different locations. Does anyone know what these lights were? They were bright orange but unfortunately my phone shows them as being lighter in color.

Orb UFOs Or Lanterns? Humble, Texas USA: 31/12/2013

A RealUfos reader sent in this video. Although the new year is a definite part of lantern season, this object does seem to move quickly. If anyone has also seen UFOs in Texas recently,  please reply to this post.

I just caught identical lights from my house in Humble.. These are actually over Houston city limits.. on December 31, 2013 (New Years Eve) I have (4) different videos from (2) different phones.. Ours took on a triangular formation as well... here is my channel check them out:We captured videos of these UFO lights that were red/orange flying over Houston, Tx and Humble, Tx NEW YEARS EVE 2013 - between 9:30 pm and 10:30 pm. Then they just vanish.. could be in cloud cover.. hard to tell... We were unable to hear any noise from them. You can see actual airplanes in the sky flying below these because we live near an airport but the regular airliners are flying much lowe

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

UFO Lights On Melbourne, Australia: 31/12/2013

Parallel UFO video filmed over Melbourne, Australia:

Source: MUFON
 My Partner Lee and I were driving through Melton, Victoria. lee said " Rob What is that up there? quick pull over" we got out of the car and saw a large star like object in the sky that was bright red\orange. we observed it hovering side to side and up and down for several Minutes then it seemed to turn, fade and simply disappear.