Friday, June 22, 2012

UFO Orbs Over Michigan? 9-21/06/2012

Another video in from Michigan - 21/06/2012 in Escanaba:

Posters comments:
I was driving in town at 11pm and noticed a bright red light in the sky. Went in its direction out of town and there was 3 objects. One had fadded away overhead as I pulled over and got my phone into camera mode. The lights seemed more red then they appeared in the video.
Another resident: 
I was turning off my street on to Plymouth Rd. I looked up and seen at least 20 glowing objects in the sky! Redford 9th June 2012 I immediately pulled over and started recording!! A resident gives his account of the orbs over Michigan on the 9th of June:

UFO Or Man-Made Craft Over Moscow? 9/06/2012

Filmed over Moscow on 9/06/2012. Was this craft simply mistaken for a helicopter or small plane? Your comments appreciated.

UFOs Over Highland, Utah 2012

Many residents from Utah have witnessed UFO orbs over the sky.
We would like to hear from you if you've also witnessed this:

Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Crop Circle - The Planets. Poirino, Italy 17/06/2012

Recent crop circle:

Santena, nr Poirino Italy June 17 2012 

Giant Fireball Meteor Alarm Grounds Colorado firefighter Planes

This is a strange story....a Meteor Alarm grounds Colorado firefighters:
Firstly it is strange because of the fore-warning and secondly because of the size of these fireballs.
Apparently there is something happening with an increase in fireball activity worldwide and they are not infact, all caused by meteors...

Four single-engine firefighting aircraft were grounded briefly after a possible meteor was seen in the sky. The Colorado sighting corresponded with reports of a possible meteorite, filed by the crews of two commercial aircraft over Liberal, Kan, said meteorologist Scott Entrekin of the National Weather Service in Boulder.
Fireballs - Weather Plasmas now classified?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Interesting New Crop Circle Appears In Iran

Interesting new Crop Circle appears in Iran

Strange Ovnis. Pulsating Red UFO Over Rome, Italy 18/6/2012

Did anyone else in Rome see this strange set of red Orbs?  
 Rome, Italy. Red flashing globe, silently flying at low altitude with changes of pulse rate.
18 June 2012 03:06a.m local time. Does not appear to be a usual plane, helicopter or satellite.

Crop Circles & Anomalies - Coast to Coast AM

Interesting feature of Crop Circles and Anomalies for those interested, aired on C2C:

Appearing during the program, Crop Circle expert Simeon Hein discussed anomalous energies and haywire equipment he experienced during trips to crop formations (see images below). There are many sources for Crop Circles-- balls of light, UFO/ETs, as well as humans, he outlined. Hein has tagged along on some of the man-made overnight missions and saw a complete design created in a barley field in 4-5 hours. Curiously, anomalous phenomena such as camera batteries inexplicably conking out, have occurred at the man-made sites. This led him to conclude that something about the crop formations/patterns, even though man-made, is causing energetic interactions.
Crop Circles are telling us about the "language of resonance," and could be thought of like musical instruments for modulating energy, he said. The human circlemakers are creating a kind of natural magic, and their patterns have grown increasingly complex over the years, Hein commented. Formations associated with balls of light (seen by many witnesses) tend to feature small circles, and uncomplicated designs, he added. One theory posits that these 'plasma balls' are a natural phenomenon coming from the upper atmosphere. He also detailed associations between UFOs and Crop Circles - sometimes UFOs leave formations and circular landing traces; other times craft may be attracted to formations already there.

New Crop Circles. Berkley Lane, Somerset UK 17/06/2012

New Crop Circles in Berkley Lane. Somerset UK 17/06/2012
Eyewitness comments:
There is a crop circle in a field next to the A361 between Frome and Berkley in Somerset. It was not there yesterday, so has happened last night. 
Several people and the farmer there already when I saw it while walking my dogs at 8am. Farmer said there will be little he can do to stop people from going into his field, so is hesitant but ok about visitors as long as they stay to the tractor lines and do not leave litter or damage any crop. 
The one with a ring is all spiral swirly inside. The whole formation is at a rough guess 25-30m. No sign of disruption to the standing circles.  The field is planted with wheat. The larger circle has a diameter of approximately 30meters. Does the symbol  represent something to do with planetary orbit or the solar system?
read more source

Triangle UFO Seen From SOHO? 17/06/2012

The NASA SOHO program seems to constantly be capturing strange objects.
One of the live feeds apparently revealed this triangle object on the 17th of June:
Would like your feedback on this interesting phenomenon:
Lasco C3 SOHO website. 17 June, 2012.
If you want to learn more about SOHO see the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory Homepage

Sunday, June 17, 2012

UFO Sighted Above Drogenbos Power Plant, Brussels, Belgium. 16/06/2012

A very interesting report in from Drogenbos, Brussels Belgium. We would like anyone in Belgium who may have also seen this one or anyone in the area who saw UFOs recently to come forward and reply to this post. There is a long history of UFOs near power stations, both nuclear and coal /gas powered. As with volcano sightings, it's postulated that they are attracted to these areas of energy, possibly for observation or recharging:
Witness report:
At about 11.15 pm on june 16 2012.
I was driving with my wife along Humanitet Blvd in Drogenbos - Brussels - Belgium. (Location link)

We saw exactly 5 RED Orbs in the sky, in the neighbor-hood of the power plant + 100 meters above. They were not moving and not in formation as they headed towards the east (center of Brussels).
The Orbs were not blinking. We could see a big blurred red light in each. 
Unfortunalety my mobile phone is an old one and does not have camera.

There was a lot of traffic and my wife was quite tired, so she urged me to drive home quickly. 

They were flying slowly, then faster, then again slowing down and not synchronized at all. 
It was a nightsight. It is a populated area (industries, some shops)
and lasted 1 minute or more(because I was driving away), they did not disappear, but continued flying eastward.

I hope someone took some pictures or recorded it, because I am still asking myself if it was some military device or something else. I am quite sure, they were not planes. 
Personally, It made me feel strange. Difficult to explain.

The location of the electrical CCGT (Combined Cycle Gas Turbine) power plant in Drogenbos, near the Brussels ring-road (not nuclear)

New Crop Circle Formation In Camponogara, Venezia 14/06/2012

New Crop Circle formation in Camponogara, Venezia. 14/06/ 2012 

Camponogara, is a Venetian town of approx' 13 thousand residents in the province of Venice, Italy. In the next few days it will likely have many more visitors, with the likely arrival of onlookers from every part of Italy coming to view a Crop Circle, discovered Thursday, June 14th.
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Green UFO! Winnipeg, MB Canada :16/06/2012

A Green UFO appears over Winnipeg, Canada on June 16th:

Posters comments:
Seen this exact UFO last night at that exact same time stated "11:30pm". I have spent up until now 2:45am June 16 2012 searching for anyone else out there who witnessed this sighting as well. I was at work @ CN Rail when This bright Ball of light Was shinning in the turned an orange color and by the time I turned my head it was gone. I am so happy that this guy caught exactly what I saw!!

Investigation X - UFO Outbreak Documentary

You may remember back in 2008 the famous Stephenville UFO sightings.
During that time, UFOs were seen and videotaped by many people in different towns across Texas Indiana, and Massachusetts.
This interesting documentary takes a closer look at these mass sightings: