Friday, February 26, 2010

Shimmering UFO in Scandinavia

At first i thought this was alens flare... but i am not sure .. any opinions on this one people?
Captured in the middle of the night in a remote part of Scandinavia, this footage has so far defied explanation.
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Push Back said...

Lets hear the sound that it makes. Not the drama music. I found High Power Lasers on the web. A lizard or bird will push back the best that it can , what will you do ? Go quietly into the night ?

Push Back said...

I know that many of you will say that the Aliens are friendly , kind , wonderful , loving. I say let them Stand Forth And Prove It. Christ said , you will know them by their fruits.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting because of its movements but, it's too focused on the object. Footage that the witness shoots clearly zooming in and out from an object, so that we viewers can see the landscape, or where the object is in the sky relative to the landscape, is more compelling. This footage is shot so that we viewers presume it is in the sky. Honestly, without any frame of reference it's difficult to even guess what we're seeing here.

Roberto said...

HOLA AMIGOS : Deseo compartir con ustedes ,esta foto tomada de un OVNI, durante mis vacaciones en Villa Giardino (CÓRDOBA ,ARGENTINA) el 11 de Enero del 2006 a las 11:21 AM ,con una cámara digital Canon A-95 (5 mpixel) en modo automático. . Muchas gracias.




Mike said...

It's an out-of-focus star. The shimmering effect is caused by turbulence in the layers of the atmosphere that one is observing through. "Seeing" is the astronomers' term for it, which can be bad, mediocre, good or excellent. Being that I regularly use a telescope and use unfocused stars to align my optics, I'm very familiar with how an out-of-focus star looks.

Push Back said...

The book , UNCONVENTIONAL FLYING OBJECTS a Scientific Analysis by Paul R. Hill . Hampton Roads Publishing Company , Inc. . Answers many questions about why UFO'S look the way they do and how we can find out more about propulsion systems and more by making observations and measurements. I say that for those of you that can think information through , we can find ways to bring the Ufo's and Aliens out to the open , so that every one will know. I say do this. Force them to make ' some kind of landing ' . I am choosing my words to be nice. I say do what ever it takes.

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