Tuesday, August 05, 2008

White House to be Briefed On Potential Life on Mars ?

According to this article from aviation weekly we are up for a much bigger annnouncement than for just water on Mars. Here is an extract from the article :

The White House has been alerted by NASA about plans to make an announcement soon on major new Phoenix lander discoveries concerning the "potential for life" on Mars. Sources say the new data do not indicate the discovery of existing or past life on Mars. Rather the data relate to habitability--the "potential" for Mars to support life--at the Phoenix arctic landing site, sources say.

The data are much more complex than results related NASA's July 31 announcement that Phoenix has confirmed the presence of water ice at the site. ..

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory science team for the MECA wet-chemistry instrument that made the findings was kept out of a July 31 news conference at the University of Arizona Phoenix control center. The goal was to prevent them from being asked any questions that could reveal information before NASA is ready to make an announcement, sources say.

The Bush Administration's Presidential Science Advisor's office, however, has been briefed on the new information that NASA hopes to release as early as mid August. It is possible an announcement would not come until September, to allow for additional analysis. That will depend upon the latest results still being analyzed from the spacecraft's organic oven and soil chemistry laboratories.

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Anonymous said...

This story is a hoax I'm afraid:


If anything, it may be the opposite of what we have hoped for:

NO LIFE: Martian soil may contain detrimental substance...

Anonymous said...


NASA already knows there are alien life coming 2 earth, but just wont tell us.
So who gives a flying fuk what the have 2 say about Mars.
U just cant trust it anyway...

gibbe said...

To the last anonymous.

You are spot on.

Who cares about this?


UFO Admin said...

Seems you guys are blinded by UFO disease.

Anonymous said...

or maybe u are blinded and just wont see the facts?

U just need 2 see the disclosure project.
Thats all the proof u need

Anonymous said...

UFO Admin said...
"Seems you guys are blinded by UFO disease."

Seems you blinded by the idiotic beliefs of a failed civilization… Lap lap the [email protected] is the Sheeples favourite song, and what a song, when sung by billions.

If you think Aliens' do not exist, then you are stupid.(end of part 1)

If you believe they exist but don’t come to Earth, then you watch too much TV, but there is still hope..

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