Friday, January 28, 2011

Shift in the media ? - getting us to question the Existence of Alien Life

Just to show you the emerging shift towards acceptance of alien of life and how the media is slowly preparing us for this new paradigm

More clips 2010 - 20111

BOLIVIAN Airforce try to intercept Ufo back in 2000

Interest report - The Bolivian airforce failed to intercept a Ufo back in early 2000 and remain puzzled today to what the object was.

Strange UFO Light kills fish in Columbia Jan 2011?

I am approaching this news story with caution - if anyone speaks spanish can you check the captions actually match what is being reported.

A strange light landed on a river at dawn fish this place had died without explanation, the news start to run on January 25, 2011, the event took place the week prior to this date.
Residents of a town in northeastern Colombia say about 2,000 fish have been found dead since last week after a strange object flying and flashing light was seen for a few seconds on a slew of the region.

The case occurred in the village of El Llanito, under the jurisdiction of the city of Barrancabermeja, where many villagers last Friday observed in the sky a UFO, according to local media.

Shortly after dead fish floated in the swamp, but unlike similar cases attributed to the lack of oxygen, this time to the inhabitants of El Llanito struck them all with burns on the scales.

According to Magaly Gutierrez, leader of a community organization, the phenomenon lasted about 20 seconds and was seen by many people.

RCN radio network said that residents of the nearby village of Bridge Sogamoso in the municipality of Puerto Wilches, reported seeing a round object flying lateral displacement was the same day began the death of fish in the Llanito.

The president of the Fish Farmers and Fishermen Association of El Llanito, Juan Tercero, said scorch and dead fish floated from the "strange lights in the swamp," according to statements published by the newspaper Vanguardia Liberal in Bucaramanga.

DR. ROGER LEIR on The Turkey UFO incident

The Turkey Ufo recording, one i consider too good to be true was recently talked about by Dr Rodger Leir. Would like to know your opinions on this as well.

Flood of Ufo reports from Canada - Toronto Victoria Duncan Jan 22 2011

Yet more sightings reported in from Canada from the 22nd of January 2011 from locations such as Toronto, Victoria and Duncan.. if you live in any of the areas and also spotted something strange please reply to this post asap with details of your sighting.
Duncan Jan 22 2011:
On January 22 at 19:32, unidentified bright light started as a point in the sky directly south of us as we drove south on Highway 1 to Duncan. It grew in brightness and hovered in the same place, possibly moving slowly towards the highway. We drove for about 4 km looking at it, at which point it was to the west and still about 1 km away (guessing). It stayed bright for about 5 minutes and then became dim and disappeared (on camera!). No idea what this is. The interesting thing is that it was so incredibly bright, like a huge flare, and it didn't seem to move much at all. It just hung there in the sky until it disappeared.

Summary of Sightings in Canada on the 22nd Jan 2011

Co-incidence? JAN. 22 Lots of UFOs filmed by ISS during the spacewalk of Russian astronauts

Ufos over Vancouver Island on January 22, 2011 - Chemtrail connection ?

Would like to hear from as many people as possible who also spotted the bright light seen near Vancouver Island recently on the 22nd as a reply to this post.. What on earth was going on there.. Ufo? .. some test? Your comments appreciated. Also the Examiner paper discusses a Chemtrail link to this recent sighting.

Mr. Stammberger estimates that as the object first became visible he was facing North and that it was approximately 5 kilometers distance from his location. The second appearance took place at a range of 3 kilometers while he faced towards the West. “That was huge. I film the moon from up here some nights and I think that [object] in the sky looked about half the size of what a full moon looks like. It was quite big and it lit up a significant portion of the sky.” There was more to the sighting than just a big mysterious flashing light. The camera captures what appear to be structural elements of the UFO suspended from the sphere. He described how, “When I zoomed in you could see what looked like a metallic body that hangs down below [the object]. I turned away to get the camera on a tripod and as I turned back the object had turned back into a ball-shaped sphere of light. So it seems to have some sort of shape-shifting or morphing ability.”

“Maybe they’re doing something to contribute to cleaning up the chemicals that the military jets have been dumping in the sky over British Columbia,” explained IslandOnlineNews’s Fritz Stammberger. A spectacular UFO was captured on video by a Vancouver Island online news service as it flew below the clouds over the provincial capital last Saturday night. This story is the subject of today's new episode of The Secret Message Report - Podcast Edition . Mr. Stammberger spoke to this reporter from his Victoria, BC location, describing how a large, luminous object appeared “half the size of the full moon” from his rooftop location where he taped the event.

“We were really sort of stunned at that one. It was a fast fly-by, there was no wind, it went directly over my head. During that one I experienced a little bit of fear because I could see the object a few miles off. And it approached very rapidly, it came directly over my head [while I was travelling in] a small rowboat. So I did experience a little bit of fear wondering what it was going to do, if it was going to do something. But it just sort of kept on clipping by right overhead and off into the distance. We were just sort of stunned. They guys on the boat, they had a little more to say. But actually just the day before that happened, I filmed what I believe is the same UFO over downtown Victoria.”

Continue reading source article at the Examiner

Ufo captured over innsbruck Austria - 18th Jan 2011

Your probably gonna hear about this so here it is - some amazing software came out called Ispy that records Ufos and anything moving from webcams pointed up at the sky and uploads them automatically. I recommend if you have a webcam and can leave your computer on all night to try the software out. The more people that use it the more strange stuff gets filmed.
Like this footage filmed over innsbruck Austria - 18th Jan 2011 - what was that bright blue light?
Anyone in Austria also spot this? if so please reply to this post.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

RAF Lighning jet fighter disappears when near a UFO

An interesting case here in UFO History. A RAF Lighning jet fighter disappears when approaching a UFO. Pilot was never found after leaving RAF Binbrook in 1970.

Hungarian Military pilot captures Ufo outside of plane

Budapest, Hungary - 2001. On 29 September, a Hungarian fighter pilot allegedly made a video recording of silver, disc-shaped object. Right hand approached the object, and then passed to the next plane, and disappeared into the clouds, as is well seen on the tape. The Defense Ministry did not respond to questions regarding video shooting, and also pointed out that they will not officially comment on the case. The denial not withstanding, when fölvetõdött the pilot'sname, it became apparent that the person really belongs to the Hungarian Air Force, and indeed carried out reconnaissance flight over the capital.

Crop circle found in Krasakan hamlet in Sleman, Yogyakarta Indonesia 23 Jan 2011

A large circle and geometric pattern local residents say were created by a UFO have been found in a rice field in Krasakan hamlet in Sleman, Yogyakarta.
The pattern includes a triangle and two smaller circles in the middle of the large circle, which has a diameter of between 25 and 30 meters, reported Monday.
“The circles were there since yesterday morning. I think they were left by an alien space ship, like one I saw in TV,” Krasakan resident Cahyo Utomo said Monday.
“It is impossible that this was were made by the wind or any animal,” he added.
The circles and triangle in the rice paddy next to a residential area look resemble a geometric artwork, while the other parts of the field remain intact.
The crop circles were first reported by a farmer, Tukiman, on Sunday at 6 a.m.
Sleman Police chief Adj.Sr.Com. Iwan Ramaini said he was not sure if the circles were created by a UFO or if it was a natural phenomenon. A police investigation is underway.

Article source

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Scotland a popular Ufo hotspot - but why?

This new news report looks at the recent spate of numerous Ufo sightings over Scotland. I have noticed over the last few years numerous reports in from Dundee and Bonnybridge so there is something going on in that area. If you live in Scotland we would like to hear from you - where have you seen ufos and do you have any further photos or images?

On the night of Jan. 2, in the East Kilbride area of Scotland, George King wrote: "I was sitting in my car, facing west, when I noticed two orange lights -- one smaller than the other -- flying low.

"I thought it was a police helicopter, but it kept coming, no noise, and suddenly shot up skywards right in front of me."

King added that he jumped out of his car to phone his son, when he noticed something else: "Saw a large, pear-shaped bubble-type thing heading towards Hamilton/Strathaven."

It wasn't the first time a UFO had been spotted in this part of Scotland, says UFO investigator Ron Halliday.

"It's an absolute puzzle why there've been so many UFO sightings here. You know, if we're talking about extraterrestrials visiting from other planets, I can't think of any reason whatsoever why they would choose to fly over this particular area," he told AOL News.

Continue reading - source

Fife, Scotland - 10th Sept 2010 - what was this object - a satellite?

Jets close together or Ufos ? islamabad 11.01.2011

I have no idea what these lights were, they were sent in by a reader - could they be just jets or something else, if so they are flying dangerously close.

Argentinian Air Force website hacked & hacker exposes Mendoza Ufo crash

Just been advised that the Argentinian Air Force website was hacked with a message left exposing the UFO crash in Mendoza back in 1985. This comes only a month after the Argentinian airforce agreed to officially study Ufos. RealUfos would like to know more from people in Argentina who knew anymore about the ufo incident  back from 1985 to come forward. Thanks i have added the screen captures of the hacked site below - and by the way hackers don't go to this effort for no reason:

A hacker intervened on the official Argentine Air Force (FAA) apparently to claim information about a strange event in January 1985 in the city of Mendoza.

The hack page lasted a few hours of Thursday (20) and is already standard, but it was enough that the author's message - which introduced a photograph of a pilot, and his signature on a text telling about the alleged incident in January 26 1985 - circulated on the Internet.

In his complaint, he indicates that this day has fallen a cigar-shaped object in the area of Papagayos and that a large number of military personnel and foreign national was present.

Even the daily Los Andes would have reported in the same day that a tremor shook in the region and the people connecting this to the fall of the UFO.

The full text of the hacker:

Do you know exactly what occurred on January 26, 1985?

Through a research conducted with people of the region, they said that day they seeing something, both in heaven and on part of the area where something has fallen, the place was surrounded by government agents, without naming those military foreigners.

Through the report of another person of high trust, whose name I do not think to provide, was sent to the area where, he told me he saw a cigar-shaped craft and beings within it.

Worst of all, there's a video of this accident.

Cease to lie and hide.

We hope this project they are working to address issues of UFOs in Argentina, not end up being like the rest, where you hide all sorts of information and, especially, train disinformants.

Images taken from the hacked website:

Where is Mendoza:?

(by the way Im finally back into my daily Ufo blogging after numerous issues with broken laptops travelling and flus .. daily updates non stop now!)

High strangeness over Florida - Ufos?

Jaime maussan presents some interesting Ufo pictures takes off the coast of Florida.
Not in English this report:

Powerful rocket or jet - any idea?

This video is going around on the internet, am i correct in assuming this is some extremely powerful jet or experimental craft right?

Super red hot giant Betelgeuse will not hit earth in 2012 ?

The was a major alarming report from that Betelgeuse a giant star nearby had already become a red giant, which indicates it will explode and become a supernova. Many people become worried this would be a major dooms day event in 2012.

However now experts say it is not likely to happen soon and it will happen far enough away that it will not hurt Earth - hopefully...

US astronomer Phil Plait noted on his blog that a supernova would have to be no farther than 25 light years away to "fry us with light or anything else and Betelgeuse is 25 times that distance".

The story at predicted that a giant explosion will occur, tens of millions of times brighter than the sun, and suggested the event could happen before 2012.

Terming the reports about the Betelgeuse's impending 2012 explosion as `pure conjuncture,' experts have elaborated that the fact that it has become a red giant are indications enough that its destined to explode and become a supernova; however, there is no reason to believe that the explosion will happen anytime in the near future.

Moreover, noting that the Betelgeuse's explosion, whenever it happens, will be so distant that it will not harm the Earth, US astronomer Phil Plait, who writes for Discovery News, said that a supernova would have to be no farther than 25 light years away to "fry us with light or anything else and Betelgeuse is 25 times that distance."

The conjecturing that the Betelgeuse will explode in 2012, and may even reach the Earth, was triggered by an Australian news site News. com. au story, which predicted that the star's massive explosion will be tens of millions of times brighter than the sun.

Article source