Friday, August 08, 2008

Recap on the Triangle UFO over Dundee Wisconsin the 6th August

Guys, have been trying to locate the poster or get more info on this amazing new huge triangle ufo sighting in Wisconsin. Does anyone know anything , had mufon update or seen comments from the poster? Apparently triangle Ufo's in Wisconsin are not uncommon. A report from 2001 (below) may bring to light some information which may relate to the current sighting,

Large Triangle UFO over Dundee Wisconsin
Article from 2001 Wisconsin triangle ufo sighting
DUNDEE -- Jim Aho writes we have a hot new sensational UFO report on July 15, 2001, from with over 50 witnesses, photos and even VERY CLEAR video taken by a professional. The object was a Flying Triangular shaped craft. The witness Tim states, "I observed it through binoculars and I could see that it had three lights at the corners - blue, purple and
green - and a faint blue outline. At first, the object was stationary but a ball of light approached the triangle from the right and changed both course and appearance. It changed from a ball of light to two lights: one red and one flashing white and could have even been mistaken for an aircraft. After about 7 minutes, the triangle craft started moving in a tumbling motion like it was almost rolling away to the right. It was like a pyramid with three sides and a bottom. When it started moving I could see that it was three dimensional. Jim writes, "I have seen a photograph of the craft. It's a little blurred because it was!
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Anonymous said...

Hmmm... what do we have here? A light against a black sky. Could be anything, really.

Nick dk said...

This is STILL no triangel UFO!!!!!!!!

Jesus F crist!!

Virtually Lucid said...

Okay, I'll admit that in this recap the quotes say that people saw an object that was solid and triangular.

I don't buy it.

The video doesn't show one object with different colored lights. It shows SIX lights in a succession that flicker out after a prescribed length of time, seemingly. You call it flashing..I say it's burning out. Either way. Six objects of orange hue in the video, in a line, with no intervening structure doesn't jibe with the description of one object with a solid structure and different colored lights.

Tony Benante said...

I don't know about the film but my wife and I have seen a Triangular Craft close up at about 500 feet.This was on December 25th 2001.We live in Vancouver British Columbia Canada. We were driving home from Christmas dinner when we spotted it out the car window.It was just hovering in one spot it did not move,then we seen a ball of white light the size of a baseball go under the craft from the east.What was amazing is that the light shot up dead center bottom of the craft toward a red beacon light in bottom center of craft.I could only assume it was a probe of some kind.Believe me they do exsist don't know if its military or from another world.But my guess is from another world just because of the fact of the white ball of light that is able to direct it movement in free air and return to the craft looks like a probe to me of some sort.

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