Saturday, July 15, 2006

Military helicopters and Crop circles

This is an interesting post showing that the military are interested in the 'balls of light' that form crop circles. Andrew collins a reputable crop circle researcher gives his experience while videoing the helicopters. Download the higer quality version of this clip here

Roswell coverup documentary

This video contains numerous testimonials from military and retired personal saying that Roswell was a big coverup, very interesting as well! Quality not great though. You may also download this clip here

The famous Alien Interview

This is the complete video showing the 'alien interview' footage supposadly smuggled from Area 51, its quite interesting! You may also download and save video from this link

UFO Crash new mexico 1997

This is a High quality video of UFO crash filmed in 1997 in the desert at White Sands, New Mexico. The video was first shown at the Australian UFO Symposium 1997. It depicts a fairly bleak desert landscape, similar to White Sands, mountain ranges in the far distance. It is daylight. A very large, white glowing object appears from the right of the screen at low altitude, almost skimming above the surface, at I would guess no greater range than one to one-and-a-half miles distance from the camera. The speed of the object is very fast, probably 200-300 mph. The object travels horizontally for a short period, then dives below relatively minor sized hills in the foreground before rising up to continue what is a fairly erratic course. Finally, the object hurtles into the ground and 'explodes' into hundreds of bright, almost flare-like fragments.