Sunday, August 03, 2008

Bloomington, Indiana UFO and the Black US Military helicopters

Very Interesting Video indeed - what are your thoughts guys?
The black military helicopters are very common after genuine ufo sightings and it just goes to prove yet again that the US government is closely monitoring Ufos:

Posters comments:
This guy films some UFO's in Bloomington, Indiana, then next day Black Military helicopters make repeated sweeps over his house and he gets it all on film. This is freakin bizarre, crazy, scary or SOMETHING. But it's real for sure.
Check out in the video @3:30 a helicopter comes in from the right and just before it reaches the strobing sphere, it suddenly swoops and arcs out like it's deflected with magnetism or something!! WTF is that??! ha And looks like military is all around the thing. The guy says he shot this earlier in the year and has had this film kept away to not get in trouble and is just now putting it on the internet.
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mike said...

interesting!the morgan-monroe state forest,just north of this location,has had some weird happenings this past year! the DNR has had numerous reports of men in business suits walking along trails that run deep into the forest.

Anonymous said...

so why is this video not available anymore? no one can comment??

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