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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Strange Spheres - Sydney Australia: 02/05/2012

We highly suggest you view this footage in fullscreen mode! This UFO video was filmed in Sydney, Australia on the 2nd of May, and shows what looks like 3 Orbs in formation.
I know birds do fly in this V formation,  but these are surely too large and bright to be birds, right?
Our team would like your feedback on this important video. We're very keen to know what you think the object may or may not be...
If any Aussie's also sighted this, we would like to hear from you in a reply ASAP!
Posters comments: This Spheres UFO Flying perfect Triangle formations over Sydney.Camera was using:SonyDSR-DVD 653E Digital camera" IR 850.Infra red filter .

Roswell 65 Years On (almost) - Where It All Began

It's hard to believe almost 65 years has past since the Roswell Incident occurred, in July 8, 1947.
This documentary looks at the occurrence in depth, including the cover-up theories. It also has interviews with Jesse Marcel Jr, the son of the late Major Jesse Marcel who made the shocking admission before his death that the object he inspected was actually a UFO. This came years after he initially, under instruction to dispell the 'UFO' confirming press release, announced the object in the photo to be a Weather Balloon.
The true story of what happened at Roswell in 1947 should be taught to every in child in school, as the world has a right to know it's one of the most important events that occurred in the history of mankind. 
Hopefully the truth of the Roswell event will continue to live on for generations to come, and never be forgotten as some would prefer.
Note: This is a very broad documentary with some questionable people.
The second video below, with the 2 hr interview with Jessie Marcel Jnr, is one we highly recommend.

For those who want to know more I Highly recommend you listen to indepth The Roswell Legacy 
Interview with Jessie Marcel Jnr and ufologist Stanton Friedman:

Part 2
Major Jesse Marcel 

UFO Or Helicopter Lights? Moscow, Russia: 02/05/2012

Numerous people have emailed me advising this footage from Moscow, contains a UFO.
We would like your comments as we aren't 100% convinced.
There are navigational lights, but we agree the movements are unusual...

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

UFO Goes To School - Charlotte, North Carolina: 28/04/2012

UFO report in from North Carolina - 28th of April 2012:
Posters comments: After a 9-10 year old football game at East Mecklenburg High School in Charlotte, NC, 3 red lights were spotted by my wife and myself as well as a couple behind us and a few people leaving the game. The lights were in a straight line. The right light went out first then the left light followed by the middle. They all stayed stationary and there was no noise detected. There was nothing dripping from them and they never changed color. It was a cloudy night so they were lower than the cloud cover but I cant be sure of how far off the ground they were and I could not make out a single form or multiple forms. I was a little excited while filming then relaxed after the lights went out.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

UFO On Video! Geelong, Australia: 30/04/2012

Calling all fellow Aussies in Geelong, Victoria! We would like to hear if you also witnessed any strange UFO lights like the ones in this new report...
 UFO spotted just on dusk in Belmont, second time the strange light has appeared in a month in the exact same direction.

Ovni Alert! UFO Lights Over Mexican Volcano?

This incredible new footage has just been released, and shows what looks like a UFO type craft near the recently active Mexican Volcano, Popocatepetl.
Would like to hear your opinion, and if anyone can provide a translation of the news interview as a reply to this post, it would be much appreciated! 
Newscast - Video Fullscreen:
Translation so far...
The lady doing the interview asked if it could possibly be a plane. Radio controller said impossible, there's a 10 mile no fly zone over the volcano. They just keep discussing what it could be, they both agree it's some sort of strange craft. They came from the west headed east.
Interview with the Radio controller:
Posters comments on the video:
Radio controlled observed in the radar screen, an unidentified echo over the volcano Popocatepetl, April 21 at dawn. Then 24 and 25, the monitoring camera captured luminous objects in the same place. They are images that illustrate the interview. These lights are moving in different directions and seemed to change color. The Popocatepetl is active, with fumes of steam and light ashes. This is not the only report of Ufos over the popocatepetl  Volcono .
You can read more about this interesting Ufo event here
It seems that going back over 10 years numerous people have caught footage of Ufos and discs coming out and hovering over this volcano. See here for this. There is a long and strong connection between Ufos and Volcanoes which we have posted about over the years.
Some of the news footage from this video here

NASA Photo Capture! Image Of UFO Near Sun?

Comments appreciated! What was this large object caught on the lower right frame of the NASA SOHO image capture?

Bottom right of Image from NASA website

UFO Video In From Tiwanaku, Bolivia: 28/04/2012

New UFO video in from Bolivia.
These unidentified flying objects have been filmed in the vicinity of the Puma Punku ruins, in Bolivia on 04/28/2012:

Monday, April 30, 2012

Yarnbury Castle, Nr Winterbourne Stoke. Wiltshire

New crop circle Yarnbury Castle, Nr Winterbourne Stoke. Wiltshire.
 Reported Saturday 28th April 2012 More about this one here

UFO Ovni Chases Plane! Tijuana, Mexico City: 27/04/2013

Poster of this video believes this UFO Ovni was trailing an aircraft...what do you think?
ovni moved to follow a plane which clearly note their codes.

Dr Steven Greer Speaks! UFOs & Thrive Documentary

I just finished watching Thrive, which was an interesting documentary on the NWO, global powers & UFOs.  In this extract of the movie, Dr Steven Greer and others talk about UFOs and how admitting to UFOs would make the whole existence of 'free energy' a major issue for the powers that be:
I highly recommend you take time out to see The full Official THRIVE movie here
Get Thrive and share it with your friends and family today
Take off the veils - it's time to Thrive!
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bright UFO Near ISS - International Space Station?

New UFO footage in, showing a super bright object near the ISS - International Space Station. Any ideas on what this object may be?
Posters comments: Captured on the live feed 27th Aril 2012. Video shows a glowing orb appear, the people onboard turn the camera towards it and films it until it vanishes.

2 New Crop Circles - Holland & Argentina!

As the 2012 Crop Circle season starts,  two new Crop Circle reports have already come in!
Bosschenhoofd, Southern Holland - 24th April 2012- More info here

Las Perdices - The Partridge Argentina - 25th April 2012 more info here

Strange UFO Light Over NYC: 27/04/2012

Was it a blimp?  Calling all New Yorkers out there - did anyone else see this? 
This UFO was filmed over Central Park in New York City, United States on 04/27/2012 / 27.04.2012. Filmed with a (no name) camera, which filmed without sound and up to a limit of 1 minute. Too bad!

Ancient Aliens & Time Travelers

New from the History Channel: Is it possible that sightings of alien beings or UFOs may actually be evidence of time travelers from the future? And might ancient astronauts actually be time travelers from our future? Scientists explore the theoretical possibility of time travel.

UFO On Film - Cape Town, South Africa, 2012

New UFO reports in from South Africa!  If you live in S.A we would like to hear from your opinion and if you've seen any UFO lights like this recently, in your area:

Poster comments:
UFO in Cape Town South Africa 2012. Green Point Stadium. The video is heavily compressed for youtube. The original footage was shot in HD. There were 2 of them, I tried to fopcus on the clearest on. My battery ran out, and soon after it was gone too. These where some of the clearest UFO footage I had the privilege to shoot. Njoy!!