Saturday, April 12, 2008

Israeli F-16 gun cameras capture Massive UFO over Syria.

Interesting on an Israeli F-16 gun cameras capture Massive UFO over Syria:

(Also guys i have heard your comments - yes no more planet X stuff ok!!)

Friday, April 11, 2008

UFO incident over Pascagoula, Mississippi

Very interesting description of a shocking ufo encounter by credible U.S. Dr J. Allen Hynek. The incident occurred in Pascagoula, Mississippi
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Nibiru Planet X And Effects On Earth - Fact or fiction?

There is alot of talk about this Nibiru Planet X on the net, I'm not sure what to make of it all - what do you guys think?

Interesting Ufo Videos over mountain

Ufo Videos over mountain

UFO Hunters Episode 10 Invasion of Stephenville Texas 2008 - New footage !!

This goes over the Stephenville Texas Ufo event from earlier this year. It has new never before seen footage of the event and is an excellent documentary:
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ufo Hunters Episode 11 preview 4/16/08

catch it on 4/16/08

UFO video - Sebastopol, Russia, August 15, 1993

a good ufo video

Why have NASA never return to the moon?

Very interesting documentary about why NASA hasn't had a trip back the moon on over 36 years !(last in 1972) . I also suggest you search my blog for the nasa airbrushed towers, its very interesting stuff


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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Planet X to destroy earth - Fact or fiction?

What do you guys think of this Planet X stuff ? If this documentary and the math is true than its a going to be a disturbing outcome for us in 4 years, Apparently Planet X is a large planet beyond Neptune. It was meant to explain apparent discrepancies in the orbits of the gas giants. You need to watch to find out why it could pose a major threat to us - what do you guys think ? , does it sounds like science fiction or possibly true? :

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great watch if you haven't seen

UFO, London, 07/04/08 at 10pm

Not sure about this one either, could this be a star guys?

Posters comments:
Last night at about 10pm i went to my kitchen to make coffee and have a smoke out the window. Now i sometimes just gaze up into the sky just in case i see something out of place, and there it was or as i later discovered there they were.

This image is a still i captured from the same footage i shot last night. The top of this object seemed much brighter than the bottom which seemed to have alot more colour variation. I live in east London Leytonstone

Ufo filmed from Plane over pacific April 6th

This one is bad quality , the flashed and light at the start are the side of the planes window reflecting, but does look like something out there i guess

This is the unedited, unenhanced version. We saw this object from a plane, the pilot tells me we were at about 20,000 ft. at the time - flying from Toyko to Vancouver. Digital camera, so its incredibly grainy and lower quality. It was much more spectacular being there. It lasted about two minutes.. ran out of room halfway through taping this unfortunately. It seemed to just fade away instantly after the video.
FILMED the morning of April 6th, 0100 PS

Bizzare mexican report about aliens on a roof?

This is just plain weird - not sure what they are saying here in this video - apparently somthing on the roof of this skyscraper in mexico - what you guys think?

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Have Aliens Altered Human DNA?

Robert Sepehr in his Planet X Video proposes that human DNA was tampered with in the past. The theory is that somehow aliens may use viruses to change our DNA. It is well known that viruses change DNA and scientists now actually use bacteria and Viruses in genetic engineering and DNA splicing. So the next time your getting a cold - you may be getting more than what you think lol!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Inside Information UFO Congress With Dick French

This is a secret recorded off air AUDIO Interview with Project Blue Book insider Dick French - an ex US Fighter pilot and highly trained and educated in many areas.
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remaining parts


This is interesting, these guys film light a big ball o flight in the sky, then what appears to be a triangle ufo, - i think this is over brazil or spain?

Sunday, April 06, 2008

No More RSS feeds from this blog sorry!

Hi Guys,
How many of you guys have subscribed to this blog with the RSS feature? (please tell me so i can get an idea).

Sadly i have had to turn the RSS feeds from the blog off because both this blog and my others have been plaged by people copying my entire posts word for word with automated RSS spam blogs. I spend heaps of my time on these blogs and its sad that people out there would steal my posts and then i end up seeing them all over the internet on all these spam blogs!. If so do use the RSS feature please tell me.

Another UFO over France april 2008

This is the second good ufo video out this week from france (first one). The sightings apparently occured just a day or 2 ago in april 2008 - anyone in france know whats happening there?

UFO Hunters Catalina Island USOs documentary repost

Ufo Hunters repost - Investigation of the Catalina Island USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects) one of which reportedly caused the crash of a single engine airplane.

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more parts

UFO above Rambouillet France 4th Jan 2008

Think i posted this one before but this is longer version UFO above Rambouillet France

Posters comments:
* The film was shot on January 4, 2008 at 9:20
* Place of observation, Rambouillet (Paris region)
About the video, this one is interesting for several reasons:
The evolutions of the UFO over time are "normal". At first it looks like a Hessdalen (a kind of luminous ball performing a multitude of movement). Then we can recognize what looks into popular culture has a flying saucer whose luminous intensity varies (in the form, at that time, continued to change). Finally, the UFO is no longer visible for a period of time equivalent to 5 seconds to reappear

You guys have spoken !

Hey Guys, thanks for your votes ! -
After checking the poll out I'm gonna stick to UFO posts.
I was looking to introduce a few borderline topics but hey i don't want this blog to turn into some average paranormal site, i want to continue to focus on the real UFO phenomenon. So only the best ufo documentaries and latest ufo news be posted here from now on. Also The site will continue to be updated daily - so bookmark it if you haven't already and come back!. If you see any good news or videos post the links in the comments box on the right and i will check it out.
Thanks also to the die hard fans of the blog, you guys Rock!
P.S remember to check out our Forum as well Guys!!

July 4th UFO Filming And Sighting In Somerset U.K

Tthis UFO, which was filmed July 4 1998 in Somerset U.K. was brought to the test of special effects engineer Bill George of Lukas Films to test its authenticity, and passed:

UFO FLORIDA 4/5/08 3:08 PM

Posters comments:
I thought it was a plane because of the vapor trail.... but after close inspection realized that it wasnt as you can see its 2 Spheres with a gap in the middle left side green right side metalic. please take notice! left side green and right side metalic..