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Ufos, power stations & Blackouts - Niagra Falls & NYC 1965

I was recently reminded by a reader about the strong link between Ufos, blackouts and power stations both conventional & hydroelectric. Over the years as you may know numerous Ufo sightings have occurred over Niagra Falls region but i was unaware this has been happening since 1965 and there is a historical link due to a power station being the vacinity.
There is actually alot more to this topic (more here) and i would like further feedback from everyone if you know more.

Below is a Readers testimonial:
In 1988 i believe it was in new brunswick canada. I SEEN A REAL UFO. !It was stealing power from the power line whick is huge towers strechingthe wires far above the ground. I watched it for about 20 minutes.It was round with some different lights on it blinking around it.When it was finished it took off to the souuth east of St. John N.B. It was only a second going out of site across the horrizon. I calculated
the speed and it was faster than anything on earth... This a true fact. I was called a liar but apparently from the news paper there was 7 other people who seen this.

I have been advised the famous 1965 mass blackout of New York had numerous connections to Ufo sightings that day (see below). The Northeast Blackout of 1965 left 25 million people and 80,000 square miles (207,000 km²) without electricity for up to twelve hours. About 3 mintues into the broadcast, Frank McGee reports from New York by candlelight:

On the same night, many UFO sightings were made in the same area.
One occurred at 4:30 PM over Tidioute, Pennsylvania, and another at 5:22 PM between Syracuse Airport and Rochester, New York. They were described as fast, bright objects. During the blackout, a private pilot and a flight instructor both witnessed a bright fireball 50100 ft in diameter, which quickly vanished. The fireball was observed over the Clay Power Station, which was originally said to be the source of the blackout before authorities reported the source of the surge to be at Beck.

In New York City, UFOs with a strange glow were reported, and one of the pictures of the object taken was printed in Time Magazine. Before the Federal Power Commission's explanation, the Indianapolis Star, the Syracuse Herald-Journal, and the Associated Press all picked up the UFO reports.

UFOs near Power Station in Moscow on October,16th,2009:

On the night of Nov. 9, 1965 seconds before lights began flickering and failing all the way from the Adam Beck power plant at Queenston, Ont. to New York City. [ The Adam Beck power plant in Queenston is located directly across the Niagara River from the Robert Moses power plant in Lewiston, New York, just outside of the City of Niagara Falls. Readers may recall the great Northeastern power failure of 1965, and other articles I will be posting make reference to the sightings of an object above the Adam Beck plant that day. ]

The great northeast power blackout officially was blamed on a faulty relay in the Ontario Hydro switchyard at Queenston but other persons, mainly members of the Massachusetts unit of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, said it was caused by visitors from space.

There were many sightings minutes before the blackout of a strange object hovering near the Beck plant. A crewman aboard a cargo plane landing at the Niagara Falls International Airport and an observer on the grownd saw the strange object.

So did a number of other persons, although at the time an Ontario Hydro official denied anybody told them of the sightings. Several years later a Hydro official confirmed that sightings were noted by hundreds of persons.
At the time, power officials said no conditions were prevalent that could have caused a corona discharge or arcing between power lines that may have been mistaken for a UFO.

The observer on the cargo plane saw what he described as a glowing mass over the power station.

It looked like a huge barn fire and was rising and just at that time the lights began to flicker on the ground. Before the plane came to a halt on the runway, the blackout was on.

Did UFOs above the plant suck out energy from the plant to replenish their depleting supplies, thus precipitating the blackout? Three years later, in April of 1968, weird lights were seen again over the Beck station.

At about 2:15 a.m. on April 2, three Niagara Falls police officers watching from Lewiston Road and Hyde Park Boulevard observed pulsating lights for nearly an hour.

"They were like something I have never seen before," said one of the officers, Patrolman Thomas Shumway. Read more source

UFO at Sizewell Nuclear Power Station April 2002:

UFO sighting Wallingford Connecticut 01.09.2012

Callign all people from Wallingford Connecticut - did anyone else spot these strange low flying ufo lights?

Posters comments:
UFO sighting in Walling ford CT, January 9th 2012 at approximately 10:00 pm
recorded from my Friends Htc evo, this small clip does not justify what the eye saw which was about 25 to 30 smaller lights surrounding the bigger ones.
did anyone else witness anything at this date/ time?

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Strange happenings..

To all the loyal RealUfos readers,

I've been receiving strange emails & prank calls for such a long time.
Ive been running this blog since 2005. Im used to negative feedback and comments.
I have never decided to "give it up" and i won't. Plus there are so many ufo blogs out there right now. The story is out and the ufo news keeps coming in.
I know who reads this site, the stats speak for themselves.

This only makes me want to keep posting more and I'll never stop.

Sorry all just had to vent.

Im finally back in full swing after numerous interruptions and i apologise to all our loyal readers. 2012 is going to be a huge year for ufology - brace yourself!

Keep your Eyes to the Skies


Why UFOs and Alien Technology are Covered Up - Dr Greer

Although sometimes controversial Dr Greer really has a few great points here on why Ufo disclosure is being held back:

In this excerpt from an interview with New Paradigm Films, Dr. Steven Greer explains why the UFO presence has been hidden from the public. There are three main reasons for the secrecy:
1. The Inertia of the Secrecy
"Once you start something secret and you've made so many lies, and you've killed so many people, and threatened so many people, and you've lied to congress, and you've lied to presidents, how do you bring this out?"
2. Religious Interests
"The other is that there were orthodox religious interests that did not know what to make of this..."
3. New Technologies
"The biggest became the technological and scientific end of this...these objects are extracting energy from the fabric of space...they realized this was the end of oil. It's the end of the need for coal. It's the end of the internal combustion engine. It's the end of transmission lines for electricity....
"What happens when every village in India or sub-Saharan Africa can have a device that looks like a generator and it's extracting energy from this quantum flux field...this would be a wonderful thing, it would be the end of poverty...but it would also be the end of the economic hegemony where Europe and America dominate the whole global economy... it's about power. Who has the power."
- Dr. Steven Greer

Strange noises and lights over North Michigan

Did anyone else from North Michigan also spot this strange ufo sighting:

Posters comments:
This footage was taken near the 45th parallel in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan at 7:20 p.m. on 1/10/2012. I uploaded it directly from the camera for maximum quality, and I have not edited or converted the footage in any way.

The roaring sound was initially much louder than what I captured, but by the time I got into the house and got my camera it had faded quite a bit. From start to finish the sound lasted about 10 minutes.

I didn't even notice the lights at first, but when I did I focused in on them immediately. I saw this exact same thing last week over the town of Ossineke but since I didn't have any proof I didn't say anything. I could not tell if there was a roaring noise last week as I was traveling in a rather loud pickup and since I wasn't expecting to hear anything I wasn't listening.

There are no active military installations anywhere near here. The closest would have been Wurtsmith Air Force Base, but it closed down many years ago. The local airport is only large enough to service turboprops; the closet jet capable airport is in Saginaw, which is about 140 miles away

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jamie Maussan talking about Ufos near Volcanoes

Over the years there has always been a long connection between Ufos and Volcanoes.
Ufo reporter Jamie Maussan look at this in further detail:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Halo Appears Above Mile High Stadium During Broncos vs. Steelers Game - Jan. 8, 2012

Video taped by fans at the Broncos vs. Steelers Game. Jan 8, 2012

"Let's all try to be calm and rational about this. In addition to Tim Tebow throwing 316 yards in the Broncos' upset over the Steelers (Tebow painted Bible verse John 3:16 under his eyes in college) and fans replacing "Tebow" with "Jesus" on their jerseys, apparently a halo-like smoke ring formed over Mile High yesterday after the Broncos scored their first field goal.

Mark Neuman-Lee, an attendee of the Steelers/Broncos game and photographer of the "Mile High Halo," tells HuffPost he'd never seen the ring prior to yesterday's NFL upset. Two season pass ticket-holders also told HuffPost the halo seems to be an anomaly. At the time of publication, a request for comment from the Broncos was not immediately returned."

Cigar shaped Ufo or ballon ? Brazil

Sent in by a reader - Im assuming this one may be a ballon but will let you all decide on this one:

Strange ufo lights over Mount Bisbino, Italy 7th January 2012

A few strange lights filmed over Mount Bisbino Italy on the 7th January 2012.
They could be anything really, even sky lanterns.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Large triangular shaped object caught on Infrared camera

Ive seen a similar video a few years back. Its likely a satellite in low orbit. The poster advises it could be a Ufo. Either way i would like you opinions on this footage:

Posters comments:
This is a large scout ship that I caught on my Yukon Night Vision 5x42 digital (Infrared) camera. I believe this is just one of the many scout watcher crafts that are part of the ET's that exist on the dark side of the moon. The 10 mile long mothership is situated there.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Unusual Meteor shower December 14th over Tottenham

A strange one from the 14th December 2011 filmed over: Tottenham.
By the way im back into posting after my longest hiatus ever due to extended holidays.