Friday, February 26, 2010

Shimmering UFO in Scandinavia

At first i thought this was alens flare... but i am not sure .. any opinions on this one people?
Captured in the middle of the night in a remote part of Scandinavia, this footage has so far defied explanation.

Ufo over MEDELLIN Columbia

A new report about an ovni (ufo) over Columbia

Navy wipes out airbrushed Moon Lunar Images

Looks like the Navy has 'updated' its lunar images on the database to wipe out the obvious airbrushing seen from the 2004 images.

News from MArs Anomaly site:

You should know that very significant changes in the US Navy/DOD (Department of Defense) Clementine Moon science data has now happened that will negatively impact that data. Specifically to the anomalous evidence that I have reported on and that was previously in that data. In my opinion, truth already seriously compromised in the original version 1.5 data just took a blow with the advent of the new 2.0 data.

The Clementine original data was previously accessed by Clementine Browser version 1.5. Years ago in 2004 after my revelations drawn from the 1994 Clementine data noted in the 2004 Report #067–#071 links below, it was announced that there would be a new browser interface coming. It is now here as version 2.0 and negatively impacts the discoveries in the following 2004 reports.

Continue reading here

The original 'airbrushed' images if you have never seen them:

Mars and weird structures

A presentation about those weird structures over mars.

Life On MARS - New Scientific Evidence
Enviado por bornovali. - Videos das ultimas descobertas cientificais.

cigar-shaped UFO Aufnahme Germany 29 December 2009

Aufnahme Germany 29 December 2009 - does fit the classic cigar ufo shape.. but could it also have been some ballon?

Cigar-shaped UFO Aufnahme Germany 29 December 2009
Enviado por justa4t. - Ver mais videos cientificos

orange UFO Orbs over Geneva, Texas - February 2010

Did anyone from Texas witness this Ufo ? - please comment

Triangle UFO over raanana, hasharon, israel.

credit to one our readers amit for this translation
taken at 3am, in raanana, hasharon, israel. in the comments several people say they saw the same thing, although he doesn't say what date it was in.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Australian Morning Shows talks about Ufo Cloud over Mexico

As you may know there have been so many weird Cloud formations recently over the last few months
This Australian news report discusses that Ufo Cloud over Mexico :

Ufos - Out Of This World Staffordshire 1954

This old lady seems very sincere with her Ufo account:

Ufos - The Best Evidence - Strange Encounters

Cases of alien abductions, animal mutilations and mysterious crop formations.

Abductions in 1997 ?

After going over numerous emails and recently talking with one woman about her encounters back in 1997 I am looking for anyone else who had some Ufo/alien encounters around this time. Just trying to work out any similarities amoung all these cases.

Its seems like the months before the Phoenix lights many people reported seeing the same large black triangle craft all over the United states. Some people have experienced lapses in time and strange occurances during this period.

Please email me if you personally had any encounters during this time.


More on the UK MoD UFO Files Released in 2010

News report from that new UK Mod file release i posted about over a week ago:

More than 6,000 pages of UFO sightings include reports of 'flying Toblerones', blue triangles and silky white substances. The files span from 1994 to 2000 and contain accounts told to the police, military and Government.

Aircraft of all shapes and sizes have been witnessed flying over a wide range of locations - including Chelsea FC's stadium and the former home secretary Michael Howard's home in Kent.
A funeral director reported feeling physically sick and developing a skin condition after his car was enveloped by a "tube of light" in Ebbw Vale in Wales.
Another report contains details of a blue triangle hovering over a garden in Birmingham.
The man who discovered it claimed the craft shot off and left a "silky-white" substance which he collected in a jam jar.
An electrician in West Lothian spotted the "Toblerone-shaped" UFO hovering over a field.
Nick Pope, who used to run the British Government's UFO project, described the reports as "the real-life X-Files".
"The X-Files was hugely popular during the period covered by these files," he said.
"But these are the real-life X-Files.
"Some sightings were explained and some weren't, some were funny and some were just plain weird."
Experts believe the records highlight how shapes of reported UFOs have changed over the last half-century and say this could be due to portrayals on television shows.

Perhaps the spookiest sighting released by the National Archives was reported by the police themselves.
Boston and Skegness officers captured their UFO on film. They reported it to the coastguard who in turn alerted ships in the North Sea, where a crew saw further UFOs.
At the same time, an unidentified blip was picked up over Boston by RAF defence radar.
Source continue reading

Ufo NEXT TO VENUS ? Costa Rica

Meteor crash over South America

Looks like a meteor crash .. does anyone have any more information on this one?

UFO - Gulf Breeze, Florida, May, 1988

One of my favs from the archive - Gulf Breeze is a well known Ufo hotspot - In this video Multiple UFO's over Gulf Breeze, Florida in May, 1988. Footage taken by Ralph Fuller.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lees West Yorkshire - object seen

What was this object seen in Yorkshire the other day - any opinions?

"Definate Triangle UFO shape aircraft.
I came back from work and checked my camera i had set up recording an area of the sky in which i had seen an object a few days earlier. To my shock and total surprise, this is what i see.
I am currently recording areas of the sky with 2 cameras, hopefully i will capture more footage."

Object tries to communicate?

This footage is impressive indeed - is this craft trying to communicate via light flashes?

Object over Mexico City Feb 21

Update from the Sun

Latest UFO sighting - Another study of Sun's footage recorded by NASA's Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). This was taken this Friday - February 19, 2010.

Repost Stirling Ufo - UK

Ufo over California?

Weird sky

Ufo on Japanese News

Battles in Space?

Footage filmed using night vision goggles. Is what has been titled 'UFO Wars' a real battle in space?

Hi all

Hi Everyone,

I have been struggling to do posts as youtube is restricted in this country which i am travelling through.
Its a shame that some ISPs wish to filter and blockout content .

Will do my best,


Triangle UFO over UK June 13th 2009

Triangle UFO over UK June 13th 2009
Enviado por justa4t. - Noticias sobre a tecnologia e a ciência em vídeo

Strange black object over San Jose, Ca

Daytime unknown solid object was photographed over San Jose, California on Friday - February 19, 2010 at 6 pm.

top light, I looked up in the southern direction. We were at Hillsdale and Ross making a left. We were in south San Jose at the time. I was on the passenger side. I snapped four to 5 pics of this object in the sky from my cell phone. As we were entering the parking lot, it suddenly vanished!"

Monday, February 22, 2010

Green lights over Stirling - Scotland, UK

Green UFOs over Stirling - Scotland, UK recorded on February 4, 2010 at 8:50 pm.

Ufo makes the news in Korea

UFOS Over Australia

I think this is a news report but im glad to here some report from down under.

Queensland Woman Takes Video Of UFO UFOS Australia UFO Queensland Australia Queensland Woman UFO Original Unedited Footage Released

Sunday, February 21, 2010

2 Reader submitted Ufo videos 2010

Two linked objects formation over Bo'ness, Scotland recorded in January 2010.

Latest UFO sighting - Two lights in the sky during the day over São Gabriel, Brazil. This footage was recorded this Thursday - February 18, 2010 at 8:20 pm.

Ufo Adelaide Hills 2005 - Australia

"It was in March of 05 if I remember correctly. I can check this in my records. It was a balmy night and I sat on my driveway with my video camera. (Which is normal for me) and I saw this light get so large and bright I started filming and was very excited during the sighting. A great sighting."

Oxford UK Ufos seen 20th Feb 2010

Latest UFO sighting - Lights in the sky in triangle formation recorded over Oxford, UK this Saturday - February 20, 2010 at 10:35 pm.

"I saw these strange lights in the sky at 22.35 this evening, the 20th February 2010. They were orange or amber in colour and flew in a loose formation of 8 or 10 northeast over Oxford, England. After a minute or two they slowed down, flickered and went out. Were they Chinese Lanterns? If so why did they fly so fast; theres almost no wind, and how did they slow down? Also the little wind around is a south-easterly.

Fox News - still ' Fear & Imbalanced '

While I’m waiting for the blocking of youtube in the country i am in to resolve, i wanted to bring up something that really bothers me ...This is the Fox news network ( This below image is so true!).
After spending some time in the US recently i decided to switch on the TV and watch some of the local news. Up came Fox and i was drawn into the sleek, fast paced, alarmist and short attention spanned world of fox that dishes out right-wing propaganda (under the guise of news) in such an art form that its like they have become the McDonald’s of news reporting!

Fox has got the average non-thinking American by the hook - the use of the nationalistic red and blue flag colors, use of words like "Americas newsroom", 'fear updates' with the constant the terrorist alerts, no-brainer episodes like fox extra (talking about things like "doga" - yoga for dogs!) and commentators like arrogant Bill O'Reilly, (who according to fox is the voice of the 'common man' ) - All form the right components to appeal to the short attention spans of the average viewer - who by no co-incidence are the voting majority of the nation.

Fox's messages are so well crafted as news you could say the network has become as manipulative as state run media. Fear campaigns run at the core of Fox's news and grab the viewers attention by creating an alarmist reaction. According to the Outfoxed  documentary there are even teams of collaborators from psychologists to writers who work to craft  their 'news' to ensure it provokes just the right 'emotive' response on many political & opinion based topics.

It only takes a few minutes after listing to fox that you can tell they are essentially a voice for the Republican Party and everything conservative. I couldn’t believe how many times in a hour I heard commentary about the democrats doing something wrong or how President Obama apparently is losing popularity or even how bad the New York times is (Fox dislikes the Times paper cause Murdoch can't buy it!) . It’s a disgrace this isn’t news - its an opinion.

You know the saying - If people hear a lie long enough they begin to believe it, well with Mr Murdoch’s Media network broadcasting his message 24/7 (via numerous TV networks and hundreds of newspapers) it  shows  you know who really is in power in the US. Its actually quite scary to think that with basically with one word Mr. Murdoch can make or break a government in time - with his hundreds of reporters and writers weaving his right wing ideas as news.

I can assure you there is nothing "fair and balanced" about Fox News (it's really - 'Fear & Imbalanced')  and when you hear them repeat this slogan like some mantra, you are right to be suspicious about the reasons for their defensiveness .

Ohh and I'll leave you with this definition to ponder - (unlike Fox I know that my readers have brains):

Propaganda: Propaganda is a form of communication aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position. As opposed toimpartially providing information, propaganda in its most basic sense, presents information primarily to influence an audience.

So lets use our brains more people cause if we do - organizations like Fox News might not be needed!

Internet Filter Shuts down RealUfos!

This is very disturbing people

With all the talk about Internet Filtering in Australia i have actually been effected by it now directly in a different country...

I can't seem to access youtube or embed any videos or use hotmail, facebook or even itunes for the last 2 days! This means i can't update the blog!

All other sites work but the main social media and video sharing sites have been blocked!

We contacted the ISP and it is a state wide issue - Just found out that its cause the country i am at the moment (not Australia) can at will allow its Internet providers to block access to youtube if traffic is too high or if there are copyright lawsuits.

I tried using a proxy to bypass the filtering and youtube works - so the ISP is blocking these sites out for sure. I found using works well for this!

Its disturbing as it has impacted the realUfos blog...  hopefully using the new proxy things will be ok
But just think about it - if a government can basically have a media blackout and they can very quickly force all ISPs to comply and all sites are taken down!

I couldn't even access my hotmail or itunes as well. Its very shocking  that governments can allow this type of filtering to block freedom of speech.

Is anyone else have youtube Issues in their country?

I heard yesterday Youtube was down for some time and there was some concern about hackers from Iran or China being held responsible.

Please let me know Matt,