Friday, February 26, 2010

Navy wipes out airbrushed Moon Lunar Images

Looks like the Navy has 'updated' its lunar images on the database to wipe out the obvious airbrushing seen from the 2004 images.

News from MArs Anomaly site:

You should know that very significant changes in the US Navy/DOD (Department of Defense) Clementine Moon science data has now happened that will negatively impact that data. Specifically to the anomalous evidence that I have reported on and that was previously in that data. In my opinion, truth already seriously compromised in the original version 1.5 data just took a blow with the advent of the new 2.0 data.

The Clementine original data was previously accessed by Clementine Browser version 1.5. Years ago in 2004 after my revelations drawn from the 1994 Clementine data noted in the 2004 Report #067–#071 links below, it was announced that there would be a new browser interface coming. It is now here as version 2.0 and negatively impacts the discoveries in the following 2004 reports.

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The original 'airbrushed' images if you have never seen them:
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Anonymous said...

"Navy wipes out airbrushed Moon Lunar Images" . Is this a double negative statement , a double positive statement , a positive/negative statement , a negative/positive statement , a double positive with a single negative , a double negative with a single positive statement ? Or is the statement a right hand circular statement or a left hand circular statement ? Is the change in direction at the beginning , middle , or end of the statement ? Does one have to be in the water ? or on a boat ? Is it Ok if I show this to some one else for an opinion ?

Anonymous said...

The so called airbrushing that I have seen would be considered very amateur. I'm pretty sure NASA could hire the best. There's a much easier way to hide something other than airbrushing.

1. Don't make it available to the public at all.
2. Completely black out the areas and say there was a malfunction in the imaging system.
3. With the level of computer software available today, a completely artificial image could easily replace anything that you didn't want to reveal on the original image.

This whole airbrushing technique is the hardest way to hide something, convincingly, out of all the available options. That's why I don't give it a whole lot of credibility.

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