Sunday, April 29, 2012

Bright UFO Near ISS - International Space Station?

New UFO footage in, showing a super bright object near the ISS - International Space Station. Any ideas on what this object may be?
Posters comments: Captured on the live feed 27th Aril 2012. Video shows a glowing orb appear, the people onboard turn the camera towards it and films it until it vanishes. Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

May GOD be with us all!

wired_duck said...

of note on this object is how, it is certainly in a vector. also it is ballistic. (not gaining speed). so we have a light that is constant speed coming to an angle of reference then just dimming out. no flicker. this makes it hard to say that it is a meteor. mostly because the body of it stays constant and one hue.
i am considering space junk with a bright illumination.but the direct angle of departure is interesting.

Anonymous said...

Venush or fake. The earth does not seems real :(

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