Thursday, February 25, 2010

More on the UK MoD UFO Files Released in 2010

News report from that new UK Mod file release i posted about over a week ago:

More than 6,000 pages of UFO sightings include reports of 'flying Toblerones', blue triangles and silky white substances. The files span from 1994 to 2000 and contain accounts told to the police, military and Government.

Aircraft of all shapes and sizes have been witnessed flying over a wide range of locations - including Chelsea FC's stadium and the former home secretary Michael Howard's home in Kent.
A funeral director reported feeling physically sick and developing a skin condition after his car was enveloped by a "tube of light" in Ebbw Vale in Wales.
Another report contains details of a blue triangle hovering over a garden in Birmingham.
The man who discovered it claimed the craft shot off and left a "silky-white" substance which he collected in a jam jar.
An electrician in West Lothian spotted the "Toblerone-shaped" UFO hovering over a field.
Nick Pope, who used to run the British Government's UFO project, described the reports as "the real-life X-Files".
"The X-Files was hugely popular during the period covered by these files," he said.
"But these are the real-life X-Files.
"Some sightings were explained and some weren't, some were funny and some were just plain weird."
Experts believe the records highlight how shapes of reported UFOs have changed over the last half-century and say this could be due to portrayals on television shows.

Perhaps the spookiest sighting released by the National Archives was reported by the police themselves.
Boston and Skegness officers captured their UFO on film. They reported it to the coastguard who in turn alerted ships in the North Sea, where a crew saw further UFOs.
At the same time, an unidentified blip was picked up over Boston by RAF defence radar.
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It's official then. The world is open to aliens. Bar America and terrorist states. Surprise surprise.

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so what is it with the , '

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