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Crop Circles over Madisonville USA in 2008

Madisonville looks like a crop circle hot spot with may circles appearing this year:

Google Street View maps of the earth, Ufos and strange things

As you may know guys Google Street View maps on google earth has been around in the US for some time but just launched in australia this week. The release has caused a big stir amoung those concerned about privacy as it has real 3d images taken from street view.
You can practically see real events happening on the street , from criminals robbing homes to people skipping work!. The weirdest thing is that you can see your own house on it and if your lucky, peer through the window and you may see yourself! Also As you are able to scroll up to the sky it adds for a great opportunity to see ufos, if filmed at the time. Here are some freaky things :

Here are just some weird things on google earth

American Police witness ufo sighting

This comes from some ufo documentary video but it is interesting. Police officers always often the first on the screen when ufos are reported and their testimonies add to the genuine nature of the ufo phenemenon

Ufos over Mt Adams

Interesting, whats your thoughts on this one guys?

Cylinder shaped UFO ?

Friday, August 08, 2008

Astronaut Dr edgar Mitchell reveals all on the Kevin Smith Show 8th August 2008

Dr. Mitchell featured on the Kevin Smith show today - he reveals much more about what motivated him to make the recent ufo statement, he also speaks about what he saw on the moon and the trip there and why he has concluded the Roswell crash was an alien craft.Overall its a very good interview and you can listen to it below.
Thanks goes out to the person who forwarded me this audio link..

Click below to listen to the the full audio of the interview:

I also found a great new recent fox interview with Dr EDGAR MITCHELL below and he expands upon ufo his recent ufo statements. Sadly, I didn't realise astronaut Gordon Cooper died in 2004 - he also another great astronaut like Edgar who believed in Ufos and featured in many ufo documentaries (like the bottom video) - he mentions he actually witnessed a ufo landing and took photos of it himself!.

astronaut's and Ufos Gordon Cooper

Recap on the Triangle UFO over Dundee Wisconsin the 6th August

Guys, have been trying to locate the poster or get more info on this amazing new huge triangle ufo sighting in Wisconsin. Does anyone know anything , had mufon update or seen comments from the poster? Apparently triangle Ufo's in Wisconsin are not uncommon. A report from 2001 (below) may bring to light some information which may relate to the current sighting,

Large Triangle UFO over Dundee Wisconsin
Article from 2001 Wisconsin triangle ufo sighting
DUNDEE -- Jim Aho writes we have a hot new sensational UFO report on July 15, 2001, from with over 50 witnesses, photos and even VERY CLEAR video taken by a professional. The object was a Flying Triangular shaped craft. The witness Tim states, "I observed it through binoculars and I could see that it had three lights at the corners - blue, purple and
green - and a faint blue outline. At first, the object was stationary but a ball of light approached the triangle from the right and changed both course and appearance. It changed from a ball of light to two lights: one red and one flashing white and could have even been mistaken for an aircraft. After about 7 minutes, the triangle craft started moving in a tumbling motion like it was almost rolling away to the right. It was like a pyramid with three sides and a bottom. When it started moving I could see that it was three dimensional. Jim writes, "I have seen a photograph of the craft. It's a little blurred because it was!

Strange thing seen in Space?

Not sure what this is really but looks interesting - anyone have an idea?

Posters commentsRegistration succeeded in BS.AS on Orion
Las Tres Marias, Laser focused on table
Sony TRV310 on a 20 X optical zoom
mode: Night Shot
This kind of phenomenon can not be seen with the naked eye.
Type of UFO phenomenon FLASH / FLASH LIGHT

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Erratic flashing triangle Ufo

Originally thought this was a helicopter, but it seems to be moving to fast and seems to have triangular formation Flashing lights never usually occur on ufos, so not sure about this one - what you think guys?:

Last Chance to Save Gary McKinnon !

Hey guys,
With results coming out from Gary's final leg of appeal - the European Court of Human Rights within the next week, their is fear that this appeal will fail and Gary will be imprisoned for 60 years as a terrorist in the US. As a result, there is now mounting pressure directly on the U.S. Congress to stop the extradition because the damage claims used to extradite Gary are simply not true.

As mentioned the US government said that the claims to extradite Gary lie in the fact he caused $1 Million US dollars damage to computers. But it only takes common sense to work out that these claims are fabricated and used only as a means to win the trial to bring Gary to the US. I mean Gary only used a dial-up modem and logged in to the computers remotely, he never maliciously damaged any software let alone hardware - Yet the US says they had to spend $5000 replacing every computer tower that Gary logged into (about 200 - thus coincidentally adds up to the sum of $1 million US dollars). Just think about this guys - the damage claims are a outright lie.

ts just a sinister plot from the US goverment to get back at the man that accessed their most sensitive data - i.e. their Ufo files and they also want to make sure he doesn't say anymore saw when he accessed the NASA airbushing labs.

I am urging all our readers to show your support for Gary by signing this petition against the U.S. Congress for extraditing Gary.
Gary Mckinnon talks about his extradition to the USA live on GMTV.

The Free Gary Song and Tribute

Russia Orbs 3rd August 2008

3 Aug 2008 : A man named Michael and other residents say they recorded 15 luminous objects in Moscow's sky during the very early hours of this morning.
From time to time,they manoeuvred and formed 3 dimensional figures.
It was suggested that helicopters were flying over at the time at the end of Moscow's VDV Day,but michael stressed they were totally silent.

Helicopter or Ufo ?- New Jeresy

Strobe type lights usually indicate a helicopter, but this object has an unsual light formation, what do you guys think?

East Yorkshire Object 2nd August 2008 UK

Object filmed over East Yorkshire, is a lantern or something else ? whats your thoughts on this one guys?

posters comments:
Here is a short clip of the object from footage taken about two weeks ago, I also managed to film it again last night 2.8.08 at around 10.30 pm, and the accompanying frame captures are taken from that footage.

Please be aware that the 10 second clip is just a small part of the footage. These objects move to the right and left, disappear, then reappear.

I have been asked by Matt Arnold from G.M. TV, which is a national TV company here in the UK, if I would let a film crew come with me to the location. At this moment in time I am saying no to the offer for no other reason than I am gathering as much footage as possible without all the associated media attention.

The Sonora Sightings Ufo

This is a very strange cluster Ufo filmed over Sonora in 2005

Balloons or Ufos ?

I think these things are more likely to be ballons, but who knows - what's your opinion guys?
posters comments: filmed over Mexico year after year no one has ever taken credit for this and they are very large and I think very strange. Sometimes they just hover for 30 minutes or so.

Ufo Scares family on VACATION! with Video Footage

As featured on sci fi a good Ufo case from 2001 where a family caught a Ufo on tape:

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

White House to be Briefed On Potential Life on Mars ?

According to this article from aviation weekly we are up for a much bigger annnouncement than for just water on Mars. Here is an extract from the article :

The White House has been alerted by NASA about plans to make an announcement soon on major new Phoenix lander discoveries concerning the "potential for life" on Mars. Sources say the new data do not indicate the discovery of existing or past life on Mars. Rather the data relate to habitability--the "potential" for Mars to support life--at the Phoenix arctic landing site, sources say.

The data are much more complex than results related NASA's July 31 announcement that Phoenix has confirmed the presence of water ice at the site. ..

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory science team for the MECA wet-chemistry instrument that made the findings was kept out of a July 31 news conference at the University of Arizona Phoenix control center. The goal was to prevent them from being asked any questions that could reveal information before NASA is ready to make an announcement, sources say.

The Bush Administration's Presidential Science Advisor's office, however, has been briefed on the new information that NASA hopes to release as early as mid August. It is possible an announcement would not come until September, to allow for additional analysis. That will depend upon the latest results still being analyzed from the spacecraft's organic oven and soil chemistry laboratories.

read more here

Floating Ufos Argentina 25th of July 2008

Bloomington Indiana Ufos 28th July 2008

Again very interesting ufo video

Monday, August 04, 2008

JULY 15, 2008 another Ufo seen by NASA?

Apparently filmed from a recent Nasa mission this Strange object seems to be pulsing, not sure if is debris but it is quite odd - whats your thoughts guys?:

Ufo follows a plane ?15th May 2004

Hope this si not a CGI, looks like some erratic ufo following a place - is this what they call a foo fighter?

Strange object seen over the Uk

Not sure what this is guys, is it something from a rocket lauch or more, the contrail looks bizzare , whats your comments?

Dr. Edgar Mitchell on Roswell

Dr. Edgar Mitchell says Roswell was real and shouldn't be forgotten:

West Jordan, UT July 4th 2008 Ufo?

Strange objects seen over West Jordan, UT

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ufo report over SASKATCHEWAN CANADA 2006

An old news report about a ufo over SASKATCHEWAN in Canda - quite interesting:

Beaver County Ufo PA 24th July 2008

posters comments:
Eye view were just lights. zoomed in.One looks close to a jet although lights are in the wrong areas, other is unknown. the three triangle lights in the front of the craft distort view.Many sightings in Beaver County PA.

NASA Mars Database Exposed - Life on Mars like earth ?

This is very interesting guys,
According to this site, the NASA Mars Database has false data in it to mask the true colour of the recent photos taken from the Mars.
Once the lens filter data is corrected to exclude these errors, the true colour shots are revealed and provide view of mars we have never seen before - a land not unsimilar to earth.
Would like to hear your comments on this guys, I mean if true could NASA have really be misleading us all this time to think Mars was just a barren red coloured planet?:

Supporting the above video, yet another big announcement on mars is coming up which will reveal again that Mars is similar to earth: According to this site, there is new data which appears to indicate the "potential for life" more conclusively than the TEGA water results. Apparently, these new results are being kept secret until more detailed analysis can be carried out. The jist of the findings is that soil on mars is similar to that on earth and that it is likely capable of sustaining microorganisms and even plant life.

Gary McKinnon extradition proves US government is serious on Ufos

Hey guys,
With my previous post about the military helicopters in Bloomington, Indiana and the recent expose' by Dr Edgar Mitchell, it really hits home how serious the US government is about the UFO phenomenon and covering it up.

I guess its only natural then for their aggressive response to extradite hacker Gary McKinnon who uncovered some of their most sensitive and secret information on Ufos (the airbrushing of Ufos out at NASA). No one has ever been succesfully extradited from the UK for what Gary has done but the relentlessness of the US goverment in the case proves their real convern not about security but the nature of the data - that is ufos and particularly what 'Gary has not yet said about what he saw'.

Now that the appeal by Gary has been lost to the house of Lords things does not look good at all for Gary as he only has one route of appeal left in the European Court of Human Rights (which is to be decided within the next 10 - 20 days). If this fails he will be extradicted as a terrorist to the US where he will be subject to Guantanamo Bay style military or special category justice.

The whole claim to extradite him is based on the fact that he caused 1 million dollars in damage - but it only takes commonsense to figure out that its not possible for a guy on a dial-up modem to cause damage to the hardware of like 300 computers - Something is truly suspect here
(support Gary by checking his website below)

Gary McKinnon is facing extradition to the USA under the controversial Extradition Act 2003, without any prima facie evidence or charges brought against him in a UK court. Try him here in the UK, under UK law.

Bloomington, Indiana UFO and the Black US Military helicopters

Very Interesting Video indeed - what are your thoughts guys?
The black military helicopters are very common after genuine ufo sightings and it just goes to prove yet again that the US government is closely monitoring Ufos:

Posters comments:
This guy films some UFO's in Bloomington, Indiana, then next day Black Military helicopters make repeated sweeps over his house and he gets it all on film. This is freakin bizarre, crazy, scary or SOMETHING. But it's real for sure.
Check out in the video @3:30 a helicopter comes in from the right and just before it reaches the strobing sphere, it suddenly swoops and arcs out like it's deflected with magnetism or something!! WTF is that??! ha And looks like military is all around the thing. The guy says he shot this earlier in the year and has had this film kept away to not get in trouble and is just now putting it on the internet.