Saturday, December 29, 2007


Just found it - here it is guys the complete video of the national press club ufo disclosure conference from November 12 2007 (1hr & 30 mins)! This is a must watch as the testimonies are very shocking and are from legit military staff and pilots from around the world! I highly suggest you support the work of producers and buy this 'must have' DVD here

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Shocking testimonies about UFOS from Military staff & Pilots - FINALLY MORE FOOTAGE from the november 12 national press club npc disclosure meeting

Yey! the footage from the NPC ufo conference from November the 12 is finally out over the net - the below testimonies really do carry some weight (more to come guys) you can also buy the whole dvd of the event here!:
This USAF Ret. Col Charles Halt reveals stunning Testimony of The Rendlesham Forest UFO. This video was taken at the Press Club

Here The Chief Base Security Officer James Penniston USAF With Top Secret Security Clearances reveals with his log book in hand the extraordinary sight that he and 80 Iother witnesses saw.

Nick Pope Former British Ministry Of Defence Officer on 12 Nov , 2007 spoke at The Washington D.C. Press Club revealing the truth about UFOs.

In Britain this Airline pilot was applauded for reporting exactly what he saw; two mile long UFOs; verified by multiple witnesses and radar. Had he been a U.S. pilot and reported it, he would have been fired. Even the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration will not discuss UFOs. Pilots are told by the U.S. government not to report UFOs even in writing. As Bowyer points out clearly the Chicago O'Hare incident was hushed up and not investigated

Jean-Charles Duboc Captain, Air France ,Ret.

Parviz Jafari General, Iranian Air Force, Ret.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

UFO In Oxfordshire U.K

This UFO was moving upwards at a really slow rate. The whole thing lasted about 10 mins and I recorded about 6mins. It got so high in the end, you couldn't even see it through the cam. Literally turned in2 the tiniest dot. If you took your eye of it, you would have lost it. The best detail I got, is probably on this short clip, but it did change shape towards then end of the footage, like a shamrock or something.. cant really describe it. it happened at about 7pm July 2006. Oxfordshire UK."

Monday, December 24, 2007

Some Of The Best UFOs Caught On Film

Merry Christmas guys! - Here's a collection of some of the best UFOs caught on film!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

reason to believe ufo doco

Ancient Aliens - Fallen Angels History Channel

Can our ancient past some how link us to a deeper understanding of the present day existence of UFOs, and give us clues to the origin of life and beyond? This outstanding documentary sheds light on this issue.

pt 2

pt 3

pt 4

UFO Knowledge In The Private Industry; Dr. Paul Czysz

Dr. Paul Czysz McDonnell Douglas Engineer describes the extent of the private industries UFO knowledge and back Engineering.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4