Friday, February 26, 2010

Triangle UFO over raanana, hasharon, israel.

credit to one our readers amit for this translation
taken at 3am, in raanana, hasharon, israel. in the comments several people say they saw the same thing, although he doesn't say what date it was in.
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Push Back said...

The Israel military is always on the alert of attack. And the Israel military does nothing. There are many people that own private planes , heliocopters , and even jets. Yet know one goes up to get a video or even samples. There is no prove. I found HAND HELD 40 Million Candle Power Lights on the internet. It is Ok to shine more then one of these lights on the ? in the sky. It is Ok to put the light on the ? and keep the light on the ? . I found powerful Lasers on the internet.

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