Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ufo NEXT TO VENUS ? Costa Rica

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Push Back said...

I found HAND HELD 40 Million Candle Power Lights on the internet for not much money. It is Ok to shine more then one of these lights on the ufos and the aliens. It is Ok to shine the light on them and keep the light on them. I found lasers on the internet. And as for you idiots that have something stupid to say about lasers. Think about this. Ufos and aliens are not real , so i say shine the lasers !! The name of this game is to get the 'not real' ufos and aliens out in the open for 100 % prove.

Unknown said...

It is being argued thst this is most likely Jupiter and its moons seen through a telescope. Without anything else to use as a reference its hard to say. The objects keep the same realtion to 'venus' and slowly orbit off the screen with it. A solid date on the taking of the footage could clear things up.

Yurik said...

Damn it, that's Jupiter as any amateur astronomer would know. Close to 100%. Better learn astronomy some.

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