Monday, January 27, 2014

UFO Sighting in Salem, Oregon, United States on January 24th 2014

UFo video report in from Oregon, United States on January 24th 2014

Filmers comments:
tepped outside to have a smoke. 6 or so very bright orange-ish objects "floating" from north to south in a pattern formation with one leader and maybe 2 others them a group of perhaps 3-4 in the rear. No wind according to my home weather station and it was very clear at 34 degrees F. 
I quickly ran around to find a camcorder, then by the time I got back outside (maybe 30 sec - 1 min)most had gone behind the house next door. I managed to capture one that I tried to focus on. It then vanished as you can see in the video. I went round the back to see where the others had gone but they were nowhere in sight. 
I first noticed the objects because they were very bright and bigger than anything I normally see in the night sky. I saw the same thing on new year's eve but likened them to Chinese lanterns. 
I first thought they could be airplanes but there was no sound and they seemed to float as opposed to fly, even though they were indeed traveling on a N-S course. No specific actions, just traveling and then disappearing (vanishing). 
My feelings are simply that I wish to identify what this was. No other feeling or emotions are obvious to me.
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