Friday, January 28, 2011

Strange UFO Light kills fish in Columbia Jan 2011?

I am approaching this news story with caution - if anyone speaks spanish can you check the captions actually match what is being reported.

A strange light landed on a river at dawn fish this place had died without explanation, the news start to run on January 25, 2011, the event took place the week prior to this date.
Residents of a town in northeastern Colombia say about 2,000 fish have been found dead since last week after a strange object flying and flashing light was seen for a few seconds on a slew of the region.

The case occurred in the village of El Llanito, under the jurisdiction of the city of Barrancabermeja, where many villagers last Friday observed in the sky a UFO, according to local media.

Shortly after dead fish floated in the swamp, but unlike similar cases attributed to the lack of oxygen, this time to the inhabitants of El Llanito struck them all with burns on the scales.

According to Magaly Gutierrez, leader of a community organization, the phenomenon lasted about 20 seconds and was seen by many people.

RCN radio network said that residents of the nearby village of Bridge Sogamoso in the municipality of Puerto Wilches, reported seeing a round object flying lateral displacement was the same day began the death of fish in the Llanito.

The president of the Fish Farmers and Fishermen Association of El Llanito, Juan Tercero, said scorch and dead fish floated from the "strange lights in the swamp," according to statements published by the newspaper Vanguardia Liberal in Bucaramanga.
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